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  1. Was it really cancelled before the lawsuit ? Is there any tweet or link to it? Remember when i first played it with friends i was a bit skeptical of it because it sounded stupid but it was a really fun "mode" to play.
  2. It really sucks the way it all happened because we would've gotten some really good stuff. Grendel Map + Uber Jason Paranoia mode New single player challenges maybe ? New outfits New kills New/Updated perks Probably would've made maps for each movie The game missed out on a lot of potential.
  3. Probably should be tweaked towards firecrackers or stun guns being able to stun Jason during rage. Fair enough with the melee attacks not stunning but just the shotgun is a bit limited plus the counter argument to it is to do objectives and play the game how it was intended but i don't know if i'ts just me but a( It's impossible to find a private game with friends and b( Id say 95% of games have new players or players who have the fuse or the keys and don't use them at all until they're either dead and Jason has rage or they escape in the car/boat and the parts wash up on the shore. If it was pre rage buff days, it wouldn't be an issue but let's face it, it's hard enough surviving with a competent Jason when you can't stun him as it is trying to fix the fuse or repair the car when his on you and there's no way to stun him. I used to be criticized the rage buff but now if tweaked properly can be a good thing for the game but i feel the shotgun is too limited as the only thing to stun him (sub context).
  4. The amount of times i experienced that kind of gameplay sabotage used to make me want to quit the game but thankfully we don't have to deal with that anymore, i mean you still get the rage quitters virtually every match but at least it doesn't automatically end the game.
  5. I remember a funny incident where back in the day if the host of the game left then the match would then be over and i got picked as Jason on higgins haven. Phone was at the main house so i trapped it, 1st car was done the road so i trapped that as well and then i went across the map to trap the last car. As i did that, i heard the host in the house right next to the car and was shit talking a lot in the lobby about how his such a great player and that he likes to bully Jason players, so i break into the house and his literally just opening draws like his entitled to do whatever he wants and expects the Jason player to not kill him. He says " if you kill me i'm going to quit the game", so i grabbed him and straight away he leaves and the match cancels.
  6. Pre rage buff i'd say stealth because if you plated a character like A.J and had all the stealth perks at their highest, you could hide from Jason even when he had rage. Post rage buff you'd have to go with stamina just purely on the fact that if you need it to survive because no point in being stealthy because Jason will eventually find you and not being able to stun him means looping him as long as you can and stamina is your best option to surviving.
  7. As i said, i've never played any tournaments so i can't give you an actual answer how it would play out, maybe i'll play one one of these days if i can actually find out anymore.
  8. I've never played a tournament, not because i'm scared to, but because i've never been asked to do one and i play on xbox where barely anyone plays anymore, it's hard enough to find a normal game, let alone a comp game. Also, i used to play with 150 plus players who were playing on 60 ping while i played on 400 and i was only close to dying once when i first started playing on the ping. If you want the ultimate task of not dying, try playing in a lobby with 150's with 60 ping to your 400 ping. I credit those lobbies as to making me a way better player than i was because going back to normal ping, you'd be amazed at just how easy the game is to play.
  9. Only had it happen twice and i've played since day 1. 1st time it was just Tommy and the girl with the sweater, i shift stalked grabbed the sweater girl and killed her. You may call it cheap but it's an effective way to quick kill someone. 2nd game i went up against a full lobby of 150's who were american (i'm australian), and the ping for me was 400 while they had 60 ping so the game was hard mode for me. They were all hanging around the car having started it but then i stopped it, they used the sweater and i got put to my kness, but because i was leaning against the car, the Tommy couldn't get the right angle to activate the kill. I was way inexperienced back then and it was one of the first times playing in that high ping but never had i come close to being killed again and that was 2 years ago. Not saying i'm king Jason or anything but i've become more experienced and you learn after a while most counselors tricks and what they're going to do.
  10. F13 was the game that got me playing online multiplayer games for the first time. Before it came out, i would play single player games on pc or playstation 2. And then, i heard they were making a Friday the 13th game and the first thing i saw was the Tommy Jarvis trailer and honestly, i thought it was a single player game so i went out a purchased it. Then i realized it was multiplayer so i decided to try it and honestly, i loved it. Made a lot of friends playing it who i still talk to and play different games to this day together. The lawsuit really killed this game, yeah there were glitches and bugs and toxic players, but once they were forced to stop releasing new content, it really created a decline in the game. Think about it though, if they never had a lawsuit, then we would've gotten the space map, jason x, new counselors, new maps, dlcs, paranoia mode and other stuff, imagine how good the game would've been. I play dead by daylight now but it's no where near as fun as Friday the 13th is.
  11. When i first started playing the game, the one thing i wanted was part 2 Jason. I remember unlocking him and then taking a break from the game because that's all i wanted probably because i have a soft spot for part 2 because it's my favorite movie and i prefer the look of sackhead Jason. I'm a part 2 main obviously as his kit is suited to how i play the game. Cars are your biggest danger but if you can become a lockdown objective player you'll do well. He can put pressure on multiple objectives with how fast his morph is plus he can run which adds extra pressure. He has his weaknesses for sure but his always been my strongest Jason. In terms of balanced, i'd say part 5 is the most balanced in terms of a jack of all trades. Part 8 is very strong and while he can't run, he makes up for it in his balanced cooldowns and destruction. I've always loved playing all of the Jason's, even part 7 before he got re worked as they all have their own unique abilities.
  12. None stand out really but i think the game's where you can successfully juke the killer for the whole 20 minutes when either everyone is dead or people escaped and you're the last one. More so now with the rage buff is a pretty good win if you're up against a good Jason.
  13. i wish. the kid that uploaded it deleted it. mind you, it was over a year ago.
  14. i remember me and 2 friends were in a lobby with 4 young kids (i'd guess they were around 14-16) and one of them was jason in the previous game and one ran me over so, next game i was jason, i stalked all off them and had some fun with it. favorite part of it was chasing an injured one and he kept saying "don't hack me, grab me" because he has a pocket knife, turned around then quickly threw a throwing knife and killed him. they were in a party chat and one of them uploaded the video onto youtube so to see their reactions was priceless.
  15. it's a shame that you only just came across it, trust me, early days the game was fantastic. i always thought there should've been a skill cap or ranking system because there's always level 1-10's going up against 150 players which i always found was unfair.
  16. i've always felt sorry for new players who start playing f13 nowadays. i think those of us who got to play the game when it first came out should be grateful because imagine playing it now with all of this going on. but to answer the topic, the devs won't do anything about it so people are free to do what they want in the game and at the end of the day, the game is literally dead anyways so you might as well do what you want to do.
  17. new content will always bring in new players/money etc. think about it this way : people play the game for a certain amount of time, if the game doesn't change and is the same thing every single time, majority are going to move on to other games weather it's a new game they purchased, or a game that they enjoy more. friday had some neat updates planned with paranoia, grendel map and jason x. on top of that, we would've gotten new counselors, new kills, new maps, maybe reworked perks or added perks and i think they would've went down the route of putting every map in from the movies. crystal lake = part 1, packanack = part 2, higgins haven = part 3, jarvis house = part 4 and pinehurst = part 5 and with the settings of parts 6, 7 and 8, they could've made maps from those movies, part 9 would've been a tricky one though. point is that the game would have more content and with paranoia mode, most friends based groups would play that and have fun. i really wished they would've been able to make new content as i do believe that the game had potential to be really successful in that area but what we have is still good and we all have to be grateful that there still is a f13 game.
  18. bumped. low levels game are pretty fun if you're an experienced player because it's not as sweaty as the games with experienced players. normally nowadays if i'm in that situation (which is 90% of the time) i try to fix objectives but it can be difficult if someone is holding the fuse but doesn't know what to do or someone has the keys but won't drop them, also checking the cabins back to back is important because most new players won't see the battery or the gas and if you've played the game enough, you know where they usually spawn.
  19. yeah i used to have players in my lobbies friends rather, who would use medic and would literally destroy all of my traps as part 2 so there are many clever ways to exploit jason. i still think the guy who posted the videos is a good jason just some decisions were a bit confusing just because i use part 2 the most and the biggest dangers are obviously cars because of his slow shift and phone because that's a danger for every jason.
  20. none, came close one time. was in a private lobby with some american friends at the time (me and my mate would play on the american servers so ping was usually 400+). tried the whole stalk shift grab quick kill method but got stunned into the sweater, got dropped but they messed up the finishing blow. besides that haven't been tested, had teams try to but always have managed to escape it.
  21. watched both matches and have to say honestly without any disrespect, the first game was one of the confusing/worst games i've seen as jason. wasted too much time worrying about trapping generators and wasting traps on them, not trapping the car which is the biggest kryptonite for part 2 given his shift isn't fast enough to stop the car unless the drive is completely braindead. then teleporting back to the phone when clearly everyone was at the main house near the car. and you could've killed the vanessa who suicide by hitting her with a throwing knife or slashing her. you do a good job with the throwing knifes when someone jumps a window though but honestly, the only reason that you were able to kill them at the end was the rage buff, they could've easily looped you for the rest of the game. 2nd game was better and even though the phone situation was tough, they did bait you by committing to them and letting the deborah fixed the fuse and you applied no pressure when they were in the boat shack and didn't break the windows allowing them to regains stamina and keep looping the same place.
  22. not if you legit spawn into the game and are spawned on right away and i'm not exaggerating either. house with 2 windows, breaks both, traps both, then uses the rest of the traps to trap the door. reason why i stayed in the cabin was to hope their was a med spray but i just suicide and left the game to play a different match because as i said, if people get that bitter because they couldn't catch someone, i'm not going to let someone get a cheap kill like that or just run thick skin and medic but why should i have to change my perk preference.
  23. i like jasons to earn their kills, not get cheap kills. if i get outplayed then that's gg to them, they were better but not when it's a cop out for example : played a qp game last week where a jason got salty because i juked him for 20 minutes and then few games later he was jason again, literally spawned on me straight away (i was assuming he was a teamer), trapped the entire house so i couldn't get out, so i killed myself because as you said, it's f13, so why get personal with people? i didn't dance on him or teabag him or be toxic and was i suppose to let him get a kill because of his bitterness ?
  24. In situations where there's a whole group of counselors on you, head punch and choke are a good counter to it because of how instant it is. you do what you have to in order to win the game. slashing, quick grab kills are all legit ways of getting kills.
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