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  1. A tactic i forget about but did a year ago. Morph away, get all 4 powers, use sense until you see them, shift in and grab someone then mash morph if hit or pk'd. It pissed them off but I lived as Jason.
  2. I run 1st Aid, PK & Keys/1st Aid as I usually run into traps to save others, draw Jason & free the shack/phone/car. I run: My Dad is a Cop/Lead Foot, Sucker Punch & Thrasher. I feel Medic is garbage.
  3. Common: Head punch, 1H Choke & slashed to death. Rare: Graveyard fench, Toilet (i do it frequently), and Barn kills
  4. 1.) make me write. 2.) To answer your post. 3 ) to piss you off because clearly you have a problem with me and/or my writing. 4.) Because I can.
  5. Portals 3, Half-Life 2 Episode part 3, Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3. Need I go on? Valve gives ZERO fucks.
  6. Don't split hairs. While Gun isn't the fastest, they still care unlike Valve.
  7. Very much, fight fire with fire. I would tell whoever grabbed it to drive slowly and I'd escort them out.
  8. I love how people verbally attack me as Part 7 when I slash. The barrage of "Fag", "Pussy", "Cheating Bitch", among others because I have +Weapon Damage. It's funny to read murdered non stop on the status screen.
  9. World of Warcraft has no glitchers. They account banned. I'm on ps4, Jiggledaddy86 is my psn. I play, i don't play to glitch/exploit. I know ways to get on the Packnack roof. I know how to tell people trying to pocket knife glitch.
  10. I would contact people alive, make a deal if they steal the car, you'll let them escape
  11. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters is a BLATANT rip off of Ryu/Ken from Street Fighter. The reason FF/KOF continued is the courts decides that Terry's physical looks was much different and his Burning Wave is a orange wolf faced haduken and the Rising Kick of Terry is jusr that, the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku moves across screen. Courts decided in favor of KOF/FF so Gun is safe
  12. I'd increase all Jason's hp by 50% but for low hp/defense Jason's, they'd take more damage
  13. I would have also accepted "He's from Winnipeg, you idiot!"
  14. Glitching like doing warps with the machete abd suddenly are 10 yards away as well as killing through walls yet i can't.
  15. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Doom & Halo are virtually the same exact game. They're first person shooters with few ascetic differences. Summer Camp as a reskin of Friday the 13th wouldn't have legal repercussions. They already own the rights to their game. They can't do anymore Friday the 13th content so they just can't use tge trademarked characters being Tommy, Fox, Shelly, Pamela & Jason. They can copy & paste everything else and there'd be no legal problems from Sean or Miller.
  16. Why has no one pointed out Jericho's fro Winnipeg?
  17. @Slasher_Clone Thank you, I just added that to my bookmarks. I can now continue my in game mini-modding easier.
  18. Honestly my only qualms with Part 4 & 7 are this... Part 4 strengths + Weapon Damage + Weapon Destruction + Can Run (Including able to catch up to & outpace councilors) Part 4 Weaknesses - Water Speed - Traps - Less Hit Points Part 7 Strengths + Weapon Damage + Water Speed + Sense Part 7 Weaknesses - Can't Run - Traps - Grip Strength (There's NO REASON -Stun Resistance should be a weakness, Jason only got stunned by Telepathy which had NO defense for so that shouldn't count as we have no Telepaths)
  19. @Fair Play: Part 7 Jason jumps through a window in the movie. That window wasn't bigger than the ones in the game. So Jason should do it but he can't be in Stalk and both the Shift & Morph should be used until they naturally recharge. Grabbing through windows would be fun. Moving furniture would require A LOT of memory on the consoles, it would be too much for an ascetic. To make Jason harder to kill: GIVE HIM MORE HIT POINTS. Double them, trip if needed. Debris from broken windows should cause minor damage. @F134Ever86 sounds like a Hardcore game mode. That would be a ton of fun.
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