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  1. Bugzy can repair too. Honestly at the beginning if you find a part put it in even if a dumb character. One less thing he can trap and if everyone is repairing something he can't be everywhere at once.
  2. Well stop dropping parts by the two seater and install them..... I install the parts as I find them and take them to the proper place. Now if only 4 people are left and the four seater needs a part I will take the two seaters part to it, but that's a numbers game. In quickplay I am more than happy to leave by myself in the two seater to watch everyone else die because they can't fix anything or call Jarvis.
  3. Time and quit leaving. Play random and get better playing a variety and load everyone with perks.
  4. I am late to the party. Can someone explain the sacred branch reference to me? Lol
  5. MrBeefy

    July Friday the 13th

    My prediction is that Jason kills the game tomorrow. At the meeting Gun announces next game and walks away. Game over.
  6. MrBeefy

    How the hell do I get into the car on ps4?

    Did you have the keys? Had it already been started? Were you trying to get in the rear doors of the yellow car?
  7. MrBeefy

    forum is in a "coma"

    So yeah I think I jumped in this forum at a bad time. On plus side so far quickplay on Xbox has been okay.
  8. Anyone playing on Xbox here in the next 30 min? If so add me. MrBeefyMorris Can we all agree that we are pissy about the state of the game and the shitty communication. They knew/didn't know/whatever, because all we have is a buggy pile of shit that we hopefully get fixed.
  9. Escaping is a privilege not a right. Most games should end in 8/8. Honestly, I haven't seen the issue with sprays. I got stunned just fine as Jason. And I had a Jason chasing me saying you are going to die. I replied I fully expect to. I was able to distract him enough for the car to get started though lol.
  10. MrBeefy

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    Xbox - MrBeefyMorris
  11. Lazuras mode was the last ditch effort mode to resurrect this game from the buggy plague that was killing it
  12. MrBeefy

    Future Content

    Well crap I think that will do it.
  13. It was more to them at one point saying they don't work weekends.
  14. MrBeefy

    Future Content

    Dang it someone got to the polish joke before me. Mods must be sleeping for this to still be opened.
  15. Its the weekend, they don't post or do anything on the weekends. Is nice to have that person come in and address their comments. Wish the devs did the same with their bug fixing.