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  1. Very much. I've decides that I'll always take the sweater to prevent newbs from dying.
  2. First time I was Jason, was my very first match. I was clue less. I didn't die but I went 0/8.
  3. I agree 100% on this idea. It'll give newbies mote time to play as & understand how Jason works with live players
  4. It's fun teaming against teamers. Killing their Jason's & one of you grabbing the sweater to protect
  5. But the worst ive witnessed was Jason doing everything else around a girl, she refused to help me as she stole a spray and my axe. Luckily i came back as Tommy, ran the girl over and wasted Jason's for 13 minutes. Another time, in band camp, my girl Heather was getting ratted out. I dropped my 2 knives for her and sacrificed myself as Fox. Returned as Tommy, was able to keep Jason off her and on me. She grabbed a bat after I gunned him down twice then we killed Jason. Him & his two friends rage quit.
  6. I once locked 4 people in Jason's shack having stolen the sweater and pointed a gun
  7. I need new speakers. But i too am working on a game.
  8. Jason is just clown. A very scary clown. So raoe IS funny.
  9. Again: I never said it was even passable writing. As for not liking my plot, What do you not like? If its Danny dieing...
  10. We'll play sometime, i play Vanessa with +20% Tinker or Fox. We'll rape Jason.
  11. The show rushed the mad queen. Foreshadowing isn't character development. The ONLY thing I liked from the ending is Drogon destroying the Iron Throne.
  12. I feel it would be accepted more by fans but still get vitriol because I killed Danny. The show made ZERO sense for her becoming the mad queen. At least, i show why, then show her recover and pledge to do better. Have her become a servant of the people by making up for the sins of her father & herself. The books give more evidence to Mad Queen Daenerys than the show. The babies popped in my head, the dragon needs three heads right? Rhaegol was one, her twins are two & three. I went with the Bran King route because it certainly gives credible backstory and why the King is so focused on Jon. Although not a script writer, if i scripted the speech of Jon giving the kingdoms to their great lords, it would draw why jon did it. But yes, i was a little vague & i own up to that. I assume by "Magna Carta" you mean jon sign away more his kingly powers?
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