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  1. Plz omg gun get this game fixed the salt mines are punishing people cuz ur server is crap game crashes or kid me telling me I’m not online then I’m being put into the salt mines for no reason other than your game being crap and you wanna release a hard copy in sept? Cmon guys
  2. I’m having MAJOR issues with Friday I keep getting g kicked and it says I have to be online to access online features? But I’m online obviously why is this happening ? It has put me into salt mines numerous times now plz someone help me??
  3. I’m having major issues staying in games keeps saying you must be connected to Xbox live to access online features but I’m connected is anyone else having this issue cuz it’s putting me in the salt mines a lot and killing my love for this game
  4. I think her stats are good I’m gonna give her a try my fav is a.j. I’m a bit more of a stealthy player but when I have to throw down I go with Adam my tag is MIRAKURU 74 I’m on Xbox 1 if you wanna grind a bit we get 130%xp increase sooo let’s fo Ah I see you are in steam I do think the game looks way better on pc why is this? Pc stronger? Better specs rite? It’s noon I’m going to check see if update is ready brb
  5. I think this update will bring us new players in all platforms and hopefully bring some older players back I’ve been hyping this update to my friends and have gotten a couple people so far to go and buy it
  6. Yes I’m hoping noon to man I work soon wanted download done hopefully before I leave and I wanna strat grinding on that sweet xp
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