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  1. Wishi had footage but anytime a counselor jumps out, waits, i stalk then shift at the window until they jump back in. That's always a hoot.
  2. The drop rate of the knives is REAL bad. If a counselor is over 10 yards away, the knife plummets to the ground.
  3. I've been told the same thing. Usually because I'm better than the entire scrub lobby. I know I'm nor great but still laughable
  4. I hate guys named Todd as Nicky, Vinnie and Tony would beat the daylights out of Todd, Kyle, & Tucker. But i like your post.
  5. Solution: remove crouching and make slow walking generate less noise while standing still removes more stamina. As crouching recovers moreb just eliminate the problematic function
  6. Flares & firecrackers should stun in rage. Yeah they'd be fought over like pocket knives but Jason has a chance of not dieing.
  7. FIRECRACKERS AREN'T SHIT. I've walkes through them fine IRL. The flare gun should stun at close range but i still think the rage upgrade was perfect. @prodigy Jason may not be invincible he gives off a feeling of dread and fear. At this time, he doesn't. Then again, i play enough to not dread
  8. Or buy an account with him. There's more method but it's the method I'll test and pay $50 PSN card id for.
  9. Exactly, i play Fox, use those perks and damask on my first or second heavy attack. Edit: I use L SP, L Thrasher & either L Teamwork or L leadfoot/MDIAC. Always have OHC equipped. I've strangled hundreds next to the car then pulled a new driver out to strangle and killed sweater girls in front of an armed Tommy who ran ahead that had weapons. It's not shitty, it's strategy. I'd make Jason is programmed to only be killable with 7 or less minutes left. I disagree on three dead or left counselors as i feel 2 is enough. 5 minutes i thought was already implemented. Agreed, Tommy needs to be more random. Because even if you go by highest score returns as they're more of a team player (assumed) it is a slap when the person is afk or does nothing yet returns.
  10. Okay, i miss understood your point on fuel. I still think the current system worka fine.
  11. I don't have Savini Jason, I'm looking for someone with him unlocked that wants to make $50 PSN card to help me unlock him. But he plays similar to a slower Part 4. Having 5 traps is nice but part 4, if our traps 1 shot a counselor, then having only 3 is fair. Part 2 having 7 traps that 1 shot is way too powerful. Hence why those with +weapon damage (3, 4, 7 & Savini) should have traps that 1 shot kill but only get 3 max to balance out. Counsellors would be forced to think twice about running into traps at our shacks or at least need to cough up a pocket knife. Same goes with our knives. 1 knife to wound, 2 to kill. However, traps should do so much that Damage Resist perks are ignored while knives still obey damage resist.
  12. That's over powering Jenny. Repair stat is useless with your changes. The stats work fine but Ness needs nerfed to strength and composure
  13. I would never abandon or change Savini's pros/cons. Instead of water speed as a weakness he'd be nornal water speed but have only 3 traps as a weakness. Part 3 would have a normal sense instead of weak sense but again have three traps as a weakness.
  14. Jason should take less damage in rage, needs more hp, stunning should be reduced chance during grab.
  15. In response I'd give 3 better sense & Savini better water speed.
  16. Are you driver or passenger? I'm usually riding shotgun or driver's side passenger and when stopped, i can fight Jason no problem.
  17. Agreed, there's times I've ran or walked around traps that i thought would go off. Plus as weapons for Jason 3, 4, 7, and Savini they should be one hit kills. 3 & Savini should have 3 traps to balance them.
  18. Jason morphing on structures SHOULD be allowed. Recoding the roofs of houses should allow fall through, fall damage NEEDS implemented for walking/pushed off roofs (instant 1 hit from death) as jumping out windows on wbd stories does fall damage.
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