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  1. As incredibly disappointed about the lack of any future content ever as I am, I'll keep playing this game until it shuts down for good. That said, I'll be playing it a lot less until (I'm the optimistic sort) they fix the game-breaking bugs and add dedicated servers.
  2. If any new killers are added I would only want to see Pamela or a Jason possessed Tommy Jarvis (à la the ending of Part 5). That said it will most likely never happen unless Paranoia actually comes out and features Pamela as the Killer. As for new Jasons I see no reason why they couldn't add some original Jason designs to the game. New Jason choices with interesting stat combinations (and maybe new weapons?) would be fine with me.
  3. Yes, actually (PS4). :S It happened to me with Part 6 on Packanack Large back on Thursday (80-220ms), but I haven't encountered it since. Hope you stop seeing it happen. ?
  4. (Incoming wall!) Part 7 still, unfortunately. He had no real role pre-buff but now has a role he's not that good at. Most of the other Jasons have a 'role' that their stats fill, and the two that don't have no major weaknesses. Part 2 is good at objective control. His +Morph, +Traps, and Can Walk make him the master of objective areas and let him lock them down against most QP lobbies. However, his -Shift and -Water Speed make it hard for him to stop a vehicle if his traps aren't enough. Part 3 is a neutral Jason. He's not particularly great at any one thing besides chasing down and slashing an unarmed Counselor with his Can Rub and +Weapon Strength, but he's also not particularly bad at anything. Part 4 is a uniquely aggressive Jason. He can't afford to get into long chases early game, despite being good at pressuring Counselors, and needs to start killing Repair characters as soon as possible. Once Repair characters are dead his 3 traps are fine since he can kill anyone who triggers them fairly quickly. (I'd guess he's ranked lowly here because many people assume his +Destruction, +Weapon Strength and Can Run make him a general chasing Jason, when really he needs to prioritize Repair characters ASAP as he lacks both traps and the means to stop fixed vehicles.) Part 5 is a chasing Jason. His 5 traps mean that once he's trapped objectives he can focus on using his +Knives, Can Run, and neutral Shift to catch and kill any Counselor he encounters. His only real negative is that he's easily mobbed, but every Jason is quite susceptible to that. Part 6 is another chasing Jason, basically identical to Part 5 except Can Run is replaced with +Shift. Part 6 can suffer from -Morph, which is why he should only use it to stop far away objectives, relying on his +Shift to give him mobility instead. Part 8 is another neutral Jason, but unlike Part 3 his +Destruction is a massive benefit and lets him pressure Counselors despite being a Walking Jason. While his Water Speed and Stalk strengths aren't amazing he has no real weaknesses and as such is easily the best Jason with regards to stats. Part 9's interesting role (IMO) is entirely dependent on Stalk+Shift+Grab. This interesting configuration allows him to surprise Grab Counselor from halfway across the map, which is a huge strength. While his -Traps is bad, his +Shift means he can apply pressure as well or better than Part 2 in spite of his Traps weakness and if a vehicle is repaired he has a decent chance at stopping it. His biggest flaw is -HP, since he can be almost instantly demasked by a Tommy with a shotgun and machete. Savini is a chasing Jason. His combination of +Shift, +Destruction, and +Weapon Strength mean he can effectively tunnel whoever he wants once he's trapped the objectives. He does have two weaknesses though; his trident is easily the worst Jason weapon in the game (if you're past level 113 this can be bypassed of course, but it's worth mentioning) and his -Water Speed means that he'll struggle to catch a boat unless they drive into him. Given the low chances of that happening though, he's a good Jason overall. However Part 7 in his current state isn't well suited to a real role. His neutral Shift and +Weapon Strength mean he can chase and slash, but his -Stun Resistance means that he's not suited to a Slashing-only role since he can be punished for slashing even more than other Jasons. His -Traps means that he can't really lock down objectives but unlike Part 9 his neutral Shift means he can't Shift patrol objectives and he lacks the +Destruction and +Can Run combination that lets Part 4 effectively tunnel Repair characters in the early game to protect objectives. If Part 7 wants to patrol objectives he'll need to use Morph, but since he doesn't have +Morph protecting the wrong objective can spell disaster for him. His only real strength (since boat escape attempts are a fairly rare occurrence) is that he can hear noise pings MUCH better than any other Jason (he can detect an unperked jogging AJ at some distance in my experience), but that's more of a novelty than anything else. Part 7 isn't as terrible as he was and he's never been totally useless, but he's still the worst Jason out of the options available. TL;DR - I detailed the roles each Jason fills in a effort to highlight how much Part 7 sticks out with his odd and fairly poor stats as I believe him to be the worst Jason as of now.
  5. While I think level 113 is a bit high for Weapon Swapping, I'm also glad they aren't changing it. It should stay the way they announced it, if just to build back community trust in their announcement. My personal issue with the unlock at level 113 isn't that it takes to long to get to, or that it's too high a level for Weapon Swapping, it's that there's not a lot to unlock from levels 44 to 100. It's not that big an issue, but I feel like they should add some unlockable content (besides clothing recolors) in that range at some point.
  6. I was looking forward to this game, but since gameplay has been released I think it's apparent that it's way more of a goofy fighting game rather than a horror game. Specifically, both sides being able to respawn pretty much killed my interest in it.
  7. While it's not a huge thing for me, I fully support this. It shouldn't be that much harder than it was for them to give Roy two jumpsuits and it'd be kind of cool.
  8. It was 5 days ago, but I played Shelly because I had 250+ ping (if I have high ping I play Shelly). The map was Pinehurst and I found a PK, Medspray, and Gas. I met an A.J. who had a Battery and Keys so we hiked to the car along with a Sweater Girl Vanessa. Me and A.J. fixed the car (a 2 seater) after I tanked the traps. Jason arrived and was held off by the Sweater Girl through the Sweater stun and her death animation long enough for A.J. to drive us out of there. We Escaped at around the 8 minute mark. Later everyone else but another Vanessa Escaped after a 2nd A.J. PK'ed the phone trap and called the cops.
  9. *whew* Glad everything looks alright. Thank you for the welcome, I can't wait for the update personally (hopefully it comes out this month :P) as I'm hoping it increases the horror factor of this game. I didn't join looking for people to play with, but thanks for the information! I'll be sure to check them out if I ever need a reliable group to play with.
  10. Congratulations, that's awesome! Also, lucky! I wish people in my classes looked like 80s horror movie characters. There are so many ways they could've played around with the whole ghost Jason thing that it makes me sad how underused it was. A lengthy dream sequence would have been one cool alternative, but if I'd been writing Part V it would have focused more on Tommy as a hero struggling to overcome and prevent the Jason in his head from taking hold, while also figuring out who the new one is and stopping them. More whodunit and thriller type stuff than slasher type stuff.
  11. I hear that. R.I.P. Violet; you deserved to be a Final Girl. Part 5 was definitely an odd film to be sure. I wish it had turned out better, because the central concepts of Jason's ghost trying to influence and possess Tommy and of someone else trying to impersonate Jason sound cool to me. If it had more story and had been more psychological horror than slasher horror I think it could've been really good. It wouldn't have appealed to it's target audience at all, but it didn't really anyway.
  12. @FrenchFriedPotaters I wouldn't say she was killed off too early, she was the last person to die besides Roy. I just think having a more interesting or unique Final Girl (they all seem to be basically the same person (because horror tropes)) like Violet would have been REALLY cool (Pam was alright, but she wasn't memorable). Of course Part V had a lot of interesting things that didn't get done any justice: the mayor and the Jason cover up, Demon, Tommy's psychosis, Jason's ghost, and Roy Burns as a character. The film could have much better if it's story had been given a little more love.
  13. Part 9. I have my preference set to random so it's probably just bad luck, but every time I play as Part 9 the game either lags out, I get glitched, or the Host leaves.
  14. @justice4all Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome. :D I play on PS4 although not very much lately. :S @FrenchFriedPotaters Thanks for the welcome! And when is weirdness a bad thing?! ? Also YES, Pam was alright but Violet had way more personality (also I completely agree that Violet looked prettier than Pam).
  15. While I know this thread is mostly satire and just for kicks, a dog/cat as a playable character would be a great way for dead players to have something to do. Imagine this: You die (Tommy either hasn't been called or is already sprinting around in circles while everyone else dies) and choose to return as a pet. The camera shifts to a black cat purring inside a cabin or a dog waking up from a nap near a fireplace and you're free to explore the map, try and help those silly humans, or get killed by Jason. Come on, that'd be more fun than watching Chad knock Jason on his butt for 5 minutes right? Of course animals would stand little chance against Jason Voorhees in a fight (I'm imagining Jason with an X prompt to snap a doggos spine or kick a cat into the forest), but that's not the main idea with returning as a pet. Your presence would lower Fear levels as long as Jason's not immediately present and you'd boost counselor's Stamina regeneration. If absolutely necessary the pet could jump on Jason and hold his attention for 3-5 seconds before dying but they would be meant as a support role. Naturally there'd be a limit on the number (Jason shouldn't have to deal with 6 cats or dogs once he's down to one person) but I think it'd be a cool way to stay active in the game for the first or second player to die.
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