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  1. Since the rage change,its a huge problem. Anyone who thinks any different must be among those with little cheating helpers.
  2. Like I said,actual options in the lobby,toggle friendly fire on/off..the new rage mode isn't helping matters either,some cases you have a group beating Jason into rage minutes into the match ,and as a counselor not teaming with jason,you have no way to fight back,game over
  3. How about you put friendly fire back on for instance,or at least have a toggle option on off friendly fire in the lobby,why is it not being addressed ,even acknowledged is the part I'm confused about
  4. Nowhere in these notes,or anywhere else is the biggest problem with this game being recognized, the cheating/Jason helpers. Add the rage change from last update and you have a major game breaking issue that NEEDS to be addressed, please..
  5. Guess it's OK to help Jason if you're partied up in a group,sounds good,I should join the club
  6. Just finished watching the stream,and asked several times,one question that once again got ignored. I don't get why it's still going to go unadressed ,it's quite game breaking especially since the last rage update. The Jason teamers. The rage makes it easier for Jason on top of everything else as in some instances a group will just beat Jason until he rages,then it's basically game over. This is happening too much,and it needs to be addressed. It's not about what I think gun should do to fix this problem,but more about why gun doesn't think this is an issue.
  7. Didn't realize "committed to fixing bigs" meant a patch once every 8 months lol
  8. Still not going to address the teaming issue with the cheaters? You guys addressed the rage mode for those who were garbage as Jason and cried,the majority who complained were likely people who got the game in October when it was free . This is a game breaking issue that hasn't been addressed since the team killing was removed. Jason shouldn't need help. Especially with new rage mode..Anyone who saw the film's should know that lol just confused why this is never going to be acknowledged. I think it's a little more important than ass textures to victoria
  9. Just more confirmation gun has given up on this game. Can make a new ass for counslers,but cant adjust something else thats already in the game lol what a joke..also can't fix bugs or anything like promised. The Jason helpers run the game now ,many cases the party will beat Jason into rage 5 min into the game and it's game over. Let's avoid all these things
  10. They stopped caring about the game long ago,when they said no more dlc but will focus on bug fixes ,that was a lie. They allow teaming and cheating with no repercussions, so it's basically a free for all until they pull the plug on the servers completely. That's how I see it
  11. They gave up on this game a long time ago now. Only a matter of time..
  12. So what's your counter? I'm sure you have been in matches where Jason has helpers?
  13. NOTHING will be done to cheaters,especially people who are helping jason. Apparently it's a normal thing now ,especially after rage change. Another way for garbage players to feel good about themselves . This is why,when I'm in a lobby with Jason helpers, I use glitches
  14. Reach down,between your legs. What's there,what do you feel? Is there a bulge ? You sure about that? waaaa waaaa
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