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  1. So I've seen people help Jason in the past but as of late (shortly after the update) it seems to have gotten a lot worse. People calling out locations. Letting Jason know that things are happening when people aren't messing up. And I honestly don't know how to deal with it anymore. I assume these people are attempting to send people to the salt mines? When in reality it's ruining a game that I love. Clearly there's probably not a way to fix this but it is increasingly getting out of hand. Idk how much longer I can keep spending hours looking for a lobby when everyone wants to cheat and help there friends as Jason get kills faster.
  2. Started playing this game 2 months ago already 150 max level. Needless to say I have the Friday bug lol and I don't want it to go away. Very sad I didn't get Savini. Didn't no anything about the kickstarter. But it's cool. I still enjoy the game. Can't wait for Jason X. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  3. To lighten up the mood as we all wait this epic DLC. What is the funniest experience as a counseler/Jason you've had? Mine personally was when I was Jason and a player locked himself in the bathroom saying "I know you're out there Jason...," - (sad voice) "I'm fucked" it was freaking hilarious because up until that point we was engaging in friendly banter and it was funny when it all happened after I gave him a swirly ?
  4. This is why the salt mines will be amazing
  5. You're right it's 100% an opinion. Not all people act like this nor will. But I've seen a good # of people with Savini dogging lower levels or people that don't even have Savini
  6. I've always been a fan of the series. Was sad when I couldn't get Savini. But it definately didn't cause me to get butt hurt
  7. Yeah I have PS4 as well. No pc so I can understand where you're coming from there.
  8. I'd be okay with it. I'm already level 150. So if it is that level it'd be fine. I know some of my friends need to get higher levels and I've been trying to help them as much as I can
  9. Right exactly and I don't want Jason X to be or resemble Savini at all
  10. I could see this as well. But would they need to give him that added grip strength because he's a cyborg? Or not because he's gonna end up op. I do think he will get destruction and potientially weapon strength. But personally I'd like to see the +Morph&+Shift Combo
  11. I believe this Jason will probably be the most fierce Jason we've seen. Considering how badass it was in the movie. I'm almost sure it'll be just as awesome within The game
  12. To be completely honest I'm just giving my thoughts on it. I'm sure what ever they do with it. It'll be amazing. I'm just happy to have people to talk with about it cause I'm getting anxious
  13. I completely didn't take traps into effect if I'm being quiet honest. So he could very well have +Stun Resistence +Morph +Shift -Water Speed -Can't Run* -Traps?
  14. If I had to pin point 3 - he'd get I'd have to say -Can't Run -Stalk -Stun Resistence? I'm not sure on the third one. What do you think?
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