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  1. Fox: Sucker Punch, Friendship & Thrasher It doesn't matter how good my opposing Jason is, I'm making him EARN the kill. I'm also set up that I can easily demask & kill Jason. If people follow me, they usually do, i will do 5% extra damage per person, THAT adds up. Plus i can stun easier with a mask when I'm going for the kill.
  2. For a reboot it was good. Better than Nightmare's reboot or MacGyver's. For a Friday, better than parts 8-FVJ but still forgettable when it doesn't involve Killer Frost or Jason hunting.
  3. @Redrum138 Hmmm, good point. He did pierce through the dock to get Willa Ford, probably because she just wanted to be bad. When did he miss finding Jenna & Clay? Kinda been a while since i saw the forgettable remake.
  4. Just something i thought about at work. If more Jasons were added, which ones would you guys like to see? There's still movies that could have been added. Those are... Jason X 2009 Reboot Never Hike Alone Family Guy (Appeared several times) This my list, reasoning for each Jason's pros and cons. I know Uber Jason got leaked but i feel his strengths and weaknesses are wrong. Jason X Weapon: Machete 2 Strengths Grip Strength (Grabs lots of peeps for a while) Weapon Destruction (the carnage at the crystal lake research facility) Stalk (Did get around the ship quietly) Weaknesses Lower HP (got killed pdq) Traps (no where to put traps in the Grendel) Can't Run (he's still a revenant) Uber Jason Weapon: Machete X Strengths Higher HP (he's a machine) Stun Resistance (same as above) Weapon Destruction (look at all he did as Uber) Weaknesses Can't Run (a mecha revenant) Stalk (mecha revenants must be loud) Water Speed (machines are heavy) Ghost Jason Weapon: Carpenter's Ax Strengths Weapon Damage (screwed up people quickly) Traps (he was prepared) Shift (he moved around fast) Weaknesses Stun Resistance (he was beaten quickly) Water Speed (Balance reasons) Can't Run (Revenant) Reboot Jason Weapon: Mother's Machete Strengths Can Run (Alive) Traps (we actually see him use these multiple times) Weapon Damage (Just killed a lot very quickly) Weaknesses Shift (used lots of shortcuts) Sense (failed to dind Clay & Jenna under a boat) Lower HP (loses his first mask & is defeated quickly) What do you guys think?
  5. sedaiv

    Jason is weak

    I whole heartedly agree. Jason's not am unstoppable monster. Since 2 patches ago, I've been consistently killing him with one friends. One day i killed TWELVE Jason's back to back. Jason needs buffed BADLY.
  6. I've been using it some time around a year. At some, it doesn't work. If anything, it's reducing the chance of stunning Jason. Since the last patch, wrenches, bats & axes have been failing, consistently, to stun Jason unless it's Chad using them. Anyone elsw having problems? I mean I'm using a +22% Sucker Punch perk for Christ sakes. I iust heavy attacked a Jason who broke through a door to do nothing to him.
  7. I think Jason should be unstunable in rage mode. Or at least unstunable when ising rage. Or at the very least, nerf chad's stunning.
  8. Anyone else notice it takes too long to find a game now? I didn't think they could fuck up dedicated servers but Gun Media and IllFonix manage to surpass expectations.
  9. Wrong movie, you're thinking of "The Final Friday: Jason Goes To Hell"
  10. Sounds like OP was killed thinking he'd have a clean sweep. Sorry bro but it don't work like that. It still requires two non-idiots to kill Jason by themselves, I've done it with my usual friend killing good and bad Jason's as long as one of us becomes Tommy and the other gets the sweater.
  11. I wonder how mad this guy would have been when 3 or 4 counselors could have 3 pocket knives and all of them are armed with axes and machetes? Yes, the stun mechanic needs work, I think a diminishing effect should be introduced.
  12. Kudos on having a stiff upper lip boy/girl. I've only been killed during the time when you hit Jason with a flare/wrench/bat during a group he'd get knocked out of map. People have tried to set me up for a kill, they've successfully stunned me with the sweat, but they've failed to kill me. I don't count letting people intentionally kill me with the mask on as a real kill as I told them how to do it. But kudos on being a good sport. +1 respect earned!
  13. 15-20 seconds would be too long, 5-10 would be more balanced. Or as I previously mentioned, diminishing effects: Every time he gets stunned, if he's hit again in a short amount of time, the less chance you have to stun him until time passes. It works in World of Warcraft wit the Rogue class. Quick bit about that: Around the release of the game to AROUND Burning Crusade, the first expansion, Stun Lock Rogues were a thing in which they'd consistently keep you in a stunned state while damaging you until they got big combo points and hit a finisher followed up by a new stun. The way it worked then, you could infinitely lock people out of moving and in turn,prevent yourself from being hit 90% of the time. They implemented a system where each time you used a stunned, the next one had less chance of working so you could no longer keep people stunned infinitely. A system like that for Jason would be good, especially with someone like Chad with a wrench or bat as he's virtually guaranteed to stun Jason 100% of the time. It's gotten to a point I just slash when I see Chad and Victoria.