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  1. What tournaments? I've been looking for these forever.
  2. The ability ti create a lobby with host privilege of kicking people out in between games would help more. They can still use dedicated servers but i like have the option of, just like Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 have/had.
  3. That maybe true. But rather get the last word by saying something messed up to them and back out the game, then wait 20 minuted while they dance/tea bag in an area the car or Jason cannot reach.
  4. Seriously, the number of exploiters are RUINING the game. At least during host games, the host could quit the game & the cheaters/exploiters get NOTHING. THEY LOSE.
  5. They got me too. My dumb ass roommate wanted to talk to me about serious matters then start a fight. So i couldn't play at my best. They got me too. Shit happens, anyobe else still playing like me?
  6. I disagree, I identified with Chloe and felt sympathetic towards her. P.S.: Shout outs to The Netherlands for reading my story. Don't know who that is, but shout outs to you good sir/ma'am.
  7. Sometimes the Jason is just focused. By focusing on one person, you exhaust their stamina, supplies and likely health. Personally, my kill order is as follows... 1.) Tommy Jarvis 2.) Female Counselors (Highest priority is the one with my sweater if they got it) 3.) 5+ Repair counselors 4.) Everyone else
  8. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12967804/3/Friday-the-13th-Part-X-The-Homecoming-Game New Chapter is posted. I have an outline of what I want to do. Now to write my way there.
  9. Gas drops are one of two places, crackling can be a blessing if Jason is taking out fuse boxes. But I agree, a phone drop can mean GG. And i don't mean Good Game, i mean Good Golly. Keys are STILLA crucial to escaping @TimDuke 01. Before you say anything, yes, good and even great Jason's have had 1/2 people escape due to lucky counselor drops/finds or good old fashioned bad day. I've had games where I'd miss my Morph or find someone unaware but the counsellors get tje fuse before ai can trap and make the call. But i handle pressure very well abd can go 7/7 or 8/8 in under 7 minutes with police arriving.
  10. With 4 & 3 people that have bad repair, it's not hard. Yeah they have speed, part 4 & 7 have damage. It'll be hard just not impossible. I play part 7, with similar make ups as you said and still prevented escaping. It's NOT EASY but doable. @HuDawg your shift trick. Killed a guy who attempted that as the sweater takes priority.
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