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  1. You know what would actually have " saved " the game? If the devs actually started banning hackers on PC and fixing exploits.
  2. What frustrates me the most is that this exploit has been around for months and is yet to be fixed...
  3. I made this post to talk about the current state of the game on PC. .... which is filled with cheaters. Is it really that hard to patch the exploits? Like the free Savini and DLC unlock thing, it's been around for months and you guys don't seem to care. Also, players can edit game files to make their stats infinity/10 and because of that you can instantly repair everything with any character and break free from Jason's grab in less than a second ( composure stat ). You can also edit cool-down times for shift, morph. And this exploit has been around also for a few months. Devs, is it really that hard to server-side this stuff? I enjoyed this game despite of it having more cons than pros since the release but finally I can't play it anymore because of the hackers. You know, Jason buff does nothing if these cheaters are running around you...
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