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  1. Funny enough, I'm still looking for a person with Savini Jason & PS4 who wants to make $50.
  2. I accept your challenge. Because I'm a smart ass, i will make a list of stuff GOT ignored and/or did poorly, i will make it better to how i feel the majority of GOT fans would enjoy. While keeping true to George's vision of "subvert expectations" that'll at least make sense, i.e. Drogon destroying the Iron Throne. I'm on my cellphone, it'll take time, give me a few days, but I will make a separate thread & link you... And credit you.
  3. Sadly, playing since launch lets me memorize maps fairly well. So i interaction lock run... And die.
  4. I love your bravado. Do i have the same 6 episode restriction or can i be as long as i need?
  5. The thing is, with GOT we were expecting more. We we expecting closure on a lot of things they left open. They legitimately fucked up. If we the fans got the Mass Effect 3 ending changed, it's possible to get a better got ending. If you want me to go into detail, pm me.
  6. I'm certainly not below it. I love doing it when I know I'm going to die too. Because killing teabaggers feels great, so why not share the love? I've heard so many people happy to kill me when I've tea bagged the. Funnier when I return was Tommy & kill Jason.
  7. I need about 300 plays. Anyone up for boosting? Ill return the favor. On ps4
  8. Keep the rainbow kills! That makes the game amazingly better when it's a bug that doesn't hurt game play.
  9. You're dead. Your friends are dead. Your family's dead. Your fucking pets are being skinned alive. Your mother's a fucking whore. You suck at life. The whole world hates you. You're going to Hell. Live with it. GAME OVER
  10. @Cry a few of those are fixed by adding invisible walls. The last one has been around since launch. I love that glitch, it gets funnier each time.
  11. I once knived a roof guy to death. I now teach people how to get up there as Jason.
  12. Says you, i had something to do between games: annoying people who wanted to start 3-6 person lobbies.
  13. It's not glitched. I believe they've fixed that long ago. You need each weapon kill, minus DLCs for parts 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Savini, 4 & 5 do not count. You need each type of hide and seek kill i mentioned. You need each grapple kill excluding the 3 you unlock past level 100. Each environmental including drowning
  14. You complained about 3 hours rolling perks, 2 million cp took me almost 7 hours to spend. That's not including selling perks i didn't want
  15. Try rolling 2,000,000 cp like i did when Legendary perks came out. Hell, in that 2M, i only got 4 legends
  16. Male counselors in assless chaps is urgent priority. We need the lulz. We got AJ's ass in challenge, just copy & paste for the rest. Bam, reusing content.
  17. That's his fault. He needs to think outside the box.
  18. Learn how to repair. I've been the only one multiple times as Vanessa (not ideal), Fox (ideal) or Tommy (very ideal) and repaired the car and/or police to get out. It'll help putting Tinker perk on low repair counsellors. I have a legendary Tinker perk that does +20% speed, makes it faster & easier imo. Also: I'm having a graphical error on PS4. Chad and the other male counsellors are supposed to be in assless chaps but their chaps are assed. Can we get a hotfix on this?
  19. I'm picturing Chad in assless chaps throwing Lachappa out a 2nd story window like he's a hotdog down the hallway.
  20. Unfortunately, I'm in the process of moving. You'll need to wait.
  21. Of course, it'll make the killing Jason trophy mean something again. You can't make Jason an unstoppable killing machine like he's meant to be.
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