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  1. PopSteeb

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    the connection time out actually programmed to the game, every time i suck a a match the connection doing fine, but when i fix TWO CARS, FIX THE PHONE CALLED THE COPS, CALL TOMMY, then i got connection time out.. WHAT KIND OF SHINENIGANS IS THIS !! 😠
  2. Why do people keep comparing DBD and F13 they are a different game, with all this shenanigans i will keep playing F13,
  4. I will refuse to think the game is dead, stop saying RIP: Friday the 13th Game, i will still play this game even with the glitches and bug and no more DLC, i will take this to my grave, i will fight for it even i can't do anything about the lawsuit, but guys we have to keep playing this game hoping that the court will end soon. Any things we can help just ask man, i know i can't do much but i'm willing to help !!
  5. PopSteeb

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    i'm so tired in a lobby with a group of friends, i'm tired being betrayed (got hit with a car) it happen to me 10 times already 😠
  6. PopSteeb


  7. PopSteeb

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Out of the topic, but legit this is my face every time i got connection error, or the host left and kick the entire lobby
  8. PopSteeb

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    YES👏 ! PLEASE👏 ! PREACH👏 !
  9. PopSteeb

    Hi from Quebec!

    Welcome Michelle
  10. PopSteeb


  11. Welcome dude.. Where's dude.. who are dude ? why is dude ?
  12. PopSteeb

    Huge Fan Of Game New To Forum.

    Me too, Welcome
  13. PopSteeb


  14. I would love this, its really fit my play style. ❤️ LOVE THIS IDEA!!
  15. PopSteeb

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    It is really hard for me to find a lobby, because of my shitty connection. when i finally find a decent room the host left and i get penalize for it ? SALT MINES, i really love the game sometimes it tooks me almost 1 hour just for one gameplay GOD help me. Still doesn't make me a rage quitter, never leave the game mid game (unless the god damn "connection error" pops out, which often happen to me), i'm still a good player for it but this low priority player sucks, but beggar can't be chooser right T^T. being GMT+7 is making me harder to find a group with a mic (apparently Asian people don't use mic maybe because of the language barrier, and communication is vital playing this game). Anyway i'm still enjoying the game despite all of the SALT MINES. I really need to find a regular people to play with T^T add me please (gamertag: PapaLeqba) i'm begging you. PS: never have i ever played as Jason (Nope).