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  1. PS4, I'm GOOD at this game. I'm NOT great. I'm NOT God. I've been killed being overly confidant as a counsellor. I've been killed as Jason through glitching (knocked off maps, falleb through maps, counsellors exploiting, etc.). I know the physics very well, it'll happen when you play 8-16 hours a day, everyday since June 2016. There are people that are just good, others that are great. I'm humble, i know I'm the former and not latter. Don't put words in my mouth.
  2. Or if the swing at the right frame during a heavy attack, the moment Jason has controll again he's immediately hit. I know what I'm doing, I've almost mastered the physics in the game. When I want Jason's mask off, it'll be off
  3. I only miss when i miss my frame perfect time and land on Iframes or he is faster at instant morph/shift.
  4. Good idea: being nut to butt on Jason. Bad idea: Being ANYWHERE else. Or you're missing rhe frame because I always do this and miss 1 in 20 times.
  5. I wouldn't mind knowing how good i am. But you will get salty players saying you're a helper or glitcher when you're actually skilled.
  6. What level are you? You can also change your Jason in between rounds. I personally like part 7, i just change weapons.
  7. Or I simply know the frame perfect time to swing. Some people ARE talented.
  8. I get the timing right. I know the time delays as a counselor well enough to land them. I've been doing it from behind, like a rogue, since 9/16. If the counselor hesitates, you have time to combat stance block it. However, Morphing out instead is safer.
  9. It helps to stand behind. I only miss 1 shot on average doing that.
  10. Until Jason can walk/grab/slash/power again, he has Iframes from pockets & stuns.
  11. Hide & seek kills in the barn, outhouses, beds, and closets are each separate. That might be a miss. You also need each environmental & grab kill. Offline bots should work.
  12. I take Jason's mask off in 99% of my games, when it comes off, he's standing on it 95% of the time so you can't get it. Even so, saying he can't get it back is like undoing all crouch glitches because fuck it, people will find a way to cheat.
  13. What's wrong with fast combat mode & blocking? Jason's block has diminishing returns.
  14. Would have been a fun complimentary mode with Paranoia
  15. You do not need the 3 free dlc kills, 5 free dlc environment kills or any paid dlc kills for Ph.D. in murder. You need all grapple kills, all weapon kills, and all environmental kills. Are you on ps4, x bone or pc? I can help boost on ps4
  16. Jason still got up, killed Paul and wounded Ginny. Yes, Trish knocks it off his face. The straps are intact. They can be adjusted or removed & replaced. It is the same mask until part 7. The only cracked damage is from Chrissy Higgins when she delivered the ax to his face at the end of three. The blunt side of the hammer didn't Do Anything. The claw end was sunk into the ok left side of the neck. See video for proof of mask damage. Upon further research, the mask Tommy has IS NOT Jason's but Roy's im the hospital. I'd have to buy or rewatch part 5 to confirm if Tommy has the original at Pinehurst. Pretty sure he does. Tommy CERTAINLY has the original mask in part 6. As you can see, Jason gets it on. Same mask in 7 that's later wrecked. The mask is NOT destroyed or melted in part 8. See the full ending video. Convince me the Earth is flat & domed.
  17. Mask removed by Paul. Replaces old mask with hockey mask. Jason takes mask off to show Chrissy his face then puts it back on. The straps are NOT broken by Trish Jarvis. Thr original mask is with Tommy Jarvis. Puts on mask in beginning. Mask is destroyed by psychic powers. Mask is NOT destroyed by toxic waste however it is removed so he can get the waste off his face. Jason is dragged to Hell by demons... Mask is recreated with Über Jason. Jason gets his mask back on. Jason is seen putting on his 2nd mask. The back of his head isn't destroyed by the wood chipper. Thought you'd like that.
  18. I think sense is fine. The 50%-75% buff is nice too. The counselors are strong enough as is. The stun resistance numbers are also fine.
  19. Arguments are more fun on YouTube, imo. From your posts, I'm interrupting your intention differently. Perhaps our we need to find a common channel for our communication frequencies? Can we agree that Game of Thrones Seasons 7 & 8 sucked? Thank you for bringing that up. That's not me being snarky, apologies if it looks like that. Sadly, my roommate gave into her boyfriend's demands (she had the power play and gave in, you know like the Democrats in U.S. politics) and tossed me out. I'm aware my cellphone is a mini computer. However, typing 2,000+ words on my phone will make me pull a Budd Dwyer.
  20. I play on ps4. It's simply the better system.
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