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  1. i don't tell to do this i suggest to them to do it, if you read more carefully i didn't order them anything i only tell what's gonna happen because i only see this happen on many games, After if they do what they want it's good but i play video game since 1990 now and i start to devellop indie game so i know what i'm talking a little. but it's not the subject of this topic and i'm apologize to go to much in all direction but it's more for the good of the new customers not the people who's already have it. It's my opinion and suggestion, take care of it or not has you wish, and i stop hear this conversation and go to sleep have a great night.
  2. ohhh i say this because i play 3 times with Jason and i finish all the match in 2 or 3 minutes by killing everyone (using many different kill from the grab i search calmly where i can kill them, so they leave sometimes from the grab but i retake them 1 sec after they start to run and i eat a hotdog in same time of killing two guy , too much easy for me to be Jason) and i always be kicked after the match was ended (i don't understand why ? i do my job killing everyone and taking my time, so why i was always kicked after ?). i can tell only the newbie with Jason make the conselors adding more chance to survive, because i didn't see a match during more then 8 minutes when i was a conselors more maybe because there too much conselors, who's only sprint without having Jason on them back, so it's only make Jason teleport directely to them and then your the next one, because your in the next house, even if you was hiding because Jason see your house in red, yayy !! i love to hide in this game no i'm joking it's the more useless things i ever see in a game maybe because there is a perk for this, i don't know. mmm maybe the last survivor cannot be grabbed directely, he have to be hurted before, it's can be more interesing, and gonna put more the combat system useful. i don't know if it's a problem for you but when you have Jason on your back and you closes a door and you try to fortify it, it's always happen you try and try again because you have to hold the same input of the open/close door so it's could be great to put another input for this. or close the door and advance to the outside, so Jason grab you directly i love this when it's happen (it's not happen always but for me the input for the consedlors have to be refixed to match more easyly the gameplay like on input to close the door but go outside and one for close but go inside, i talk for Ps4, on pc i don't know if they can change the input or not) mmm many things to fixe for the game to be more fun when you have the conselors (of course it's "fun" when you have Jason you can kill everybody, it's too much easy)
  3. If you want Jason become more strong i tell you this game gonna be Evolve 2, why ? because in Evolve, many players ask the monsters to be more strong and the hunters more weak, what happening after the developper put this, in the game ? the game was deserted and you can buy it for only 5$ now, it's happen for Battleborn too if the GAME i write it in big because even if it's a game from the movies Friday the 13 it's still a game and a game it's for be fun if the players was always frustrated then they go to another one, after if the developper desoen't care of winning money, then no problem only people who's love the game gonna play it but after it's gonna be 30 minutes to find a match. If the game was too much unbalanced then the players gonna be frusted and leave the game, so the publicity after things like this, make him to be unpopular and then you can see this game for 5 or 10$ in 1 month. I don't want the game to be deserted, so quickly, only because your love too much Jason and only Jason (i don't tell your love him, but your know what i mean ^^') the next "big" game make many players leave Friday the 13 the game, so it's gonna be more difficult to find a match after. And if you want to be more respecteful form the movies, i never see Jason watch a house and see it red or see all people in Red in the forest, you really think Jason who's receive so much things in the eyes have the possibility to have more good eyes than others ? Jason is not really Jason in this game, why not put the Predator mask with the dreadlocks on him, why the clothes of Songoku from DragonBall Z because it's teleport everywhere (it's a jock don't do this ^^')
  4. i could say this is completly stupid this unbalance, conselor need more things to balance the game (even if it's not really match too much the movies series, Tommy survive 3 times, and many people survive, Jason are not a god in the movies, i remenber Jason was affraid of the chainsaw, who's not affraid of this ^^') i think to be more fair Jason can have a cooldown for the Grab because it's stupid (i try to fight with him many times but nobody, completly nobody who's play Jason want to fight they only want to grab you to kill you the most quickly to win pointss --' it's stupid to see Jason who's try 6 times to grab you, if you hit Jason, don't ever think he gonna try to hit you, nah...., he always gonna grab you because it's too easy to kill you like this) the quick time event for me it's not a problem but for me the Grab should me more a finisher like you have to be completly soon has dead for Jason can grab you. I can tell this his completly impossible to escape Jason if your his target. For me there is another big completly more big problem, is the thermal vision for Jason it's completly no sense, i see many Jason who's enter in a house didn't find his target and go out active he's power only for see if the conselors was still inside the RED house. yes the red house what the metter of putting a hiding system if Jason see you inside the house, completly stupid you have more luck of try to troll Jason, and don't worry if any change gonna be put, you gonna see only conselors do the cercle with the car jog and be protected by the distance of the car and win stamina the time Jason rejoin you and do this the times other conselors do all the job with the cops. So if you didn't make system more useful than (like the combat system you put and the hiding system) then nobody gonna use it anymore. Even if you have good perk for hiding there is always a stupid players who's don't want to die and run in you direction to try to put Jason on your back (it's never work it's make two people die, and make the match completly destroyed, because the players who's run like a pussy doesn't care if you have the gas or the battery, i understand more good why people kill other conselors who's go more close of them) if you didn't rebalance the game more soon, then you can change the name of this game and put this name : "Evolve 2" (because the game gonna have the same price in 1 or 2 mouths i tell you for sure). Sorry for all this text but there is so much problem in this game and it's normal but in this years you have to do update more quick if you don't want players leaving your game PLS : the blondy guy (yellow hairs) have a bug when if enter in a tent, it's create clone of themself who's always run and you can't do anything, only have to wait to die with you blondy guy who's always running it's make so much noise (you can't leave the tent so you don't see where you go)
  5. You can change in your custumisation if you want to be only conselors or Jason (i didn't try it because for me it's more fun like, if i want to kill my brother and he say me "i was hiding here you didn't see me i see you kill this girl hahaha". You know, it's not because your cheating with your brother by looking in his screen..., you cannot ask to change things who nice in the game. The game is great like this it's only a problem from the players who's not fairs.
  6. once again the message "Database login failure" on Ps4, for a i'm backer from the slasher campagn so it's very frustrasting, my brother can play but it's not fun without me Keep hus in touch for any new, thanks in advance ( i try to log from 1 hours now my brother watch a movie until i can join the game (on PS4 you cannot play the game if you cannot log in so no private match or anything without log in)
  7. Hi, i play with my brother on ps4 and my brother enter in a tent, then he see this characters flying, so just because we laugh so muchm then he didn't leave the tent. I'm dying and i can see my brother walking in the air after. So much fun i never laugh so much, just because my brother don't have map, i guide him where to go (yes the bug make him go forward but he can turn where he want). So we try to find Jason but we didn't notice, Jason try to find him because he can run without lose stamina because he was in the tent so he didn't move ^^' so the character in the sky it's make sound for Jason because he run ^^' Then Jason see my brother in the sky and he stop to move and look at him, it was so much funny (maybe i gonna have to do a video on youtube for this, because it was so much funny then he win with another survivor because Jason was to much concentrate to my brother i think) So it was in a new level maybe Packa... something like this, the tent next to the exit map on the right of the map. Try to correct this thanks
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