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  1. I'd taken a break from the game for a few weeks and came back for the event weekend and despite the last patch being a bug fix, stuff seems uh, worse than before. I've spawned is as a different counselor or Jason more than once (which was supposedly fixed in this last patch, I though?), but that's not why I'm making this thread. REPEATEDLY, I'm loading into matches with a full lobby. The intro cinematic plays, and then suddenly everyone is delegated to spectator except for a couple of counselors and the Jason. Everyone else actually loaded in, but never gets a chance to actually play. What's up with this? Am I going to be sent to the Salt Mines because I quit out of being a spectator in a match where I never even died? I still love the gameplay and will be happy to keep playing with the promised bug fixes, but this is quite literally making it impossible to play the game.
  2. Wew boy I am...depressed. Nothing like waking up to a punch to the heart. I was really hoping there was a good shot at resuming content production if this suit finished amicably, but I guess not. I can understand that people have to work and it's not something where the staff can sit on their hands until they're "allowed" to make content again, but it still hurts. I enjoy other, similar games well enough, but for all of the hiccups I really enjoy/enjoyed F13 the most. The actual feel of stalking/being stalked, the variety of kills, the size of the playable space. I really hope everything currently wrong with the game can be smoothed out so we can at least have the best version of the current game possible + keeping a potentially small but dedicated playerbase, but I'm not going to pretend I'm not super bummed about this Absolutely this, too. "BOY, WE SURE SHOULD SURE BE CAREFUL AT THIS CABIN. I HEARD THE INFAMOUS, FOOTBALL HELMETED KILLER MASON JOORHEES IS AROUND. [WINK]"
  3. Mostly Chad and Vanessa in my experience. Ever since Victoria was added though, I've seen a lot of troll-y and cocky people playing her.
  4. Grendel was the monster in Beowulf that attacked the feast hall because their partying was disturbing him, and who Beowulf later killed. Then he killed Grendel's mom (Or in that terrible movie adaptation, took her to bed). It's somewhat analogous to Jason when party teens show up to his turf and encroach, and he hauls off and massacres all of them. I'd HOPE people would get the reference though. Beowulf was required reading in high school, for me.
  5. Absolutely! I've got my fingers crossed for a beneficial court outcome, but I'm going to keep playing regardless.
  6. I certainly HOPE we'll be able to keep playing offline, even if online goes away. I'm a huge naive rube, so I'm hoping that Miller loses to Cunningham and they can reverse the decision. There just isn't another game on the market that replicates the feel that F13 does for me, warts and all. DBD gets brought up, but it's more like horror-arena tag than something that feels like I'm a slasher stalking through an organic environment of some kind. It's far more claustrophobic and there's much less time to savor the chase. I feel rushed as the killer, which is what I prefer to play. I'm probably just screaming false hope into the void, but I have to hope the outcome allows them to continue on despite their current position. If not, there's pretty much a whole sub-style of gameplay that I won't have anymore in my gaming rotation. DBD isn't the same, and Last Year: The Nightmare seems more like a fusion of DBD and Left 4 Dead or something than what Friday presents. I'm just really bummed out. I came to the game late because I'd been stuck with really bad rural internet for the past 4 years and within the last couple of months I've finally been able to fully game online again. I was super ready to throw myself into F13 and for the most part I've been having a blast. Now it looks like that's going to be short lived because there'll be maybe a couple hundred hardcore folks (and I'm probably being very generous there) who stick around on PC if this thing is dead in terms of future content. It just all really makes me...
  7. Granted I've only been playing for a couple of months, but I've yet to be killed, even by groups that have attempted it. I can agree that the width probably needs a little tweak for the grab, but I don't have too much trouble otherwise. I can juke weapon swings pretty well, and to be honest, sometimes I just tank through the stuns until they break their weapons on me and then snatch them up. While it's not optimal, it hasn't necessarily stopped me from winning matches or killing counselors. That said, it does seem that the counselor should be stopped in their attack animation if you slash them, at least maybe depending on Strength stat or something. Doesn't make sense to me that being hit by a giant ogre of a man like that wouldn't stop the average person from effectively following through. I can't say that med sprays have impacted my outcomes too much, one way or another. The pocket knives have been much more of a game-changer for me both as a Jason and as a Counselor. This is essentially me being ganged by armed counselors at this point. Just outlasting it and exacting revenge afterwards.
  8. Awesome! Glad to see bugs are being prioritized so we can get the game smooth and stable before ya'll add in more content.
  9. I think adding in Uber-Jason and Grendel will bring a chunk of players back for a time, but the key is hooking them and making them stay. To do that, I think it'll require them to fix the lion's share of the bugs in coordination with their major content releases (hopefully without making a lot more). Then to stay fairly consistent with a content update schedule, or at least push the game via things like free weekends or more consistent bonus XP/Tape events. I recognize that IllFonic is a small team and the temptation to compare them to the DBD team dismisses that Behaviour Interactive has worked on Triple A titles in the past so they have more experience with these things, but still you have to keep some kind of content momentum (and keep your game mechanically functional) to keep a dedicated community. I really hope it gets a shot in the arm though. I have both games and while both have their charms I very much prefer the gameplay and style of F13. For all its flaws, I think they've made a great game that just needs some polish and tweaking.
  10. Happened to me a few different times. I've found that people who fancy themselves amateur comedians over the mic and just broadcast the whole match are more likely to do it. I had one couple of players who were in the 2 seater that I had given them the keys to (I'm not a good driver so I generally trust that to somebody else) and ran off to find another way to escape. The girl started honking and shouting to come on and that there was room. I assumed the guy with her had gotten killed or something so I can back to the road and got mowed down almost immediately. I mean, whatever I guess, but it's a pretty lame thing to do.
  11. These two in particular I think have a lot of promise. Like the total stun "Cooldown" can revert back to full if it's been a moment or two since Jason was stunned, but just having a pinata party and making him sit through the full length of the stun for multiple counselors makes it a lot easier to "bully" Jason. Also, while I do like having Sense as an early radar, Stalk would open up the possibility for more early jumpscares and playing Jason sneakier early on. It seems it'd go thematically as well, with him getting closer to Rage mode later in the match which would heighten his "Sense" of the counselors.
  12. I'm sure it CAN be overpowered, but the vast majority of my kills as Jason are grab-kills and I'm decent at shift-grabs. As a result, counselors having extra healing potential is ever only a mild inconvenience.
  13. I think too many of the same counselor can be aesthetically bland, but really, the mini-games aren't out-of-reach for anybody as long as you focus. Certainly easier for higher repair counselors, of course.
  14. "I think you and I are destined to do this forever."
  15. I'm not the best driver and I generally escape via cops or as a passenger, but even if I have them I never drop them until all the other steps are done and the car is good to go. Even if I'm not the best driver, I don't want somebody to just pick them up on a whim and run off with them for some unknown reason. I just communicate that I have them and then pass them off as soon as the gas and battery are taken care of.
  16. - Not strictly kid players on the basis of being kids, but the ones that will basically narrate the entire game without ever stopping or try to make more "adult" jokes in an obvious attempt to seem "cool" - People who don't use a Push-to-Talk and leave their mic constantly on Broadcast - People who play like a big team player and then intentionally run people over with the car once they've had help fixing it - People who talk a lot of smack but quit the second you catch them - People who quit mid-kill animation - Armed counselors who don't try to save a grabbed counselor - People who do joke bits over mic the whole match but don't bother to vary their material so it's literally just the same punchline over and over again I dunno, probably other things too.
  17. Let it count towards the kill count, but not Salt accumulation. Plenty of people accidentally suicide not realizing how damaged they are and attempting a broken window escape, or trying to get out of a window that's just a BIT too high up. Shouldn't send them to hellworld for panic or a misunderstanding in regards to their hit points. This goes especially for newer players. I don't think it'd be a good player retention tactic to send newbies who don't understand all the mechanics and slice themselves to death on a window to the dumpster queue.
  18. I have a tendency to react to a lot of things with the little emote responses, so I find myself out of my "allowance" of likes/thanks pretty early in my daily scan of the forums. I'm not exactly sure why it's a limited resource, tbh. That said, I'm definitely happy to see a big post like this, with multiple official posts in the thread itself addressing these issues so quickly after a major update.
  19. I've seen some ideas where counselors could stumble and fall down and have to do some mash or QTE to regain their footing. That's a possibility, or even just make the instances of stumbling ramp up the longer you're in a prolonged chase with Jason up to a certain threshold. Heck, just to balance it out, give them a half-refill on their stamina if they manage to get back to their feet similar to when you knife Jason to escape his grip.
  20. I had something similar happen once. I was chasing a Fox and a Shelly as Jason and managed to snag the Shelly after they'd exhausted their weapons. I went into the head stomp kill animation and suddenly I was teleported a good quarter of the map back to a row of outhouses I'd been chasing them in front of (and shifted past to chase them) WITH Shelly's ragdolled corpse. My ping (which generally fluctuates between 75 - 85) had shot up to about 750 for a split second and I have no idea what was going on. Not sure if that was the rubberbanding glitch, the servers/ISP freaking out, or both. I've never had anything similar happen before or since.
  21. I've actually had a lot of success with the new grab. The included forward "lunge" that comes with the animation has made it a lot easier (to me) to grab counselors during a chase, shift-grab or otherwise. The only thing I'd have a complaint on in regards to the Grab animation is that it's a bit narrow in terms of width, but even then I've wiped the slate on my last three or so Jason games since the update.
  22. In regards to current cheats/exploits, there's one thing in particular I need clarification on. A couple of times since the update I've played against Jasons that have been covered in a weird patchwork of texture panels (some missing with big empty white patches, some not), often using non-stock weapons (Unsure of what level the player was, so this could just be weapon-swap), and often times wearing a completely different mask than appropriate for their part. Like last night I played against a Part 6 using the double-bit axe from Part 9 who had the glitchy textures all over his body and what looked like Part 4's mask. I didn't notice any excessively strange gameplay behavior from this Jason, but then again I only saw him in the match when he killed me as I managed to avoid him the rest of the time. Is this a hack/cheat of some kind, or just the game hemorrhaging assets all over my matches?
  23. I’m actually doing really well with the new grab. My only complaint with it is that it needs to be more in line with the width of Jason’s body and not just his head or whatever it’s currently tied to.
  24. I main Mitch with escape and anti-detection perks. If they ever added Demon or Crazy Ralph I would probably switch, but I like playing Metal Gear Mitch and being super sneaky most of the time.
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