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  1. Thanks for the response! I am referring to the issues with the “original” driver being pulled along side the car with another person who began to drive the car. There is another glitch where the counselor will just judder and glide across the floor but that one isn’t so much as game breaking as the first issue. The player literally cannot move and just gets glitched across the entire map and can’t gain control of their character unless the player exits the car.
  2. Why is rubber banding not listed? It’s one of the most critical issues we face on PC. It’s pretty much game breaking.
  3. Utterly disappointed. It doesn’t seem like much was fixed here. Worse than before. Anyone on PC have issues with parties? Someone continuously gets booted each and every time the group is about to join a lobby. Random errors saying “you were kicked” or ”could not connect to host.” It’ll either put one of the players in the game or none of them. Drawers still don’t stay open. The random counselor thing is even worse now, occurring almost every game. Games randomly end with counselors still alive and in the map. Its clear to me no one at the office tests these things at all before releasing them. This patch has essentially made the game unplayable in my opinion. Not sure it can recover from this.
  4. I think they did right by fans by focusing on the single player portion of the game. It was promised, and a pretty popular request. It looks fun, but I hope this satisfies the fans wanting single player content because I want more focus on multiplayer. The game was made for it.
  5. How, at least on PC, is that a host problem? We’re on dedicated servers and it didn’t happen until about two patches ago.
  6. Do we know if the counselor voices will be fixed? Meaning sometimes the characters will scream using other character voices. Mainly AJ’s voice for the women and Chad for men. One time my friend died as Bugzy and it played AJ’s voice. Also I'm glad the car break sound will be fixed. I fucking love that sound honestly. And also no mention of the engine update. I thought it would at least receive a mention. But I am extremely excited to see what this does for the game.
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