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  1. Who cares? It's the end. Why not be a little generous, bow out nicely, makes some money charging 5 or 7 or 10 dollars or give it to tje people who played since June 2017
  2. Since we're at the last patch & a number of us are EXTREMELY loyal, i still play with @HaHaTrumpWon who uploads videos too, can those who've been loyal & still play get Savini Jason for services rendered?
  3. Url me realgateguardian@gmail.com is my email Edit: I joined, see you there.
  4. Bump I'll update with a few new Jason's i listed in a day or two
  5. There will never be a leaderboard. It would have been a fun idea but it'll never happen.
  6. I like the challenge of taking damage. Plus there's WAY MORE than enough health per stage. I know the health spawns. Plus thick skin ruins my suiciding. Watch my 3 suicide vids.
  7. I survive via escaping. I hate people who make us wait 20 minutes.
  8. I think they're trash. Useful bit trash. I kill Jason consistently without them. Most Jason's grab so medic & thickness do nothing. I'll take Thrasher & Sucker Punch ANY day.
  9. Because of the lawsuit, they can't add content. Increasing the power of his knives & traps get around the lawsuit as it balances. Knives csn kill im 3 hots for parts 3, 4, 7 & Savini. Reduce knives on maps from 18+ to 8-10 including the two in shack. Make part 3 go from sense weakness to trap weakness. Bam, rebalanced without adding content through a new counter.
  10. If you were trulu sorry, you'd gibe that post about fish a thumbs up or haha
  11. Thickness perk is frequently used. Pocket knives still work. People ask ti make Jason scaryb fighting him would be way harder if he kills you as part 3, 4, 7 & Savini faster.
  12. I have legendaries of both. I don't run then as they're trash & do fine without them. I just felt like sucking a bag of ass that night.
  13. That was me playing. I don't always kill myself. But when i do, i smell like fish.
  14. -Morph sucks yes. I don't play part 5 or 6. Rather do part 2 or 4. If I'm not using part 7 of course. They're weapons of his and should do more damage. Traps should 1 hit kill since parts 4 & 7 have -traps. Change 3's sense weakness to -traps to keep him balanced. Yes, Savini gets a buff. I think those who have deserve that perk. I don't have him. Two knives should kill. Jason consistently 1 shots thrown weapons in the movies. Give +weapon damage Jason's the 2 or 3 knife kills. Not 4 or 5. It would make weapon damage ones with more appealing.
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