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  1. A new async multiplayer horror survival game. Killer Jackson hunts campers such as Jennifer, Elchappo, Thomas and Debbie at Camp Emerald River.
  2. The other day I wanted to get the fuse for the phone. Door barred. Only one window in. I climb through, bear trap! Wtf? The fuse just lay in the middle of the room as a nice bait.
  3. Many hosts leave the moment they get killed. I dont expect dedicated servers soon. They should make it that in lobby Jason is picked and when the game actually loads Jason becomes the host. Much less likely to leave.
  4. Jason grabbed me. I struggled effortlessly. He smacked me on the ground. He slammed his axe in the sensitive parts. He was ready for the kill. And... the blue car came out of nowhere and ran over my head. I was betrayed! Sorry Jason. At least I had a good laugh
  5. Hi al I just signed up here. I got the game recently on PS4 and been lurking here since. I live in Europe and you can find me in game on EU evenings a few nights a week. I love the concept of the game but I have to admit that I have never seen a F13 movie yet...
  6. Thanks for resurrecting thuis old post. I got the game recently and just lurked around here a bit so I didnt know about this but would love to play with a stable good community.
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