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  1. Whoa Jason got a buff? Might be time to start playing again.
  2. I think two slashes for a kill (with wider hit box). Wider hitbox for grabs and lower stuns. Only weapons that seem to not stun on one hit sometimes is the machete.
  3. I am guilty of leaving doors open. It is usually in an effort to loot and look for parts and move to next likely spot to have parts or more parts. However, even if using a dumb character I install it if there is no one around or another dumb character. A little later I start barricading and trapping doors. First house has very little point in barricading unless maybe fuse house, but even then he doesn't have shift and that door might be a quicker exit.
  4. Been playing from the beginning but never seen those pictures before. I was on the wife's profile and they weren't there. Not to mention it breaks when I try to roll my 30th perk as shown in the video too...
  5. As much as I am all for find it repair it immediately at the beginning, I understand being leary of doing the phone with a dumb character. If I get the fuse immediately I will go for what I think the house is and try anyways.
  6. So was going to play noticed it asked me to sync when I got in. Decided to roll perks. Well it kept rolling and I started to see pictures I have never seen before. One was of an eye, one was of a hand holding a machete/hunting knife, one looked almost like a bicycle or something round with wheels. I didnt get a perk as it kept rolling and then db crashed. Anyone know what those perks are? Oh and when I say eye I dont mean the scout perk. It was only an eye in the center of the square. Okay the "bicycle" one is a person leaning over a round thing. Almost looks like they are looking at cystal ball. Recorded it
  7. I have also wondered if everyone has bugs tied into their accounts. Like I have a perk bug that my wife's profile doesn't have. I don't see certain bugs in one room but do in a different hosts room. Its really sporadic sometimes It probably is just coincidence but sometimes feels that way.
  8. That is what I don't understand. No news but then someone jumps in to address bans. At this point in the game life banning is only going to drive players away and they will tell others to stay away from it. Worry less about some bs forum and more about putting out a decent product. I liked the theme of the game but just because this is a part of the F13 franchise doesn't mean that is enough to "get my rocks off" like others. They received a ton of money from this and it has been nothing but missteps the entire way. We really still have a Beta game and that is unfortunate. I wish I backed the physical copy because I would probably try to sell it for a few bucks. Instead I am stuck hoping they get in gear so I might enjoy it.
  9. Offline bots are a joke. Bust out windows in a house and watch them kill themselves, OR watch them jump through and break a window and watch them climb in and out of that one instead of opening a window that isn't broken. SPC are only really nice the first time and playing through them multiple times to earn everything makes them wear thin. Not to mention they see you behind walls and blatantly avoid doing things based on where you are hiding. Oh and been through the VC no need to do that again. The 2600 came before and will exist long after this game and the systems it was produced on. And it is still having new games produced on it. Same with the NES. Minus the homebrew scene not being as good.
  10. You have to know what you are doing and it is way easier to tolerate. Actually I might play it today now that I am talking about it. Give it a year and you will be able to play E.T. still. In a year you won't be able to play F13. Heck I might play the NES F13 too. Love that game and its complete with no bugs and will be playable long after this game too. If you don't know about it or own it; buy Halloween for the 2600. It is a good horror game and has a good eerie mood to it.
  11. Despite what people believe E.T. is playable and no bugs. It isn't great but is just okay. It isn't the reason for the gaming crash either. F13 however deserves to be a Ataribox exclusive.
  12. I would like to know this as well. I hardly call what i did hassling. Plus he was posting in a topic about patches and was ignoring it. He was more concerned with you being upset at you brother's account ban than actually saying anything relevant. It is pretty easy to post small updates on progress. Hey nothing new this week. Hey figured out rubberbanding issue. Hey fixed broken party system. Hey we are looking into ____ but haven't found a fix yet. Hey we fixed the issue this guy has had since November of last year. Hey are working dedicated servers but is halfway done. Hey we aren't updating this anymore, come support our new game here. They can feel free to copy and paste if typing it out is too much work.
  13. That would be great. You shouldn't have to annoy anyone. They should update more. If they didn't want to be annoyed they should be more open. Silence and appearances of abandonment (other than when making cash grabs for Ultimate Editions or releases in other countries) is worse than saying, "We were able to work out X bug. However we are still looking into what is causing Y issues."
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