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  1. @mattshotcha people like my idea. Make it so?
  2. Most people including me say trolls would hide valuable stuff. I know after running into a kill lobby, I'd drop the fuse & keys in the shack while dying with the sweater.
  3. Having +Weapon Strength, +Shift & +Morph with -Stalk, -Water Speed & -Run is simply way over powered.
  4. I know im around 300 Jason plays from platinum but a stat counter would be good.
  5. I'm sorry you felt threatened. It wasn't my intention to be overly threatened but you do sound like you're aggitated abd upset over a positive update.
  6. Tier 1 Jasons IMO are... Savini* Part 4 Part 8 Part 9 Tier 2 Jasons Part 7 Part 5 Part 6 Tier 3 Jasons Part 2 Part 3 Even with 3 traps, as part 7 I'm very aggressive and usually don't need to trap the cars.
  7. Marathon Restful Sucker Punch Teamwork My Dad Is A Cop Medic Trasher Tinker The last one is more powerful and useful than people give credit for
  8. The shift is definitely worse as you can't go after Buggzy, Vanessa or Tommy easily. Hell, Jenny, Tiff and Chad are difficult as parts 2 & 4. Having played part 4 & 7 as my main for almost a year, i work around my 3 trap weakness but as they along with part 3 & Savini feel our weakness needs to be offset by traps 1 shotting counselors that don't have Toughness.
  9. FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS! TIME MARCHES ON! FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS! *sweet ass outro* Part 9 I'm garbage with. The fast shifts of 6 & 9 i cannot compensate with. Part 4 is doable as it's slower but my main is part 7. Good sense, water speed & damage are awesome. I make him look really powerful.
  10. I agree, all you have to do program it so the game knows your controller is switching on counsellors/static cams to know if you're afk or not. Edit: There's a reason i look for Jason and get myself killed while fighting him.
  11. They have animations of him bending/kneeling over. They can reuse that for him requiring his mask. Since we don't see Jason put his knives in a pouch, we don't need to see him put the mask back on. It can give him back hp too. Maybe the second time it comes off, the mask is destroyed like in part 7 & reboot.
  12. Same, slow crawling is faster than diving. You only dive when Jason is shifting after you. It's never failed me. Even people waiting to go through the same window ger in after me.
  13. I remember when Jason attack Rob with the weapon equipped
  14. I've played since june 2016. We're NOT going to remember where everyone died. Hell, when people escape their crap ends up on shores. It's nice being able to see where stuff is. If they changed this I wouldn't quit but it would be way harder to survive the night. Keeping the locations on is the better choice.
  15. Oh I'm aware but Stalking is s nice incentive to say "F' this! It's morphin' time!" When in actuality I shifted.
  16. My apologies, I misread your first statement. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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