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  1. I was just saying this haha Like literally I would hide behind doors and hit Jason and knock him to the ground and run to next cabin. I am at the point now I love being chased and I don't care about points but I am max level and I love the challenge
  2. The only time that I considered Vanessa op was before the rage buff when Jadon would be stunned over and over again.
  3. I actually can not play with that guy. He kept saying the "n" word while I was streaming.
  4. Actually @Ahab and I have the other day. Ahab was Jason and someone glitched onto a roof, and we worked with Jason to get the cheater down. And someone later called us Teamers. If it wasn't for that cheater we would have been playing normally. And the guy watched us trying to kill the cheater.
  5. So I was literally chased a whole round in one game the other day. Playing Jason some Billy Idol's Mony mony! And I escaped finally after a long chase around Pack, and he rage quit!
  6. I mean yeah it's not bannable anymore, but could we at least give them a week or two week suspension? Just an idea. I mean this is getting out of hand!
  7. The conversations have become derailed, but awesome a zombie apocalypse, gonna go kill random people for funsies.
  8. It's a lot better when they say you did it on purpose lol also not worth arguing with him I just ignore him now.
  9. I usually play with Kate, I'm like bought her I'm going to use her. Wow that sounds bad ? dondon't tell my hubby I buy women to use.
  10. I do have dbd, and I sadly enjoy it more then I thought i would. It took me a year to buy it, which i need to play it here tonight or tomorrow got friends wanting to play with me, im not that good at it but i have fun with it.
  11. Even with the car, i accidentally hit someone the other night, i immediately added them as a friend and apologized, he laughed and said, all he wanted was a ride. I was backing up, and the moment i went to look i ran him over, no time to stop.
  12. There are someday we get a party of 7 turn our jasons off and go hunting, and we still mess up, but we're not jumping down one another's throats we laugh it off, do a few more hunts and then we go back to playing either counselor or jason.
  13. Yeah some of the esports people are nice, but then there are those out there, if you don't do something right, they jump down your throat the moment you get in lobby.
  14. Meh not a fan of her, Then again AJ sleeps with everyone, but I prefer Jenny
  15. Play it their way, or no way at all, almost like they a esports wannaba player. I swear esports people have ruined gaming, remember when it was just fun and games now its a life
  16. You called me a teenager earlier, i call them children. Also you calling me dumb is rude too.
  17. Well hard to communicate with out a voice chat haha, so need a way to communicate somehow
  18. Yeah, you assume im a child really you do, it's cute that you are assuming I'm a kid. Almost a little rude. I'm saying there are barely well mannered players in games anymore, I have a good friends in games, we target those that are being racist or being a bigot first before going after everyone else.
  19. No one has manners anymore, and you assume they do. No matter where you go there are no such thing are manners.
  20. You say the game is "dead" and you still play, the only time I said the game was ever dead was when i couldn't party up with my friends in random games. Then they fixed it where i can play with friends and it brought back some of the player base. And I am sure you have been killed as jason. Unless you hide in the water like most butthurt jasons.
  21. I am beginning to think you get teabagged all the time, and it makes you angry.
  22. But here's the thing, it seems you would rather ban the teabaggers than the hackers and cheaters? Sounds like you are defending them.
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