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  1. Oh okay. That explains why I saw it this time with Jenny. The last time I saw it on Bugsy and others was around a year ago. Probably when they had that clothes swap glitch thing.... just remember it looking really cool on Bugsy, all white Jacket and mouths all over. It was like a whole team of different players/counselors in the same lobby with that pattern.
  2. I've always thought they were game developer exclusives. I've seen that pattern on Bugsy's jacket and Adam's pants before I think. I'm on PS4, so I'm not sure if people can run custom mods on consoles.
  3. Hello everyone, Does anyone have information on what costumes these are and where they were purchased or how they are obtained? I've seen these probably only 3 times in game. http://i66.tinypic.com/27zceuf.jpg
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