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  1. sedaiv

    What kind of beer do you drink?

    Red Strip or Yeungling, not sure.
  2. Anyone else have a problem where randomly in matches they're unable to do anything except move? I get this a lot when i set traps or Jason morphs to me. Sometimes i get stuck in place after filling gas
  3. sedaiv

    My slow spiral into alcoholism

    Check Google to find an Alcoholics Annonymous Group near you. I saw a therapist for my depression, so that can help, I also see him for my anger management problems. I know what it's like to KNOW your family has alcoholics, my mother, her father, both her grandfathers and all throughout my mother's genetics share alcoholism/alcoholic gene. My bother my sisters are alcoholics. I love to drink, I don't deny that. The only reason I don't think I'm an alcoholic is that of a strong will to stop when my body tells me. Yeah, it's fun to drink, I won't deny that. But because of your medications, I STRONGLY suggest if you have health insurance, talk to a therapist. Otherwise look in google for local AA meetings. Usually, churches have them too.
  4. sedaiv

    Friday the 13th Part X: The Homecoming Game

    https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12967804/1/Friday-the-13th-Part-X-The-Homecoming-Game there's a link if you wish to read it at fanfiction.net and add a review, I've enabled guest reviews.
  5. Bumpdate: Fixed a few errors I saw and included a link if you wish to leave a guest review.
  6. sedaiv

    Who's your favorite band?

    @Freddie Mercury at what age? I hsd different bands at different ages.
  7. I keep getting games that end suddenly despite 8+ minutes left. Anyone else experiencing this
  8. sedaiv

    Friday the 13th Part X: The Homecoming Game

    @Yoshman2523 I posted the first chapter. I have Christine Higgins accounted for, as well as Paul Holt. Ginny Field will return at some point. Thank you for Your input:) i i posted the first chapter here and on my fanfiction account
  9. Personally, I think it should be a GAME MODE. 8 Counselors, one each round goes inside and hears Jason's voice saying "Get even with them, kill them." If she's to be a killer and not a game mode: I believe their pros & cons should be... Strengths: +Traps +Weapon Strength +Can Run Weaknesses: -Shift -Morph -Swim Speed She's not a supernatural killer like Jason. But keeping with game mechanics, I feel this would balance her out. She has disadvantages with traveling, however, she has extra power up close and with traps, she can slow them down from escaping easier. Her kill methods should be the last counselor alive, with a machete on a beach can do a struggle minigame, favoring Pamela, decapitates her. POSSIBLY a Jason's baseball hat stun?
  10. sedaiv

    Religious Study Group

    I was born Roman Catholic. From 2001-2007 I was interested in Islam but felt more comfortable with Christianity. During 2008, I went to a few of my father's Greek Orthodox services, as I felt guilty when I left Catholic Church I decided to identify as Greek Orthodox. Since then, I haven't officially converted but I choose to identify as Greek Orthodox as I don't like leaving service feeling worse than when I went in.
  11. sedaiv

    It's always difficult to admit that you need help.

    I'm out of work myself, HOWEVER I do get a monthly Army Disability, that's coming in on the 29th. Can I still donate then?
  12. I don't know what's manlier: Freddie's Chest Hair or the music video to Fat Bottom Girls.
  13. I think i might have killed this guy yesterday as i play to kill Jason every game. Jason's as strong as he needs to be, like Superman. You're likely not playing him right. I've been playing over a year and never been legitimately killed.
  14. Pay homage to classics, namely my characters "balls" (i play Fox) in Jason's head or a councilors who's a douche.
  15. Why would I waste time inviting Jason to chat? I sit in my parties alone or with friends playing .HACK// or Battlefield 4 while i play Friday. So you're wrong again. You're also wrong about dancing, I'm a bigger asshole as i tea bag.