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  1. I browsed through my achievements on Steam to see how close I was to perfecting this game, when I noticed something odd. I have done every single kill in the game multiple times, both online and offline, but the P.H.D. in Murder achievement progress says 50/56... What am I supposed to do about this? Do I just cycle through my kills for the next couple of days until I figure out which ones will get me to 56?
  2. I completely agree with every point you made here. I've seen a few threads talking about how the game is perfectly balanced, and from a more straightforward standpoint, it is. Every counselor has what they need to defend themselves against Jason, preventing people from dying straightaway. Yeah. However, looking at the movies, that wasn't really the case. The only people we saw single-handedly fend off Jason in the movies through the ways the in-game counselors currently do, were the movie's final girls, and that's for plot purposes. I think the Jason bullying that can happen is entirely absurd, especially because you can do it as a lone counselor. I do personally think, though, that in groups, counselors should have an equal stance, and depending on their numbers, an advantage. In the movies, that would have been more than likely enough to stop Jason. But truly, the ability to bully Jason as a single counselor for the sake of making it "more fair" for counselors is ludicrous. They could easily tone down on the weapon spawns and still make them common enough to almost always be safe for at least 60 seconds alone as a counselor. I mean, after all, it's still incredibly possible to enter a house with no weapon even with how often they spawn, and have Jason morph right next to you in the beginning of the round. Game over. Good work on these points here.
  3. I don't mean $40 is an outrageous amount, I mean it's an outrageous amount for this game at its current state. You could buy a game like Dark Souls II for the same price, and it's brimming with far more content. If that game isn't your fancy, not a problem, but it's simply an example. $20 is perfectly fair for this game, and asking for anything lower would be pushing it. That being said, I do agree that free-to-play Fridays every now and then would be a good idea for business.
  4. The player base is stagnant because of the outrageous price. It was never worth 40 dollars in the first place, regardless of the new content they had planned. It's a multiplayer game with a few maps, and gameplay that can be easily seen as repetitive to many. However, making it free-to-play is bad for all of us, because it only temporarily increases the player base and will cause the servers to shut down even quicker due to a total halt in revenue. Free-to-play games thrive because they usually have truckloads of DLC and in-app purchases for their users. These devs can't make anymore of that. They'd have to rely on the current DLC, and I'm sure a good chunk of the incoming players would use the DLC unlocker anyway and limit the income anyway.
  5. Regret it? Absolutely not. Even after forgetting about the game until this year, I have climbed the level ladder to 150 and enjoyed every moment of it. Yeah, I'm disappointed that we won't get to see new content, as that will mean the game will eventually be dried out and boring by the end of its lifetime, but I enjoyed what I played, despite the bugs and glitches galore. I intend to play this game until its bitter end, and the only thing that could stop me would be them releasing a patch that completely broke the game, making it undeniably unplayable.
  6. It's definitely a saddening time for a lot of us. ;( It's best to keep your chin up though. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Maybe they'll continue making content one day, or they'll make a new game inspired by their work here, bigger and better than ever.
  7. It's really interesting to see that almost everyone here has a completely different general playstyle from each other. ;O (honestly really glad i started this thread lmao, was mega nervous about it) Nevertheless, it was super interesting to hear from y'all! ;D
  8. And, while you're at it, go ahead and state what your Jason and Counselor mains are! For me, I main Part 4, 8 and Savini for Jason. My counselor preference is Deborah.
  9. I realized I hadn't made many new threads on this forum, I've just kinda been lurking and commenting every now and then, so I decided to start a simple one to try and spark some friendly conversation during one of the hardest times for this community. ? What is everyone's preferred playstyle for both Jason and Counselor? For Jason, do you play aggressively with the mere intent to kill, or do you play passively with the intent of cornering your victims? As for Counselors, do you play female or male? Do you play stealthy to repair the car/phone box? Do you go loud and distract Jason for as long as possible to let your friends get out? Or are you a middleman and go what is needed for survival? Personally, I play a very aggressive Jason, and I play a middleman female counselor.
  10. I don't know about that one man, I think I'd need some strong ass Vodka for something like this. ?
  11. I was never notified about this until now, thanks for clearing this up! This entire lawsuit thing is just so...messy. Hell, copyright law is messy, and it's kind of sad it has to be the way it is. ? Nevertheless, thank you again for clearing this up.
  12. Can we bump this comment and actually shove this in the devs faces? Either they're getting worried over nothing, or we're being duped. And I really hope we aren't being duped.
  13. I'd totally stream the game if I could, but unfortunately my processor is barely powerful enough to run the game itself, let alone run a streaming software like OBS. I will however be playing the game even more than I usually do, and doing what I can to spread the word. It's the least I can do after all the fun this game has given me in just a few months! #SaveCrystalLake
  14. This was definitely disappointing to hear about. I only just picked up the game this year after backing the kickstarter and forgetting about it. I didn't get to experience much and future DLC content is already being indefinitely put off. ? Nevertheless, I'd honestly be way happier with you guys fixing the game instead of rushing out new content. Though, I see one big flaw with all this, and it feels like more of an excuse. You guys are cutting the cord on new content indefinitely, which could mean even after the lawsuit has been said and done. Then what of Uber Jason? I could care less about the Grendel, but Uber Jason is clearly finished. The video leaks, the kill leaks, the .DLL DLC unlocker unlocking him for a few weeks...I just don't get it. All you need to do is finish adding the sound effects and he's literally ready for action. This lawsuit is actually no excuse for quite a few reasons. 1.) He's finished. You could literally release him in a patch next week if you guys wanted to. 2.) The lawsuit would only effect DLC content added post June, aka July 1st of 2018. The character is already finished, so there isn't a need for it to take that long to release him. 3.) He's already in the game. Technically speaking, you guys have already added to him to the game, as we've seen full gameplay footage and some hackers have even had access to him, so finishing the SFX on his kills and unlocking him to the public is technically patching what is already in-game content, and could easily go by in a legal scenario, especially considering the fact that Mr. Miller has barely any ground to stand on for this lawsuit, and is more than likely going through this vicious effort for the publicity rather than him actually caring about the rights. I am personally a-okay with the halt of future DLC content until this is fully handled, as long as you actually do intend to fix the bugs and don't just abandon this game like truly horrible developers, however, deciding to keep Uber Jason unreleased to the public when he is a clearly finished character is very foolish, a waste of everyone's time, and honestly just a shitty thing of you guys to do.
  15. Do these "much better textures" also fix the broken shirt texture that keeps flickering back and forth between the wet and dry variants?
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