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  1. A tactic i forget about but did a year ago. Morph away, get all 4 powers, use sense until you see them, shift in and grab someone then mash morph if hit or pk'd. It pissed them off but I lived as Jason.
  2. I run 1st Aid, PK & Keys/1st Aid as I usually run into traps to save others, draw Jason & free the shack/phone/car. I run: My Dad is a Cop/Lead Foot, Sucker Punch & Thrasher. I feel Medic is garbage.
  3. Common: Head punch, 1H Choke & slashed to death. Rare: Graveyard fench, Toilet (i do it frequently), and Barn kills
  4. 1.) make me write. 2.) To answer your post. 3 ) to piss you off because clearly you have a problem with me and/or my writing. 4.) Because I can.
  5. Portals 3, Half-Life 2 Episode part 3, Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3. Need I go on? Valve gives ZERO fucks.
  6. Don't split hairs. While Gun isn't the fastest, they still care unlike Valve.
  7. Very much, fight fire with fire. I would tell whoever grabbed it to drive slowly and I'd escort them out.
  8. I love how people verbally attack me as Part 7 when I slash. The barrage of "Fag", "Pussy", "Cheating Bitch", among others because I have +Weapon Damage. It's funny to read murdered non stop on the status screen.
  9. World of Warcraft has no glitchers. They account banned. I'm on ps4, Jiggledaddy86 is my psn. I play, i don't play to glitch/exploit. I know ways to get on the Packnack roof. I know how to tell people trying to pocket knife glitch.
  10. I would contact people alive, make a deal if they steal the car, you'll let them escape
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