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  1. But will there be 7 counselors already unlocked from the start? There were only 4 unlocked in the beta, with 3 unlockable counselors I think. How would there even be 7 players if not everyone is unlocked?
  2. Considering how long it took F13 to get through console certification, (and that's for a good game!) I doubt DBD will make it by then, they can't get the game to run right on pc already, what makes Starbreeze think it will do any better on console?
  3. Save counselors, get killed in as many heroic sacrifice schemes I can possibly think of. As Jason, choose one survivor to favor and tunnel, mess with them the entire game, only leaving to kill other counselors or give him a quick breather. Save them for last, and see if they'll survive or not.
  4. I wonder if we could paint Lachappa's shirt red, yellow, or blue? Seeing a team of trekkies going "Alright boys, set phasers from stun to kill." whilst unloading flares into Jason would be god tier.
  5. You made me start giggling like that douchebag who died in the beginning of TCM2.
  6. Does The Room count as a horror movie? If so I think I've got the worst creature to ever be chased by. Tommy Wiseau.
  7. So I'ma make a few points coz I feel like they need to be made. So I'm gonna go into real-talk mode. Ok so I'm gay, and I like it when I get representation in a game. What I don't like however, is someone who's never seen a gay person adding them into the game just so they can say 'diversity'. For instance, if they have to constantly remind you of their orientation, then you fucked up on writing. Having half of their conversations revolve around "Hey can I remind you that I'm gay, by the way I'm gay." or "Did I mention I am feeling totally gay today? Yeah I'm really gay guys!" is just kinda fucking stupid, nobody actually talks like that unless they're a pretentious 'cee 'uou 'next 'tuesday' who is fishing for attention. I would much rather them not put the character in at all than do that. So if Blaze can't speak for 'the group' (Which is dumb af in itself, being gay isn't like being part of some hive mind. We're not xenomorphs. Contrary to what family guy says, we aren't born with acid blood.) I guess I'll do it just to kind of prove a point, which feels... very hypocritical especially for the fact that this conversation shouldn't even be done. This is about Mass Effect, not Bioware not actually being able to write, but fuck it, if I have to go there, I will. First off, Bioware isn't that 'revolutionary' when it comes to lgbt issues. Let's face it, in mass effect there's two sexualities. Bi and Straight. All the female characters in mass effect are bi, all the male characters are straight. It's been that way since ME:1 and Andromeda is no exception. Your only choices if you want M:M romances are usually throwaway characters. Like boring af Kaiden, who only exists to complain about not being chosen and bitching about cerberus or redshirt "STEEEEEEVE" in ME:3. We didn't get Vega, we didn't get Thane, and we certainly did not fucking get Garrus, which imo is best bae. Coincidentally, F:M or F:F romances aren't in short supply. You could practically bang the whole ship if you wanted to. Okay, we got that part out of the way. Rant on that over. Now to the real issue. The reason Andromeda sucks isn't because of social justice warriors (though they don't make for very good writers tbh) or anything like that. It's because they replaced most of the old team with people who either didn't have the drive, or didn't have the experience to follow up with the rest of the series. (even if Manveir Heir is a super mega ultra douche-sundae). The reason Andromeda sucks, is because it fucking sucks. The characters are boring 'archetypes', the writing is teenager fanfic level, the main villian looks like a rock version of that little monkey guy in kung-fu panda, the gameplay is ass and buggy as fuck, the graphics look worse than the first mass effect, the animation looks like amateur source film maker footage, with hints of gmod face fuckery, and the voice acting is just... soulless. I wouldn't even pirate it, (not that I pirate anything in the first place, but that game looks so bad that it wouldn't even be worth the wait or the potential viruses) and it looks like a series killer if they can't come up with a fix or anything better anytime soon (which rumors say Devs said they won't, so ggwp there) So... yeah, ME:A is shit, but it is not to 'da eschjaydubyuhs' and more due to the fact they hired a bunch of people who had no idea what in the fuck they were doing, and the fact they got away with it, because everyone's standards are so low they'll pay 60 dollars for a half finished triple A game, or $39.99 for the next 'early access zombies battle royale permanent alpha thanks for the money we're not actually doing anything survival simulator with a bunch of guns and no ammo'.
  8. Viral's only good for the Bonestorm segment. It's like Jackass meets Evil Dead, and I liked it for being the only story that didn't take itself seriously.
  9. While I don't think it should replace the police escape, it could bring two players back into the game (they can't use police escape unless everyone else is gone), or they could be an alternate option to Tommy Jarvis, when you call the hunter?
  10. Pretty much played Chad like Julius in the beta. Ran to the car, got chased by Jason. "Yo' run off I got this!" >Worldstars the shit out of Jason until weapon breaks. >Full escape car rides by as I get my head twisted off with a pickaxe. >I ain't even mad at dying, that was cool as shit. Preppy dude's gonna be my main definitely. Not enough people doing the heroic sacrifice routine, and Chad's pretty much perfect for it.
  11. Idk about you guys, but the hobo looks pretty bitchin'. Not gonna lie.
  12. Would totally love an asymmetrical game based off of The Thing. Imagine Thule Station or U.S. Outpost 31? Or the alleged Russian Base that was hinted at in the prequel? So many ways to make a multiplayer based off of it. Character customization, mutation customizations, all that jazz! With all the love they put into f13 you know any game they'd make would be as accurate as possible.
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