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  1. Very much. I've decides that I'll always take the sweater to prevent newbs from dying.
  2. First time I was Jason, was my very first match. I was clue less. I didn't die but I went 0/8.
  3. I use to say otherwise but I now agree that killing Jason is really toxic.
  4. I agree 100% on this idea. It'll give newbies mote time to play as & understand how Jason works with live players
  5. It's fun teaming against teamers. Killing their Jason's & one of you grabbing the sweater to protect
  6. But the worst ive witnessed was Jason doing everything else around a girl, she refused to help me as she stole a spray and my axe. Luckily i came back as Tommy, ran the girl over and wasted Jason's for 13 minutes. Another time, in band camp, my girl Heather was getting ratted out. I dropped my 2 knives for her and sacrificed myself as Fox. Returned as Tommy, was able to keep Jason off her and on me. She grabbed a bat after I gunned him down twice then we killed Jason. Him & his two friends rage quit.
  7. I once locked 4 people in Jason's shack having stolen the sweater and pointed a gun
  8. I need new speakers. But i too am working on a game.
  9. Jason is just clown. A very scary clown. So raoe IS funny.
  10. Again: I never said it was even passable writing. As for not liking my plot, What do you not like? If its Danny dieing...
  11. We'll play sometime, i play Vanessa with +20% Tinker or Fox. We'll rape Jason.
  12. The show rushed the mad queen. Foreshadowing isn't character development. The ONLY thing I liked from the ending is Drogon destroying the Iron Throne.
  13. I feel it would be accepted more by fans but still get vitriol because I killed Danny. The show made ZERO sense for her becoming the mad queen. At least, i show why, then show her recover and pledge to do better. Have her become a servant of the people by making up for the sins of her father & herself. The books give more evidence to Mad Queen Daenerys than the show. The babies popped in my head, the dragon needs three heads right? Rhaegol was one, her twins are two & three. I went with the Bran King route because it certainly gives credible backstory and why the King is so focused on Jon. Although not a script writer, if i scripted the speech of Jon giving the kingdoms to their great lords, it would draw why jon did it. But yes, i was a little vague & i own up to that. I assume by "Magna Carta" you mean jon sign away more his kingly powers?
  14. Took be 363 days to get the 500 plays. I'm still working on 1000
  15. After a challenge from @Slasher_Clone ans seeing others say their words. I've feel i have the best GOT HISHE written to live to George Martin's vision. I could be wrong. But after some 18 hours on my cellphone. Here's my idea. Forgive spacing & punctuation errors. I feel I've hit every major note. If i miss one, speak up. So here's how i would have done season 8 of Game of Thrones... Episode 1: Start off the first episode with Jon & Danny, lovey dovey, in their quarters talking. Danny learns about the Northern way of life so she can identify easier with her future subjects and earn their trust. Tyrion enters notes they've been at sea for three months and that they should be near white harbor. Jon leaves to prepare while Tyrion converses with Daenerys. Bran continues his wreckless warging to get info the night king. Finds nothing, talks with Sam and they come up with the idea of trying to prevent the White Walkers & Night King. Jamie is almost to Winterfell, he's stopping by the inn where Hotpie is. Northmen question if Jaime's a Lannister, he claims to be Tytos Hill and shows his missing hand, claiming if he was Jaime, he'd not be missing a hand. Dario Narharis is shown with 300 or so men of the Second Sons, disguised as Golden Company, seeing King's Landing in the distance. Cersei & Euron meet at the docks, she's impressed he's kept up all of his bargains. Euron makes an advantace towards her to get rebuked but she strongly hints his advances are welcomed and suggests he find her after she visits her favorite captive and dead captive. Theon rescues Yara JUST like the show. Back in the North, Sansa is making preparations with Ned Umber to send the women and children who cannot fight the dead to Winterfell. The men with Ned are given Dragonglass daggers along with several hundred to aid in Last Hearths defense. Tormund makes a comment about the situation to Brienne who agrees with him. Arya & Gendry meet & he sets to making her special weapon like the show The closing scene is Jaime finally arriving at Winterfell to be confronted by Bran Stark & the Master at Arms who arrests Jaime. Episode 2: Starts with Jaime not in Winterfells dungeons but instead in a guest room. He has 4 guards watching him in his room as well as 8 more outside. He's told that King Jon Snow of House Stark will be in Winterfell within the day and his trial for attempting to muder Brandon Stark would begin. Jaime keeps calm as he hears the cries of Drogon and Rhaego. The people of the North are excited or terrified to see the King in the North and Queen Daenerys side by side. She's wearing thick furs as it's been six months since leaving Dragonstone. The dragons amaze the children but terrify the ones old enough to remember the old tales. Jon & Danny arrive in Winterfell and are greeted by Sansa who gives Winterfell to Danny. Jon excuses himself to talk to Sansa and ask about the missing Lannister Forces. Cersei has had enough of tormenting Ellaria Sand as she no longer weeps over her long dead & decayed daughter. She has The Mountain tear her head in half. Euron laughs and asks if there's anything else he can do to please the Queen. She agrees by kissing his hand, asks for him to make an ornament of the two womens heads to display on those who would cause her harm. If he does that, he'll get the reward he wants: Her Bed & Side he gladly sets to work with Qyburn. Dario makes notes of the Scorpions, number of troops, and their quarters around the city. He questions his "commander" when the Lannister Armies will leave for the North. He's told within 3 months so the dead & Northern armies will fight & wreck each other, they'll finish off whatever's left over. Bran is warging under the Godswood Tree. He's watching events of Jeor Mormont & Crasters deal. Trying to see what they know, which is nothing. He wargs into Craster to find anything written about the White Walkers but only finds that sons of Crasters are needed to please the Night King as his vanguard & that they are distant cousins of the Targaryens or Blackfyres. Sam wakes Bran from his state to tell him about the trial. In the great Hall, Sansa, Jon & Danny question Jaime about the lack of Lannister Troops & attempting to kill Bran. Meera Reed arrives with her father Howland and watches. The trial plays out the same like in the t.v. show. At this point Lady Mormont wants to know why Lady Sansa & King Snow gave Winterfell over. Jon tells her and the other lords he bent the knee for their lives. The lords argue and clamor but Danny asserts herself and temporarily ends the argument. Arya & Jon have their big reunite, much like the shows. Theon & Yara make their way to Winterfell with their Ironborn. In the Godswood, Howland meets Jon, Arya, Sansa, and Danny and tells them he needs to talk to Jon soon as it's important. Bran returns to the Wierwood tree and wargs again. This time he's in King's Landing and wargs into Aerys the Mad King. He tries to get Aerys to have all the kingdom's send men to King's Landing then North beyond the wall with the new knowledge of Dragonglass & destroy the Night King's army by burning it with Wildfire. But he's not strong enough and accidentally causes servere brain damage to Aerys & makes him obsessed with Burning Them ALL. The Dead have arrived at Last Hearth and attack. Episode 3: Bran realizes his bad job and talks with Sam, Gilly, & Sansa. He determines he needs to leave for the isle of faces. Home to the main weirwood tree. He believes it'll give him the power to stay in control. Sansa is at first reluctant but gives in, having to trust Bran. With Sam there, Bran has Sam get Jon and tell him the truth about who he is. In King's Landing, Cersei has learned to enjoy Euron's company. They've had sex several times, she sees Qyburn privately and finds out she's actually pregnant again. She admits she lied to Jaime to make him stay. Cersei will inform Euron when she feels he's earned it. They're interrupted by reports of the dead army up north. She ignores it and tells the people of King's Landing they're safe as she will send reinforcements in time. In actuality Qyburn's been busy with making massive amounts of Wildfire and not only loads Euron's ships but also stores more around King's Landing. A new Princess of Dorne is named. As she knows Tyrion is with Daenerys and that Danny wants Cersei dead. Knowing of her arrival in Winterfell from a recent Raven, they send 15,000 troops to sea to head North immediately to aid them. She writes and will recognize Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen as Queen of the Seven if they can execute Cersei for the murder of Ellia Sand, her daughters, & the previous Prince of Dorne. The Karstarks & their bannermen have arrived in Winterfell and debate to stay in Winterfell or return to Karhold. The women, children and half the men stay. The other half prepare to leave. Meanwhile Howland Reed is paying his respects to Eddard & Lyanna. Jon, Arya, Sansa, Bran, Danny, Gilly, & Sam join Howland. Each tell a story they've heard or experienced with Eddard. As they finish, Bran speaks up. He & Sam reveals R+L=J, Howland verfies this. He explains why he's stayed away and swore secrecy to his Liege Lord. It was the entire reason he came to Winterfell. The Starks & Danny are shocked but Arya hugs and confirms she still loves Jon as if he was ALWAYS her big brother, not her base born brother or half brother or bastard brither but full blooded brother & that this does nothing to their relationship. Sansa's more of a cunt, but she's namely talking out loud and reasons with herself that Jon is still a Stark by blood & can trust him. Jon & Danny are shocked. Dario makes plans with his 300 that they'll forge a letter to send them North. This idea fails as the Queen has decided they'll leave for the North in a fortnight. Dario agrees that 10 will stay behind and murder Cersei if they don't return. Danny confindes, privately, with Jorah. He supports her claim to the Iron Throne any day. He pledges he'll kill Jon if she deems him an enemy or tries taking her throne. She appreciates his loyalty but she has a more important plan but needs Yara & her ships, assuming Theon saved her. Meanwhile Jon won't talk to anyone, only Ghost keeps him company. The Dead have killed everyone in Last Hearth. The Night King uses his Mass Resurrection Spell and the episode closes on Ned Umber returning to life. Episode 4: Yara & Theon return to Winterfell. After talking to Danny & Sansa, they agree to help the Greyjoys take Euron's throne over themselves. Danny suggests Theon, Yara, & Jorah go to Kill Euron Greyjoy & destroy his navy. With supplies & 200 or so men, the three leave as fast as possible With East-Watch-By-The-Bay destroyed, the Maester of Winterfell sends ravens to Shadow Tower & Castle Black to return to Winterfell urgently. Queen Daenerys herself writes an accompanying letter that clears all men of their crimes. She will also legitimize all bastards. In exchange, they must fight the dead at Winterfell and help her get the Iron Throne. The Commanders at both gather their men, easily agree, pack up and head south. Alys Karstark attempts talking to Jon but Ghost is protective. She decides to leave Winterfell. One survivor has of Last Hearth has rode non-stop for weeks almost. The horse dies of exhaustion. The man is initially hysterical but Alys slaps sense into him. Daenerys is wrapped warmly and helps comfort the broken man. He talks about how the men of Last Hearth fought valiantly but ultimately were overrun. Ned ordered him to run and Danny finally comforts & soothes him. Alys & her entourage make haste for Karhold. Arya returns to Gendry and chides him on his work. He verbally jousts with her, she heckles him enough to lure & get boned. Like the show. This time, the Hound & his men make enough noise to make them continue later. Howland sends a raven for men to Greywater Watch to send all 2,800 men north. Meera and Howland talk, tells her to join Bran on the Isle of Faces. he also notices her affection from spending time with him, which embarasses her. He tells her to take Dark Sister, the heirloom Valarian Steel blade for Visenya Targaryen, with her to the Isle as she had the blade when leaving Brynden Rivers/Three Eyed Raven. He'll remain behind in Winterfell. Euron oversees the placements of his ships with Wildfire Catapults as well as preparation of the Golden Company. The scorpions that are ship amounted are tested successfully. Dario sneaks onto Euron's ship with 20 men. They decide to stay hidden as there's too many Lannister men & Golden Company. Episode 5: Winter's getting closer to Karhold as Alys arrives. She arms her men and herself with dragonglass daggers & prepare for war. She sees Ned Umber, as a Wight. Yara, Theon, Jorah & the few remaiming Ironborn, Unsullied & Dothraki have made their way south in a hurry. They decide to attack. The ships do nothing and allow the some 200 men to get on them. But as soon as their boarded, they're ambushed. Theon covers his sister & Jorah with his bow as do other archers. The battle is fierce, some of the losing ships set off their Wildfire which causes an explosion. The vibrations make it easier for Euron to close in & wound Yara then Jorah. One of his men sub due Theon. He orders all but the 3 executed and thrown in the sea. He has plans for them. The Dornishmen lead by the young son of the new princess is granted audience with Danny & Jon. She's not taking the cold lightly as she's wearing layers. They come to an agreement that Daenerys will judge Cersei of Houses Lannister & Baratheon with the new Princess of Dorne, Jon Snow & two elected judges of King's Landing for a fair trail. The Princess's son agrees to help get Karhold women & children south then aid in the defense of the south. Tormund joins him & strikes a fast friendship. A night's watch arrive from Shadow Tower & Castle Black. Adding more putting the forces of Winterfell around 55,000 with two dragons. Jon finally unconfines himself, he calls a meeting ONLY for Bran, Sansa, Arya, Daenerys, Sam, Gilly, Howland, and Meera. In the great Hall, Jon addresses them. He talks about how his whole life, he's been raised as a bastard of Lord Eddard Stark & milk brother of King Robb I. His whole life he was raised to be a lord by Eddard if something would happen to his true born brothers & sisters. He talks about why he joined the nights watch and how Eddard was resistant. Then talks what little he knows about his true father Rhaegar. He finally states that he is by blood a Stark & raised a northman. He takes the side of the Starks, ignoring his Targaryen heritage. It changes little but as he's about to talk to Danny about then, the Maester barges in with a letter for the King of the North & Pretender Queen. It had the seal of house Lannister. Jon reads it alloud, they need to come to King's Landing within a week, bend the knee, otherwise Theon Greyjoy, Yara Greyjoy & Ser Jorah Mormont will be executed as traitors then the Lannister army will march north, conscript every man & boy old enough to old a weapon between The Crownlands, The Vale of Arryn, The Iron Islands, The Westerlands, The Reach, Dorne, The Stormlands & The Riverlands. The Grand Army will destroy all houses loyal to the Pretender Queen & Stark. Winterfell will be torn down, stone from stone. House Stark & Targaryen will be wiped from existence & history. Horrified, Danny runs out and mounts Drogon to fly south, swearing if Jorah is killed, Daenerys will bring Blood & Fire to Cersei. Episode 6: A week later, the North refused to bend the knee. Theon is tied to a Tyroshi strangling device as Yara is placed on a stake. Cersei commands that she's not without mercy. Her new husband Euron of House Greyjoy agrees with her decision. At high noon, Theon Greyjoy will be put into a Tyroshi strangling device and a sharpened dagger put in front of him as his sister will be tied to a stake & set a blaze. The God's will let their decision be known, if they're to be shown mercy, Theon will free himself & sister. Their crimes forgiven and set free. If not, they will die. If they die, Jorah dies. Daenerys is flying fast and hard to King's Landing with Drogon and Rhaegal. Jon & Sansa see Bran off as he goes to south. Meera joins him. Gendry has made Arya's weapon perfectly. She rewards him again, this time Gendry buying into the idea he's won Arya's heart. Jaime & Brienne are training the squires and other young men who've never held a sword. Tyrion watches and vouches for both as Tyrion claims to learn the sword from his big brother and both vouch for Brienne's battle prowess & skill, flattering her. Something she's not used to. Tormund & the Prince are a days ride from Karhold as a group of retreating men run into them. They escaped from cowardice claiming the dead were too much. The keep hadn't fallen, they could be alive. After an argument, The Prince believes that they should return to Winterfell. As cruel and tragic as it is, they need to leave Karhold to it's fate. Some days after leaving, the men from Castle Black & Shadow Tower go to Winterfell. Cersei & Euron have half his fleet & half the Lannister & Ironborn army leave for the north. Alys Karstark rises frim the ground, opening her icy blue eyes as she joins Ned Umber & the the Night King. With smaller towns & villages in between them, the start towards Winterfell. Bronn sneaks into Winterfell and threatens to kill Jaime & Tyrion and makes a deal for Highgarden just like the show. Meanwhile Danny can see a gathering at the red keep. It's an execution. Theon sees Yarab begging for him to save her. He strangles himself to death, each time cutting his finger tips on the steel blade meant to save them. As he dies, Yara screams one last time before burning to death. Euron laughs as Cersei smiles, she nods to The Mountain who steps on and breaks Ser Jorah's knee then decapitates him. Just before he dies, he sees Daenerys & her dragons then cries out "BLOOD AND FIRE, KHALEESI!" Seeing her allies & personal guard deadb Danny suffers temporary insanity. She screams "Dacarys!" Episode 7: Drogon and Rhaegal are given the command. They unleash their mother's fury burning Golden Company, Second Sons, Lannister Army, and civilians without regard. The men start firing arrows & scorpions at the dragons & Danny. Euron protects Cersei, getting her low into the Red Keep. Danny lands and her dragons circle the red keep, breathing fire. After much destruction of The Red Keep, she notices the white ash on the Iron Throne. Slowly, she approaches the Iron Throne. Her hand slowly reaches to touch. Suddenly, she can finally hear the wailing of the people. Daenerys runs to a hole in the wall and sees her dragons killing indiscriminately. Horrified, Danny shrieks and screans realizing she's become JUST like her father. Calling her children once more, she makes haste and leaves. As she leaves, Rhaegal takes a scorpion to his back & wing, injuring him but he manages to fly north. The brothers of the black arrive along with the last soldiers & Lady Mormont of Bear Island, upping their numbers slightly. The trained men help out and arm themselves & the recruits with dragon glass daggers. Sansa, Jon & Arya talk, despite the numbers, they're still worried. Their food is running low, they don't have enough armor for everyone, the mixing of cultures is starting to create problems. Jon asks Sansa what she wants to do as Lady of Winterfell. She looks to Arya, then towards Jon. They have to send all women children south towards Greywater Watch & The Vale of Arryn. She doesn't want to break up families but has to conserve what they got. This drops their numbers down to under 45,000. Cersei & Euron are relieved to have survived. She tells him that the Lion rule the Land while the Kraken rules the sea & their child shall have both. Qyburn acknowledges she's pregnant. Euron questions where her zombie is as he hadn't seen him in weeks. She tells him leading the rest of their men north by land. The Mountain marches his men hard, some of them ragged. They cross through Greywater and are making great time to Winterfell. The Ironborn Fleet has concured White Harbor and marches to meet their allies and invade Winterfell from the south. Meera & Bran avoided being caught by tje southern forces. Bran tells her he's going to warg into the past. This time it'll be to tell Leafa about the Night King. She begs him not to stay too long. He tells her that he's risking EVERYTHING. He doesn't know what today will look like if he's successful. Meera breaks down, confesses she's grown to love him. Bran breaks down with herb admitting she's grown close to him too. Even though she's taken care of him as an invalid, he wanted to give her more. She silences him with a kiss and runs his crotch. He tells her he can't feel it. But never said to stop. Meera disrobes and passionately makes out with him. In Winterfell, they see snow coming. Jon Announces that the night king is near. They've sent off their women & children to ensure they got food, weapons & armor to fight. They hear the dragons return and cheer. Danny lands in the Godswood as Jon gives a rousing speech. The men are inspired and cheer loudly then have one last party. Arya & Gendry go at it one more time but have a serious discussion about their future after as Arya isn't the Lady type. Jaime, Tyrion, Bronn, Tormund, Brienne, Eddison, Poddrick, & Several other minor & major characters with younger squies are drinking. Brienne not being knighted comes up. Jaime knights her like in the show but he knights several others including Eddison and the older squires. Sansa requests a private meeting with Tyrio, they go to the crypt and talk about theur marriage that was forced. Now that she's older, she chooses to keep her words to him and asks if he'll keep his words to her. He agrees and wants to actually know his wife. She does and starts with her father. At night Meera is dressed again, Dark Sister ready. She wishes Bran Godspeed and watches as Bran uses the main Wierwood tree to go back 8000 years. He sees a free man cutting wood and wargs into this red haired man. Rushing to the nearest Godswood, he finds Leafs. He tries telling her about the night king. One of the children knock him out. He awakens to find his hands & legs bounded. He begs the children to listen. Tells him that he's Bran Stark warging into the past to warn them about The Night King & White Walkers. They children ignore him and tell him why they're making him the Night Knight. Realising the danger, Bran tries getting out. But he's gone too deep. He can't awaken. He's gagged and the dragonglass shoved in his chest. His eyes turn blue as the episode ends with the Night King arriving at Winterfell, the horns blow loudly. Episode 8: The troops of King's Landing are within an hour or two march. They see the dead have beat them there. They wait to see what happens as Winterfell hasn't been alerted yet. Jon & Danny are alone in the Godswood. The sees the dragons are on nerve. Rhaegal is hurt and growling in pain. Danny doesn't know to do. The Maester does what he can to codderize wounds and patch what he can. The Maester almost gets eaten. Privately, Jon & Daenerys talk about her losing her mind. She tells him about how she could only watch Jorah & the Greyjoys die. The pain overwhelmed her & she set fire to King's Landing, burning innocent people. Daenerys is i tears about her transgression and asks Jon how can she face her people. Jon look at her and tells her she needs to win tonight. Then win King's Landing. She can then dedicate her life to making the lives of the people in King's Landing better to make it up to them. Melissandre arrives and enchants the swords of the Dothraki as in the show. They stay on their horses and wait. She then enchants the weapons of the Unsullied, Knights & civilians. The fire gives the scared some courage as the moon is blocked out. She walks in and confronts Ser Davos, this confrontation is the same. Before leaving, Danny stops Jon. She wants to know about them. She loves him and us equally shocked that they're aunt & nephew and that his claim to the iron throne is stronger. Jon tells Danny that he doesn't care about the Iron Throne. She can have it. If he has to take it, he'll abdicate just as Duncan Targaryen did. Then she asks about her & him. Where do they stand? Northerners don't marry their immediate family. But Targaryens do. He denounced being a Targaryen but there's more to them. They do have romantic feelings. What do they do. As Jon is to answer, they hear the horns for the dead. The men king into gear, everyone gets to their station. Danny gets on a tired Drogon while Rhaegal painfully gets up and joins. Greyworm, The Hound, Poddrick, Ser Brienne, Ser Jaime Lannister are ar the gates, the former 3 choose to go out and fight. The last two help Jon give orders. Sam tells Jon that the women who cannot fight are waiting at the secret exits of Winterfell, including little Sam & Gilly. He unsheaths Heartsbane, tells Jon he's ready to fight even if he's not good. Jon reminds him, he was the first to kill a white walker. The have protected him coming to the North, they won't abandon him now. Jon readies Longclaw. The catapults launch pitch soaked bails of hay wood into the distance. The dead don't move and dozens are killed. The dead make their charge, more pitch is slung giving the living more light. Traps are set off but barely slow them down. The dead are within 20 meters of the living when Jon orders the Dothraki to charge, they shrill loudly and charge. Lead by Ser Clegane, the Dothraki do as they do best, they tear into the front lines of the dead. They scream and hollar loudly killing anything in front. Daenerys can see her men stopped to fight, swoops down and orders "Dracarys!" The dragons burn through hundreds of dead, making straffing runs, quick & dirty. however the fire scares Sandor, he locks up then retreats. The dead push through the flames and begin overwhelming the Dothraki. 20,000 are waiting at Winterfell still while 10,000 are killed in the charge & 10,000 retreat. The dead charge again, once they hot a point, the Northmen, few Greyjoy loyal Ironborn, Knights of the Vale & others shoot flaming arrows. They kill a few hundred but its a scratch. Sandor gets inside Winterfell, clearly shellshocked. Greyworm takes command of the Dothraki & Unsullied, they hold the line as the dead hit them again. The fighting is even fiercer. Several White Walkers over look the fight, the Night King is still absent. Jon orders oil dumped over the towers into the trenches. Once dumped but it takes time, he orders the Dothraki & Unsullied & Greyworm to hold the line but the dead outnumber them almost 5 to 1. The dead slaughter almost half the men outside, but room is available inside Winterfell. Greyworm calls for the retreat of the remaining Dothraki and what Unsullied he can. Danny flies low and sets the trenches a flame hoever the storm arrives. Snow is now blinding, the Night King had arrived. Viserion screams loudly encouraging the dead to scream too. He breaths blue fire on those remaining outside Winterfell, the Night King & Jon lock eyes. Sansa has a decision to make. She asks for Tyrion advice. Does she leave with the women & children or stay. Tyrion tells her about being on the front line with the Hill Clans & Blackwater. He knows he should be dead but everything happens in threes. He'll remain behind. Sansa has survived Joffery and Ramsay. She can survive this. Sansa leads the women & children out through the secret exits in the crypt. She tells Tyrion she'll return and be with him until the end. He heads outside with a dragonglass dagger. Daenerys & her dragons go through the storm, trying to fight the Night King. However, he finds then and Viserion crashes into Drogon, the Night King tears a loch of hair from Danny to assert that he's toying with her and can kill her at any time. Viserion & Drogon breath into one another's face. Drogon is hurt but Viserion is fine. Rhaegal attacks from behind, the three plummets from the sky and crash, hard. Jon sees this but has no way to reach her. Davos shouts and points out the dead crossing on top one another. Ther stack against the walls, climbing on top one another to go up. Jon commands everyone to attack all that are dead. The dead are climbing all points on the walls of Winterfell, Sam gets overwhelmed but Ser Eddison saves him. They team up to fight back, Sam overcomes his timidness although he's still not much of a fighter like his father hoped for. However Howland Reed is over come and killed. The Night's Watch, Dothraki, & Unsullied show no fear with the steel blades & dragon glass daggers. But the numbers are too great, several white walkers make their way in as the dead giants break the gate. Lady Mormont dies the same way here. Tyrion tries fighting but isn't too effective, Jaime saves him from a white walker and kills it. The two back up Brienne who is nearly overwhelmed. The dead rush overrun Rhaegal & Drogon as the Night King rushes to Daenerys & Drogon. Episode 9: Danny recovers from the fall, Rhaegal fights off the thousands of wights but a hundred get on him. He flees to save himself while Drogon is in utter pain but gets up to save Danny. The Night King attacks again, this time its the ice spear that cuts Danny & Drogon, he loses air and crashes into Witerfell's Godswood. Arya is over whelmed inside, rushing outside. The traumatized Sandor Clegane finds his spine like the show. Davos notices the Golden Company & Lannisters charge the dead. They're pushed back, the Second Sons break from the Golden Company and storm Winterfell. Jon runs out to aid the Dario & his allies. They're able to meet and retreat and get back to Wintefell. The dead are inside, Lords Glover & Cerwyn are dead. Eddison is wounded but Jon's team saves him & Sam, they make for the Godswood. Danny is injured badly, Drogon is dying. Rhaegal returns, injured but flying. He sees his brother dying and instinctully burns him so the Night King can't raise him. Arya, Sandor meet The Mountain. It's Clegane Bowl time. It's a blood bath. Everyone is using anything to hurt the Mountain but he's impervious. They don't know how he got but it makes no difference. Arya even with her training is no match for The Mountain nor is The Hound. Gendry tries helping but breaks his arm. A white walker attacks them and it becomes a threeway hate boner. Arya manages to kill the White Walker & goes for Gregor but gets a stab to her right him. Sandor impales Needle through his eye but he keeps going. Mountain almost crushes his brothers head but Arya knocks him down and over a wall, he tries climbing up but Sandor kicks him into Viserion's fire. Wounded, they go to the Godswood. Jon, Davos, Brienne, Edd, Sansa, Jaime, Tyrion, Arya, Sam, Sandor, Melissandre, Varys, Poddrick, Tormund are there. Drogon is charred while Danny & Rhaegal are hurt. They NEED to leave Winterfell immediately but not everyone can go. The injured Danny and Arya go, Sandor stays and tells Arya look at him. Look at a life lived for revenge led him. A burned, crippled, lonely mess and says not to become him, she thanks him like the show. Brienne, Jon, Edd, Gendry, Jaime, Tyrion, Sansa and Sam are all Rhaegal can do. Melissandre sees the night king, walks to him and tells him The Prince That Was Promised IS here. He slashes her in half. Several free folk brothers, and Northmen hold them back but they lose BAD. After quick goodbyes & good lucks, Poddrick & many others fight their way & escaping.The others get on Rhaegal as he flies away, two spears nearly kill him. They watch as the fire of Winterfell die. The Night King shows up in the Crypt and several Kings & Lords rise from their graves including Eddard & Robb. It's daybreak. Rhaegal is hurt & exhausted he slowly crash lands near a lake. He drinks then passes out. Danny screams as Sam opens her clothes to show she's 8 months pregnant. She's gone into early labor. Sam & Sansa help her deliver. First is a girl she names Lyanna, after the woman her brother died fighting for then a son. She names him Jorah for the who died living for her. The birthing process is too much for her as she dies in Jon's arms. Jon openly weaps for her as his children, eyes of brown, crown of silver, cry out. Episode 10: Edd found a woman pair of women loyal to House Stark that birthed recently. He takes Brienne & Arya to recover. Sansa will join him after discussing with Jon what to do. Jaime & Tyrion agree that King's Landing is almost defenseless. They'll return there to kill Euron and Cersei. The two get a horse and ride off as Drogon got them within a week's ride to KL. Sansa, Jon, Sam & Davos discuss what to do. Sam mentions the Isle of Faces they decide they need Bran. Once Rhaegal has rested and healed enough, they'd head out. They then cremate Danny. In King's Landing, Cersei has gone full mad queen and wildfires failures. Everyone who displeases her burns. Part of the Red Keep is being rebuilt before anything is done to King's Landing. It's been a week, Jaime & Tyrion use the sea to sneak in. Jaime kills a guard and takes his armor. He finds his way through rioters, as Tyrion goes through a trickier passage to get into the red keep. Jaime finds his way to her private chambers. She's crying as her dress is soaked in blood, she's lost her child. Delirious, she tries seducing Jaime who almost gives in. But he resists her abd says it's over. She's tried killing him & Tyrion too many times. She wails and says she's wrong, she's lost everything except Jaime. Cersei pulls a dagger and tries killing him while in tears. The golden hand blocks the blade, disarms her, wraps the hand around her throat while covering her mouth and finally, the Valonkar prophecy is fullfilled. Jaime cuddles her heads and cries. Euron enters, sees what happened and viciously attacks Jaime. He barely puts up fight, Euron goes to impale Jaime but an arrow goes through his eye. Euron falls over bleeding on Jaime. He looks up to see Tyrion with the same crossbow he used to kill Tywin. They look at Cersei, hug and finally, as brothers, mourn together. It's been almost a week, Rhaegal has recovered enough. Jon, Sam, Sansa, Gendry & Davos say farewell to Brienne, Arya, Bronn (who survived Winterfell with Davos, others are unconfirmed), and Edd who are to protect the newborns. They fly to the Isle of Faces, it takes all day. When they land, they see Meera bound, unable to move. The Night King has been waiting. He's long beaten them there. Viserion roars, Jon and the others get off Rhaegal as the Dragons go and dance. THIS IS IT! The Night King speaks in cracking ice, the language of the White Walkers. He points to Jon. Sam steps up fight with Jon, bearing Heartsbane. Jon unsheaths Longclaw, Davos is ready to defend Sansa with his life. The two Nights Watchmen charge the Night's King. He easily handles them one at a time. They try teaming but his massive icy scimitar is too much. The Valarian Steel Blades hum against the ice. Sam is getting beat worse than Jon as he's not a good fighter. Meera shouts for Sam to free her. He tries but the Night King rushes him. As Sam is about to lose his head, Rhaegal & Viserion fall through and scatter all. Meeta reclaims Dark Sister and tries to fight Night King. Something in him is Bran, he won't kill Meera but he breaks her wrist so she can't fight. He then stabs Sam in the leg. As he goes for the kill, Jon returns stabbing him with Arya's dagger. The dagger has saved her life many times. However, the Night King rips it out. He's immune to dragon fire & Valarian steel. All hope is lost, Hon doesn't know what to do. But then he spots Bran. His eyes & The Night King's are the same blue. It hits Jon, they're connected. The night king ensured Bran became him. He never wanted to kill him. With a heavy heart, Jon knew what to do. Meera weakly fights with one hand but gets back handed as Jon runs to Bran. The Night king runs too but San impaled a leg with Heartsbane, dropping him. Jon kisses Bran on his hea, screams for forgiveness and drives Longclaw through Bran's heart. The night king makes the sound of 1000 lakes cracking, turns light blue as light escapes him. Light shoots out of Bran and Jon pulls out a flaming sword. Longclaw has become Lightbringer! Everywhere the dead shatter or fall over. Even the white walkers erupt in light and die. Jon drives Lightbringer through the Night King. Cut to 6 months later. Last Hearth, Karhold, Winterfell & King's Landing are wrecked but they are being rebuilt. The new Grand Maester ordanes the clean and welll groomed King Jon Stark of House Targaryen. Rhaegal is full healed, waiting at the Iron Throne with Ghost. Jon smiles at the friends, family and smallfolk. He decrees the Mad Queen and King are over, the Dead are Gone. The Wall is ruined and will remain that way. The Night's Watch is over. All criminals who fought are pardoned. The bastards need only ask, and will be legitimized. It'll take years but the ruined parts of King's Landing & The North will be rebuilt. He decrees the following... Sansa Stark as eldest True born stark is now Lady of Winterfell. Tyrion Lannister is now Lord of Casterly Rock. He plans to make more money in vineyards than mining. Bronn is asked his family name. He reluctantly admits he's a Blackfyre bastard. Jon decrees him Bronn I of Blackfyre, Lord of High Garden. Jon releases Jaime from the Kingsguard but gives him Last Hearth as he doesn't trust him elsewhere, Jaime accepts. Jon awards Ser Davos Seaworth with Karhold. He accepts but asks if he'll legitimize his first Grandchild as Jom Seaworth. Jon agres. Brienne congrats Jaime, he smiles, holds her hand and kisses her. He admits he's never kissed a night or been with anyone who isn't his sister. Brienne admits she's never been with anyone. They agree to go to Last Hearth, together. Jon legitimizes Gendry Waters as Gendry Baratheon and awards him the Stormlands. Arya is there, in a dresd, she hugs him abd holds his hand. Jon then awards Eddison Tollet Bear Island for services. Poddrick, Sam, Tormund, The Dornish Prince, survived but 99% of the Night's Watch, all of the Dothraki & Unsullied died. Greyworm & Missandi were found dead, together. Jon gives a speech about the men on all sides who fought the dead. That they cannot be replaced but can be honored. They fought humanity and not seven kingdoms. From this day on, all the Kingdom's will be independent. Each Lord can call themselves King or Queen. Everyone is shocked. Privately, Jon wishes them all well. Sam agrees to return home and allow his sister to run House Tarly until his trueborn son is old enough. She agrees to steo down later. He plans to become a Maester still. They hug and Sam leaves. Sansa is shocked but Jon reminds her she's earned her rule. He Asks if she'd name her first son Stark to ensure a Stark is always in Winterfell, which she agrees. Tyriom thanks Jon for everything and regrets the pain his family caused. He's forgiven and leaves with Sansa, who smile & hold hands publically. Jaime also leaves but says nothing. Brienne joins him. Tormund tells Jon they're going home, North of the Wall. Jon promises to find him, Tormund makes an eating crow joke. Jon calls him King Beyond the Wall, jokingly. Tormund however likes that. Jon looks for Arya but onlt finds her dress. Gendry is also missing. Both are on an explorer's ship and are going west of Westeros. She tells him she'll be a bad lady. Gendry says he'll be a bad lord. They laugh and look to the horizon. All alone, Jon realizes what she's doing, laughs and looks at the throne. He says "Dracarys" and Rhaegal melts the throne. He then looks at ghost, hugs him and gets his children ready. Then decides that one day, he'll abdicate for his daughter. But until then, he's King Jon Stark, formerly, Jon Snow, birth name Aegon VI Targaryen, the former 998th Lord Commander, former King in the North. But he realises now: He is and always has been, the prince that was promised. If you want to see a Danny lives version, I'll link to a video of how I'd rip it off
  16. I know all about toxic families. Ny parents never were abusive, physically or emotionally but my sisters on the other have always been emotionally abusive towards me. I don't talk to them. In all honesty, once my mom dies, I'm on my own as i disown them and stop claiming to have sisters. @Slasher_Clone I've gotten four episodes done. I'm still working, faster than GRRM i might add.
  17. Would be nice. But Gun isn't EA. During Mass Effect 3 launch week, people hacked the game and found Javik who was a Prothean DLC teammate meant ONLY for people who preordered, like me. Said people spread the news & complained until demands were met in 24 hours. At least my N7 weapons were still preorder only. Because F13 =/= ME3, we aren't getting Savini. If i can't get people to help me get him for a $50 psn/steam/gift card, i doubt we'll get him as a $6.99 DLC.
  18. I've killed 2 Savini Jason's, made one's but clench. His. HP wasn't low enough for him to get on his knees. Still offering a $50 psn gift card for anyone with Savini Jason willing to help me get mine.
  19. A friend & i were trolling one night. I grabbed a gun, said Jason was AFK. I grabbed the sweater & when all 6 were beating up Jason, i aimed the gun at the front door to lock them in. My friend had fun slaughtering all. Thanks to TheXBoxCriminal & Bhitts Musketeer for inspiring me. I don't do that prank any longer.
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