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  1. Unfortunately not. Most of the ones I knew moved onto different games and it usually takes me 10 minutes plus to get into a lobby and it's Asian servers that are 200 ping. Been playing DBD and enjoying it with a few friends, but Friday will always have a special place in my mind. Just hope you guys who still play get some of the bugs and glitches fixed.
  2. The fact that I can not be on the forums for months, yet still causes tears to flow clearly indicates my presence is very much alive. But I'm not the only one who has been treated this way judging by observing everyone who has a different opinion to the sheep on here. I just had a bigger impact.
  3. Out of all the cry babies who complained about Jason being treated like a pinata, you sir would've been the catalyst. It's a shame the game isn't how it used to be, because I would pay money to watch you rage everytime you were chained stunned.
  4. Trust me, if I could get into private matches, I'd still play the game regardless of the way it is, but being from Australia, no one hardly plays it anymore as the Americans do. Me and my buddy had to play with a few American friends we met from the game, but the ping was always 400 plus which made it glitchy and laggy for us. I'd be open for a rework, make it so Jason isn't treated like a punching bag and give the counselors a way of fighting back. I never exploited the option of fighting Jason to troll, but as a way to survive the night if it was the last resort.
  5. This is coming from a Jason main who bitched and complained about being treated like a punching bag because he wasn't skilled enough to counter a certain play style, but abuses anyone who has a different opinion to his I. E not agreeing with the rage buff. Isn't that a bit self entitled?
  6. Rage buff is what ruined the game for me and my pals who used to play it. We played since launch, and it was a great social chilled game and then when destiny 2 came out most of the group switched games or went to dead by daylight but us few stayed because Friday was such a great game. Then the rage buff came out and completely ruined the experience because we would have to play QP lobbies and majority of the time it would involve new players with no comms and they'd have the fuse and not drop it or fix the phone or have the keys so if Jason got rage, you could survive the night by fighting him off and sometimes you'd win, sometimes you wouldn't but the point was that it was fun. Now it's saying if you don't get objectives done you lose if you can't juke which is complete bs and it was all because of the Jason mains who kept bitching about being treated like a pinata, but keep in mind that those same people who couldn't adapt to the game tell people nowadays to adjust to the rage buff which is a huge contradiction. I used to main Jason alot and I never once complained because it was always a challenge to deal with that and given no new content was being released, getting a easy 7/7 or 8/8 was boring. But the game is virtually dead and I keep coming back onto the forums every now and then to see if just maybe they rework the rage buff but it's not going to be changed which is a shame because Friday was the first game that got me playing online gaming and helped me get out of a really dark time and feel better.
  7. I have stopped playing the game. Ever since they released the rage buff, I've probably played less than 5 games if that. Plus it is almost impossible to find a game anymore if I ever wanted to play it. I said it back when people gave me shit over it : I always liked the idea of being able to defend yourself, you can't do that anymore post rage and to me it's not fun to not be able to defend yourself so I quit playing. I came back when I heard of a new patch to see if they reworked the game but they didn't. @DontZzz34 I don't find it enjoyable to run around trying to juke Jason, my style was to always bait the player to over extend and then stun them. You can kite still yes but the buff rage makes it easier for Jason players and virtually makes alot perks useless.
  8. Okay, then explain to me how someone is suppose to escape when nothing was fixed and everyone else is dead and a raged Jason is tunnelling you with abilities coming back every 5 seconds virtually. In QP you get those games where you can't find certain parts for objectives or someone has a part I. E the fuse or keys etc. That's why melee attacks were good because you could defend yourself but salty Jason mains ruined that by crying to the devs because they kept getting chain stunned. They say it's unrealistic, well so is Jason being able to glide across the map but that's perfectly legit. Games virtually dead and the more the new patches keep ruining the experience the more players will leave.
  9. That's what happens when you can't defend yourself anymore with melee attacks. Especially if you get into a public match with inexperienced players who don't repair anything and then Jason gets rage and you can't repair anything because he is tunnelling you. I'd rather kill myself than give the player a cheap kill because I can't defend myself and couldn't escape because the others couldn't help repairing objectives.
  10. Lol unfortunately I switched to other games because Friday was no longer fun to me but it seems I'm not the only one with a lack of Xbox players playing plus how bad the game is after every patch but it's funny to see how my presence still upsets people 🙂
  11. It's bad from a professional standpoint because despite all the bs the game has went through, people still play it and have to deal with new bugs and glitches etc, which should be corrected without issue. My personal opinion is that if the was still releasing new content, they would be more dedicated to fix this but now it's like "okay, give us a few months and we will patch it only to reintroduce more bugs". They're doing this half hearted because they don't care.
  12. Lack of motivation after no new content was going to be released plus majority of players moving on to other games. But there is only so much you can do when you can't release any new content to a continuously repetitive game which can become boring real quick.
  13. Was hoping that when I heard there was a new patch, they were going to rework Jason's rage buff but seems like there always going to keep that how it is. Regardless of how I feel towards it, haven't been able to get into a game for months. Either get put a lobby by myself or a completely different server with 300 ping. And now more bugs makes me dissapointed because this game was such a good game in the past.
  14. People continue to play games but complain about it because before something happened, people enjoyed the game and want it to be fixed or changed. I said at the beginning of the new patch that it would cause people to leave because of the new buffs, but after being away for a few months and now hearing off even more BS going on, it's only going to drive more people away, sure, you'll always get a % of player base that will stick around, but more people will leave then people who continue to play the game, and at the end of the day, we can sit here and say "Goodbye, no one will miss you" etc, but really, for those who still stick around and play it, do you guys really want to have to deal with all the bugs and glitches that happen in it? This game started declining once no new content was announced and it's going to get worse but had the lawsuit no happened, it would've been still going strong and it's shit what happened to the game and even though i've been critical of the direction it's ended up going, i still on rare times, try to find a game, tonight i found a lobby of 5 on Asian serves (Australian fyi) 700 ping, and 3/5 players were buddies who tried to team up and do glitches. Not fun, but i'll still try to see if it has any luck in the future.
  15. Swift attacker was probably the best perk you could have before the rage buff was added. If you needed to outlast Jason and you had the best valued addition to the perk, you could literally out hit him every time. If you play on high ping with it, it glitches and is a lot quicker by the animations then on good ping servers.
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