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  1. ZenVirtue69

    Savini Jason

  2. I hear you, but I totally get it. I mean the games industry in and of itself is a really hard avenue with such big companies and the fact that games are still predominately priced at 60 or below when in all actuality they should be more expensive than that by now. I suppose at the end of the day it's always about funds.
  3. ZenVirtue69

    Savini Jason

    Honestly for a +Morph +Shift pairing I could definitely see like a heavy hit con, like -traps. I mean if I were looking at play style, the global presence of high morph and the movement speed of shift would mean that the player would have greater advantages at hunting down counselors from greater distances, so they'd be on counselors fairly easily. to even it out, having that lack of security on high priority check points like th phone or car means that you would have to reevaluate what's more important - hunting down counselors or protecting specific exit options.
  4. ZenVirtue69

    Savini Jason

    I run this tactic all the time with Part 2 because of his slow movement in water.
  5. ZenVirtue69

    Savini Jason

    What cons would you pair with this? I know that they've avoided giving any other Jason the Pairing of +Shift +Morph, so to offset such heavy pros there would have to be some major drawbacks. I guess they would also have to take into account what kind of play styles are missing from Jasons currently and how they could tie strengths and weaknesses to JAson X from the movie.
  6. I feel all of that, but I think consoles offer something else in terms of viability as well. In my opinion they're a bit harder to hack (as far as game modding); they are definitely more cost effective, which opens the game avenue to players from lower income brackets as well as who are more casual than competitive; and personally I definitely notice a few differences in the way that I react when playing a game on a console versus a PC. This is probably just me, but I sit at a computer all day for work, so the cognitive dissonance of then turning around to play a game on a machine with similar inputs and presentation to one that I work at all day is a bit jarring. I think there is definitely something to be said about being able to have a user interface experience that says "I am expressly for entertainment" that really draws me as a player into the game more so than a PC could deliver. Just my thoughts though. I think there are still many viable reasons for preferring to play on PC as well.
  7. Yeah wtf happened to those. All of the Pamela tapes I found were during the event and since then I have found nothing. Literally I will run through matches all night and have 70% drawer yield of nothing. If you're not gonna give me an item that's useful to the match in any way, you could at least make me feel accomplished for having found a cassette.
  8. Lol literally just spat out my drink at my desk at work. too funny.
  9. ZenVirtue69

    Savini Jason

    Yeah I know... another player was saying to rememdy the situation they may just give Jason X when(if) they release him the same stats as Savini so that those who couldn't get Savini will still basically be able to play as him. Either way I think is fine, although I feel like if they do rerelease Savini, it may invalidate Jason X, and similarly if they release Jason X as essentially a reskinned Savini, it won't do him any good either in terms of popularity.
  10. ZenVirtue69

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    Yeah I feel this so hard. Like I do get personally frustrated because I've been grinding on the game since January and still am only at level 68, which really grinds me then when I see all these kids at like level 150. I'm honestly just worried with the new updates coming soon that someone like me is not gonna even be able to access them because of the level 113 cap that they disclosed.
  11. ZenVirtue69

    Savini Jason

    Since this thread is on Savini, I guess I may misunderstand, but I'll go for it anyway. Anyone know if there's any validity to the rumor that they're planning to make Savini available for purchase for the last Friday the 13th of this year (July 13th)? I mean I know take all rumors with a grain of salt (#saltmines) but I wondered if anyone had any insight since I heard it from several players in match yesterday.
  12. ZenVirtue69

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    PSN: ZenVirtue69 Preferred Counselor: Deborah Kim Preferred Jason: Part 2 A drag queen that loves horror games and the joys of multiplayer.
  13. ZenVirtue69

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    Literally my exact thought
  14. ZenVirtue69

    The "Farmer's pitchfork"

    I could totally get behind that or a similar mechanic that allows for counselors to make up more points, since I find as someone who prefers to play counselor more than I do Jason, the grind of leveling is harder when you're spawn preference is counselor. Every other counselor is vying for the same objectives, so maybe having other objectives that counselors that aren't smart could do (such as runners like Vanessa and Tiffany going to free other counselors; or players with higher strength being able to break Jason's restraints more quickly). I'm not sure if canonically a kidnapping element to the game would be true to the spirit of the franchise though.
  15. ZenVirtue69

    How to fix trolling???

    *Jigs furiously* I agree though. There is a happy balance. Taunting can be necessary sometimes to protect and distract from more fragile counselors (like my beloved Deborah), but by the same token I also think that maybe emotes should be locked within a certain proximity of exits. There is nothing more grating than waiting for 10 minutes for someone who continuously dance emotes at the exit because they've "outplayed" Jason by picking Vanessa and running around in circles all day. Similarly though, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing those jerks stumble and have the mess stomped out of their trolly little faces as Jason stomps them for their impudence.