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  1. Most annoying thing having a lobby of vanessa..You should be able to use 2 Tiffanys,if you're going by the movie she had a twin so that should be allowed. But multiple people using same characters is annoying and unrealistic..People who team with Jason is the most annoying thing however,in my opinion,but nothing is or will be done so whatever ill continue to use exploits they dont fix either lol
  2. Nothing is more annoying than all the Jason helpers. Jason doesn't need and should not need help especially after the new rage. But the devs refuse to address this issue (shocker) so I'll continue to glitch everytime I run into a group of teamers.
  3. Just got car flipped/destroyed again,by Jason in Rage mode. I guess this isn't a problem? Jason in rage should be able to glitch to prevent you from escaping,I mean,you can't fight back anymore,so I guess it's ok...
  4. I wouldn't know what the rage mode is about because I don't reach rage mode,ever,as Jason. But it must be nice to rage when youre a squeaker! On the other side there have been 2 instances now where I've had the 4 seater packed and Jason simply throws a throwing knife at the car and guess what,it still flips! Car wrecked,jason in rage mode,game over. Because with rage jason needs to be able to disable the car with a knife,very realistic. Good job fixing the glitches guys,another unfixed one is noobs still climbing up on the bed in packanack with half thier body in the wall,can only kill them with knives..This game will never be fixed,just my two cents.
  5. Team killing needs to be back and it will fix the biggest problem I see with the game..and that's the Jason helpers
  6. Yup,same here,ps4..why not put the option in game settings for host to toggle on off team killing? It's simple. Only way to stop the helpers now,on my account is running their cheating asses over
  7. Jason didn't need help in any of the films,why is nothing being done about counselors helping Jason in public matches? Since team killing was taken out of the game this happens more often than not and it's not being addressed. This is why I have no issue running the lobby over when I get the car.
  8. Something else that's super annoying,and I consider ground breaking is the people who are still helping Jason, this happens regularly, why not add an option for the host to toggle team killing ,since that was removed from the game,this happens way too much. Jason doesn't and shouldn't have helpers.
  9. Still no fix for the people who assist jason,or the rubberband car glitch? A friendly fire option should be added to options,let's face it,nobody really plays private matches. Game was better when team killing was allowed to prevent jason helpers (and glitchers)
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