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  1. @Truth guess in the same manner as the counselors getting the countdown of when the police are arriving. Jason doesnt see the timer but sees the badge on the screen signifying the police has showed up. If someone starts the car, then a car icon appears. If someone fails a repair minigame, there could be a message saying "repair failed" but it doesn't tell you where.
  2. I think another thing for consideration is a visual cue for Jason when someone fails a repair minigame, someone entering Jason's shack, car/boat starting, and the like. I got to play as Jason yesterday and I didn't know someone entered the shack and some escaped by car because constantly checking the map can cause me to slow down or get sucker punched by a counselor/Tommy.
  3. I saw that and I was ecstatic that they are reaching out. I had a friend who suffered from cerebral palsy and had limited mobility of his hands and arms. He loved Nintendo and was completely loyal to them. Knew so much about their history and completed a lot of their games. When the Wii was released, he was excited and gave it a try. He was left dissapointed that he couldn't play Zelda: Twilight Princess because of his limited mobility. The Wii's forced motion controls steered him away from Nintendo and the WiiU. I'm glad that as video game companies are starting to become more aware of other player's disabilities.
  4. It's very common from what I've seen for normal hearing people to still use subtitles in games. Most would say that they don't want to miss anything important in a dialogue in a chaotic scene. Here's a short documentary on the efforts of adding accessibility to games, don't know where the subtitles discussion starts but it's a great video to watch.
  5. A little background about myself, I am deaf and visually impaired but still have the ability to read and able to play games. I was dissapointed recently when I found my first Tommy/Pamela tape and there was no subtitles. Especially the scenes in the challenges that contains dialogues. Is it too late to include them or is there no plan? To me, the scenes are completely useless especially when they're unskippable. I understand they're "remakes" of the scenes from the movies. There are some parts from my understanding during play that a character would hint where they're going next i.e. Challenge 4 and the woodchipper.
  6. lol Thanks but that makes me feel uneasy ? He isn't Jason is he?
  7. Would like to be part of this, thank you. Xbox: A Zombie1223 I don't use mics, unfortunately.
  8. @truth that could help a little bit but the issue would still persist. How many offline matches with a few single player challenges sprinkled in would it take for me to get to 113, 125, or 150 from 31? I'm a huge fan of F13th and always wanted a game like this where I can be Jason doing his thing and occasionally evade Jason as a counselor. But this game is really burning me out and I get frustrated that part IV Jason is still far and some of the kills are at 125 and potentially ├╝ber Jason may be at 150. I understand that dedicated players want to get rewarded and all that but it's too much for me. I applaud those that did reach those points.
  9. I know I'm late to the party on this topic but I had to make an account for this. I've been trying to level up to 113 and it has been a bet frustrating experience. When I stopped playing in December,I was level 25. I recently started playing four weeks ago playing about 2-3 on average sometimes 4 hours a day. I have JUST reached level 31 after numerous hours. I've done offline mode with environment kills, killing power and trapping counselors. I've done online matches and 70% of the time the host quits and I don't get any XP. I know some of y'all will tell me that's it's easy and I should suck it up because you're 150. It's tedious trying to grind and seeing the same kills over and over. I don't like playing online becaise it's very difficult for me to keep up because I'm deaf and visually impaired. Offline is the mode I use the most. With all this grinding, the game has become a chore and a repetitive form of insanity. 113 is too damn high for someone like me. I got other games to play, a job, a wife, movies and tv shows to watch. I'm hyped for the single player challenges but it won't be enough at all. I wished they would have lowered it but they chose to stick to their guns. I've tried tweeting at them hoping for an answer why 113? It's difficult to get their when you're deaf and voice communication is a damn roadblock or when your vision is poor and it's hard to keep up where Jason/the counselors are at all time.