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  1. I just hope that they fixed the bug where if you go into combat stance as a counselor and hit jason, you can't interact with anything. With jason, he also can't interact if he blocks the swing from the counselor.
  2. I feel like they didn't actually make it as gory as possible (the game still looks awesome in my opinion). What I'm thinking is that they either held back because they didn't want a rating past M for mature or did their best with there skills and money that they had.
  3. I agree, but many people will not. I don't expect the devs to do this either.
  4. also, I won't be playing that much since I am waiting for the update to come out. I will, however, accept your friend request and play little bits here and there.
  5. My name is Jeffrey, and I play on the ps4. my gamer tag is "jeffapithicis".
  6. I block all the time! Once you learn to block, games will last 7-13 minutes if you are Jason, unless you are still learning when and how to use his abilities.
  7. I was watching old trailers for the game (I was bored) and caught sight of the farmer's pitchfork. Ok, Sorry I am A newbie.
  8. Will the Farmer's pitchfork be added to the game when weapon switching comes around?
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