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    Jason question

    That's true, but as i have said, majority aren't that intelligent, so you just need to get lucky now instead of using your skill. The only way to get better is to play and learn, but new players now will virtually have no hope in post rage because they don't have the experience to deal with that let alone before this patch, now it's even harder for them because stunning could be good for them to learn but nope, now they have to learn quickly to juke Jason if they can't escape via objectives. That's a common thing, when people get salty, they always blame someone else because their ego is to high to admit that they died because they made a mistake or Jason just outplayed them, happens to all of us. Pinehurts best escape is probably the boat if you can find the parts, Jarvis House i had a game the other night where someone had the fuse, so couldn't repair that, Couldn't find the parts to the car, and someone started the boat, but by then Jason had killed almost everyone and i was the only one left because the person who died had the fuse, i tried to juke Jason as much as i could but being on the little island where the boat is, i had no hope i had 2 pocket knifes but not being able to stun or find a house in time being on the small island away from everything and running out of stmaina and couldn't get in the boat because he was right on me, i was like this is not fun because i feel defenceless and can't do anything. "Usaully taking several counselors with me" See, you have players working with you in the right way, we all don't have the luxury of good teammates, stunning Jason was a part of the game if you can't get in houses or his right on you and he starts breaking windows and hitting you with throwing knifes if you jump in and out of windows. Several perks do help you if you have them at their best i.e the stealth perks can hide you from Jason for almost the whole match even if his in rage and he isn't spamming the sense button, my friend has 3 of them at rare and even in rage it can be hard to find him. Swift attacker is good to increase speed when hitting Jason, medic double spray and thick skinned is good to. Perks are suppose to help you in what aspect you want to use them in. Haha i acually like that, that was pretty funny. Seriously though, being a punching bag can be annoying (though personally if i got stunned and someone danced on me, i laugh at it because it's entertaining and i don't actually get upset if i get chanin stunned) it's more of a challenge because it requires you to be smart about how to approach a situation like that, that's why so many people complained, because they didn't want to adapt to being smart to suck someone into trying to hit you and then killing them, or its a group of them, the new slash buff to hit multiple counselors would help that situaion but as much as you can get stunned, i always eventually kill them all because i am persistant and it's a marathon not a sprint, they might stun me a few times, but i get them eventually. I have plenty of times, even when i've been in 400-500 ping lobbies with lvl 150 players with 50 ping using medic and thick skin to take out all traps, you can't shift grab anyone virtually. But i've always managed to kill atleast 6/8 at worst in those lobbies. As i have said, if you have the right perks, the right skill and a Jason that won't pressure you, you can still survive the night with stunning him, im saying stunning to help you get away was a normal part of the game, chain stunning him for the purpose of trolling isn't even though all you had to do was adapt. I only stunned to get away if i had to because i prefered that then jumping in and out of windows where a good Jason would hit you with a throwing knife. Honestly, if i was playing Jason against you and you tried to survive the night, you wouldn't last because i would wear you down and if you tried the whole jump from house to house, i would keep hitting you with throwing knifes and get into the house before you had time to breath and with playing part 2, i can keep morphing out of house quickly if you keep doing it. Not being arrogant but i've played alot of hours as Jason and have the experience, but when you play in 400-500 ping lobbies, it makes you better when you play in normal ping. The only thing i see about this patch was people who compalined about not being able to adapt to new styles of the game, it's like Overwatch, people would complain about characters, and the devs would nerf them to make people happy because they couldn't counter a character, same with Friday, people couldn't adapt to the chain stunning and bullying, so they cried and complained to the devs. It's pathetic and it ruins the game for others like me who actually enjoyed the way it was, and i never exploited the stunning to be a troll, i only did it if i needed to, because i thought the bullying Jason was stupid and pathetic more so with lvl 150 players doing it to new players as i felt sorry for them, but the fact that they took that out in rage because people were being trolls and made it less fun for people like me who used stun to fend Jason off is a thumbs down for me.
  2. Thunder

    Jason question

    Well the only reason i like to fight Jason is because most games people would always die due to the jason being really good or people just trolling and a lot of the time it was me the only one left and as we all know when you're the last one and Jason is tunneling you, it's hard to fix stuff or get in the car if his right on top of you, you can stun him but he'll snap out of it before you can get it started. That's why i adapted the fighting style, to know how to survive the night if that was the case. I try to repair stuff as much as i can but it's never going to work everytime. True, it's meant to be harder but if you get tunneled and nothing gets done and he gets rage, it's a bit unfair to say well that's my fault because i didn't escape when i never had a chance to. If you're good at juking him by hoping from house to house then that's the only option you have to survivng the night now, you can get away with that tactic with the right perks (thick skinned, medic) and a dumb Jason, but if it's a good Jason, most times you will die. That's what i try to do, if i get into a house, i will pick and drop car or boat parts to let people know where they are and hope that if Jason is tunnelling me, that they will see the parts and repair them while Jason is on me, most times it doesn't work but that's how this game goes sometimes. Anything they do differently will cause backlash, you can't make everyone happy. That's perfectly fine, same thing about the chain stunning, some people find it annoying, others find it a fun challenge, i just don't believe the game should be changed based on people complaining about something, as stated above, you can't please everyone. Big difference is that if you were out of stamina, you could attempt to stun him to gain some back, now you can't because if you hit him, he will grab you or slash you It's not breating space for counselors anymore when i always thought rage was hard anyway because his abilities regain back rapidly and he walk through doors, i do agree they needed to stop the stunning when you walk through a door, that was pretty stupid because you have no chance of defending yourself unless you break it down in combat stance. Not all true, They took out the stun time. i remember early on, you could stun Jason and he'd be stunned for 10-15 seconds and people could get into cars and start them back up again, now if you do that, he's stunned for 5 seconds or so, so it's virtually impossible to stun and then jump back into a car and start it back up because he will be back to normal to quick. Like i said to a previous forum member, i called people hypocrites because they couldn't adapt to how the game was being played and now they're lecturing others who disagree with the new patch that they need to adapt to it when they themselves couldn't adapt to the pre patch style. The firecrackers never worked when i was Jason, the shotgun yes if timed right but more so then not, i've been able to grab a counselor back out of the car if that happens, point was you used to be stunned for 10-15 seconds and that is a long amount of time and caused a lot of counselors to escape because of how long Jason was stunned for. The problem is a lot don't have mics and you can click your flashlight but a lot don't have the common sense to listen. I do try to repair stuff but if you're on a big map it's hard nowadays to fix things and escape if the lobby is lacking common sense, still managleable, but it's virtually you find parts, you can escape, if you don't you're most likely going to be killed. I got the legendary restful perk, although the rare has better stats, and as you said, now you have to be more defensive and not attacking. You need hope you get lucky rather then try to out skill Jason, you can use those tactics with the right perks and a dumb Jason, but if it's a good Jason he can just use his skill to wear you down.
  3. Thunder

    Jason question

    That's why i developed the skill to juke and survive the night, because if i get killed by a good Jason or the Jason did something that outsmarted me, then i can GG him/her for their tactics, but as you know, some games, objectives won't get done for whatever reason, someone might have the fuse but never put it in or the car keys and don't use them to start the car, to me it's a letdown that if we can't escape before rage, we have to rely on the luck of juking Jason until the end when stunning him was a normal part of the game, just like slashing is a part of the game. True, but you'll have those times where you spawn in and Jason will morph on top of you and will keep going after you, smart Jasons will leave for objectives, but there are some who keep chasing the first person they morph on and you will have to eventually stun Jason more so if you're a character who doesn't have great speed and endurance. I don't have a problem with someone chasing me, but if no objectives get done and he gets rage, i'm suppose to call it a gg and say "we'll this is my fault because i didn't escape before rage" when i had no chance to repair anything with him on me and had to rely on incomptent counselors who did nothing. The only reason i mentioned that a Jason trap can kill you is that counselors wouldn't walk over them and then heal themselves back up, another option could be that you can't heal yourself if you step on a trap because it would really make counselors think about what's more important : escaping and using a pocket knife to disarm a trap, or keeping it and having to try and survive the night. I could see trolls keeping the pocket knife, but i'd have confidence that people would still use them to disarm traps. Well because i'm Australian, me and a few friends could never get private matches because most of our Australian friends moved onto other games, so we used to play a fair bit in American private matches, and the ping would exceed between 400-500 ping. That was what we called hard mode and majority of the american players were lvl 150. Because the most challenging type of game i've found is when you have a group of counselors who know what they're doing and once you hit rage, it's boring because i like counselors who fight back, it actually makes me have to anticapte when they're going to try and get a stun for stamina recharge, now you can just keep chasing them until they run out of stamina. As i said, the early part of the match now is the most challenging because you have to be smart where you morph to set traps more so on small maps where objectives can get done in the first minute. I called selective people hypocrites based on the fact that they lecture others to adapt to the new patch, but couldn't adapt themselves to counselors bullying them as Jason so they complained to Gun to take that out. It's like me saying "Hey Gun Media, Jason is now to OP and it's not fun anymore" And they take the patch out and make him what he was before it. The people who like this new patch would call me a hypocrite for not wanting to adapt to the new post rage Jason, i'm just stating the facts. I did say that with the new melee range attack that damages more than one counselor, that was a good idea for the counselors teaming up because if you have a Jason with strong weapon strength, you can injury multiple counselors at once now which would make it easier to deal with chain stunning. And i respect that people don't like being chain stunned, but people always find something to complain about in games, my advice is to learn to be a smarter Jason, i don't see anybody complaining when the cops are called and the counselors are at the exit and you can't kill them because it you pick one up either 1: they have a pocket knife and 2: They stun you to save their teammate. It's virtually the same thing as the chain stunning. That's what i was saying, you now need to rely on juking Jason and hoping he isn't smart to smash windows. Most Jasons will eventually break windows, some sooner than others, but that's virtually saying that if it's a good Jason then i deserve to die because i didn't repair and leave before rage which is not fair if you never had a chance to do that. I don't want to play the game to be one of those annoying Vanessas who's sole purpose is to juke Jason for 20 minutes. I enjoy fighting Jason but helping and protecting other teammates and trying my best to help everyone escape and sometimes things don't get done and im suppose to say GG and die which is pretty stupid imo. I play mostly Adam and to a degree Tiffany and Eric. Adam because i like the character and his outfits and the fact that he can repair, decent speed and stamina and fight Jason. Tiffany because she's the best stealth character imo and Eric because of his repair but i put marathon on him incase Jason tunnels me.
  4. Thunder

    Jason question

    That is a big contradiction considering that this patch is helping Jason players kill counselors easy because they weren't able to adapt to counselors protecting themselves. You just said the objective is to work with other counselors and survive. That's what people were doing, it was that Jason players were crying about getting stunned all the time, the new melee attack buff that stuns multiple counselors is a big help to that situation that if you multiple counselors trying to bully you, that would benefit a lot. It makes it much more easier to kill a bunch of them when you can him all at once and if you have a strong Jason like Part 3, Part 4, Part 8 or Savini, you can kill them all pretty quickly if they're trying to team up.
  5. Thunder

    Jason question

    The problem is that this update is mainly towards a match that has everyone communicating in the lobby. Most of the games are now quick play and there are so many negatives No mics, which is virtually 90% of the quick play games New players who don't know what to do and just run around doing nothing People who team up with Jason Big maps are virtually a sure loss if you don't have any teamwork The another night me and my friend played the game with the new patch and we decided to give it a chance before judging it and honest opinion, the game isn't fun anymore. I like to fight Jason, but i also repair and try to repair the phone box but as other users have said, it's hard when you're tunneled non stop by Jason's, that you need to stun him from time to time, there's been many games where i've been tunneled and given the other counselors time to repair objectives, but it never gets done and i either die, or Jason will get rage and then it's virtually impossible to survive. My friend plays AJ and has Epic Home Body, Level Headed and Low Profile perks and he used to use his perks to hide from Jason to try and repair objectives and to try and survive the night if nothing was done and Jason was in rage but now it's virtually useless if objectives didn't get done and Jason's in rage because the perks won't work because he will find him when rage comes up. My opinion is that they should of taken out medic and limited the amount of sprays you can get in a game and also if you step on a trap it should kill you because think about it, with all the pocket knifes in the game, it would force counselors to have to use them to disarm traps to repair stuff, that way if they want to escape, they'll have to use pocket knifes instead walking on traps and using medic. I've played as Jason and it's not fun when you get to rage because it's boring. The first few minutes or so when you don't have your abilities is good because people can get objectives repaired and you need to be smart at the start but when you get rage, it's too easy. I never minded the attempts to bully Jason because it gave me a challenge rather then being in a match with braindead counselors. It's funny to me, because the users on here saying it's a great patch and players need to adapt to the new gamestyle are hypocrites who couldn't adapt to how the game was before this patch and complained that they were getting stunned and team bullied. I said in a previous post, they made it a lot easier for Jason because Jason used to be stunned for 10-15 seconds which would be easy for counselors who stunned him and restarted the car and escaped, now, Jason can be stunned for 5 seconds if that and can keep pulling counselors out of cars. Closing point : I understand the main aim of the game is to escape via Police, cars or boat but most times you don't have the luxury of team work and competent players and when you have that, you suffer and the fact that i'm going to die because i run out of stamina even when trying to go from house to house is pretty poorly done. That was why you have the survive the night option, because it objectives didn't get done and you obviously can't repair them because you're the last one alive and Jason is tunneling you, your only option is to survive the night and it can still be done but majority of the time you will eventually die and the fact that all you can do is try to run and juke from him is poorly done. They could've made the stun chance a lot lower when Jason's in rage not impossible. Hopefully they rework this update in the next patch or tweak some things that can actually make it fair for both sides.
  6. It's terrible. Had a incident a few weeks ago where a guy was lvl 150, and my buddy was Jason and after he grabbed the guy, he used a pocket knife, then quit so he couldn't get killed, then joined the lobby and when he was Jason, we kept escaping so he went on a different account to act like it wasn't him and then invited his friends to help him kill us. It's pretty sad how some people are too be honest. Yeah well i used to have a lobby of friends that played Friday but when Destiny 2 came out and then fortnite got popular, they all crossed over to those games, i think i have 1 maybe 2 friends who still actively play it with the latter only being online once a week so it's mostly quick play lobbies. I see your point as i've experienced that type of trolling on other games and even other forums as well. I remember when the Packanack roof glitch was first coming out and then Higgins' special room glitch and the amount of people ruining the game was pathetic. Had a young girl at Pinehurst use the glitch with the radios and had the medic perk on, ended up hitting her with 10 throwing knifes then i grabbed her and she used the pocket knife glitch outside on the roof glitch, i ended up just laughing and left her to go after the other players seeing how she stayed there the entire game. The people on here seem like decent people, only problem is that because i'm Australian, the ping is bad for australian/american players. If they come to my serves, the pings bad, if i come to them the ping is bad, but me and my buddy used to play with a few american people when we couldn't find Australian lobbies and while it's annoying, we got use to the ping, we used to call it hard mode but the main thing was playing with people that would make the game challenging and fun at the same time.
  7. 1: Friday the 13th Part 2 : Always been my favorite. Best Jason looked in my opinion. love the story to it and the characters. The ending is always one of the best scenes in the whole series in Jason's shack. Very good all around horror movie. 2: Friday The 13th Part 4 : The Final Chapter : Best characters in the whole series. Jason looks scary and brutal. Great suspense. Setting of the movie is very well done as well. 3: Friday The 13th Part 5 : A New Beginning : I know most people think it's the worst purely because Jason isn't the killer, but if you can get past that, it's a good movie. Some funny scenes, good mood and setting like the original in some aspects. Characters are actually memorable. Always liked the hockey mask being different. 4: Friday The 13th Part 3 : Again, good mood and setting and different change as opposed to Jason chasing counselors. Jason looks great in it and has some good kills. Some subplot storylines are fun as well. 5: Friday The 13th : 1980 : Best setting and mood with the old grainy look about it. Creepy when you consider the fact that a middle aged woman is talking like a little boy. Great suspense. 6: Friday The 13th Part 6: Jason lives : Great characters, story, comedy elements to it, not as good as others think it is, but still a great fun movie. 7: Friday The 13th : 2009 (Remake) : Actually a decent remake compared to some of the other remakes of classic horror movies. 8: Friday The 13th Part 7 : The New Blood : Jason best look in my opinion but the Carrie vs Jason storyline, wasn't a huge fan off and the cutback on the kills was a big let down. 9: Friday The 13th Part 8 : Jason Takes Manhattan: Entertaining to a degree, but as others have stated barely has New York in it and some of the plot holes are weird and confusing. 10: Jason X : Liked it when i was younger, it's not a terrible movie, but a pretty stupid one if you try to take it seriously. Has cool death scenes in it though. 11: Freddy Vs Jason : Feels more of a Freddy Movie and was never into Freddy vs Jason scenario as i always preferred Michael vs Jason. 12: Jason Goes To Hell : The Final Friday. Never was a fan of the storyline, the only thing i liked was how Jason looked.
  8. I thought it was only directed to copyright material, if that's the case then i can see why it's turned out the way it has. True, trolls will always be around regardless of the state of a game, but as i mentioned previously, there wasn't this much toxicity when the game was still "active". That's the problem with games that come to a stop, it becomes boring and people tend to troll around a lot more than they normally would had the game have something worth grinding for. I agree that you'll get people who aren't maxed out on everything and join lobbies with friends and troll or team kill which is one of the problems i have with the new rage system in that the idea was to make counselors work together rather than bully Jason, but you get a lot of games where players don't have mics and as i said above, team killing, trolls and it can be a challenge to repair stuff all by yourself more so if you're on pinehurst and Jarvis house. Private lobbies are hard to come by unless you have a whole group of friends who still play the game daily which is very difficult. Very true. I think the main thing as i have always intended it, was to enjoy Friday and to have more a social fun experience with friends and even making new friends.
  9. Technically it does matter, because the main problem was Jason was being bullied and if you look through the comments, most will say it's a good patch because the don't get bullied anymore i.e multiple counselors stunning Jason and teabagging/dancing, Stunning Jason when he breaks through doors in rage and juking him with Vanessa. If people played the game how the devs intended to play it, then it wouldn't of been such a big deal, that's what this patch is designed for players to do. That's why they needed to continue with the new content ( i know the lawsuit screwed over that with the new content they had in development) But they still can increase the lvl cap and have different rewards, maybe new clothing? Kills? I mean i'm sure they could add new characters that aren't based of the movies, point is that when there is something to achieve, most (not all) players will try to achieve it. I've been playing since day 1 and i've always adapted to how everything that has come up and affected everything. My whole argument was based on the fact that instead of whining about something, learn to adapt how things are. But it's like most games, a certain number of players bitch about things because they're too lazy to adapt to it, and the devs get pressured into changing how things work. Honestly, i had no problem with being "bullied" because it's more of a challenge than killing everyone who is just running around doing nothing. being virtually unstoppable in rage mode is way to easier and is more boring than it was before the patch.
  10. I know this is has been said a million times, but you can thank the try hard Vanessa's for this new patch. Instead of playing the game how it is meant to be played (i.e escape or kill Jason), Vanessa try hards just try to juke Jason for the the whole 20 minutes and most Jason's can't stop this which in turn made him look like a bitch. Not too mention all the "buddy buddy" friends just bullying Jason and teabagging/dancing on him. i think the updated melee attack damaging more than one counselor at a time is really good because you can really take out multiple counselors at once if they're trying to bully you as Jason. I developed my playing style as fighting Jason i.e playing as Adam and Eric (i put swift attacker on Eric to help defend myself because of his low speed/stamina), But would never try to juke him and not help the other players. Also, the fact that new content has been stopped and you can't go behind LVL 150 and a impact in people bullying Jason because it got boring and repetitive. It's a shame the lawsuit halted anymore new content because i believe it would've stopped a lot of the juking and bullying because people would've had something to grind for weather that would've been an higher lvl cap, new skins, new clothes, new characters/Jasons, new kills etc. If they were all unlockable after lvl 150 say lvl 200 and you needed to get there to get the new content, it would've been a lot more better than what we got before the new patch.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you dude, lvl 150, have everything except for The Final Chapter which is on 95% and PHD is only 86%. In fact this game is what got me into playing online games as i used to play Offline games because i never liked playing online. I never said you were a bad player, i have no doubt with the level of progress you have achieved, that you have a wide range of knowledge about the game, and i also never said you couldn't kill anyone, my point was that it sounds like you can't kill the typical lvl 150 "hey im going to juke you Vanessa player with medic, marathon and thick skinned perks". Trust me those players are annoying to try to kill but we didn't need this nerf to kill them, as i said, there are loads of ways to deal with those type of players. It's outplaying the Jason. Most high leveled Jason won't be sucked into it, they'll walk or run backwards instead of going for a bait grab. i've played against a lot of 150 lvl Vanessa's and the thing that always helps me is to either shift grab them which can be hard but if you're in rage you get it back pretty quick more so for walking Jasons like Savini, Part 6 and Part 9, and you can keep doing it and it will burn their stamina down. Walking Jason's have it harder of course, but like i said, unless you're Part 7, the rest have their advantages. Part 6 has strong shift, so it can recharge quick, pretty quick in rage, and has extended weapon range and can break doors down quick in combat stance. Part 8 has destruction and no weak shift, Part 9 Strong shift and stalk so you can sneak up on them, and Savini is op with his destruction and strong shift, so if you're a pretty good Jason as i'm sure you are. You can use those abilities to your advantage. I agree with you that the aim of the game is to escape and surviving the 20 minutes should be a last resort but as i said, sometimes there's games where things just don't get fixed for whatever reason. So it's like if you have low stamina characters, they won't stand a chance because they can't stun Jason with a melee weapon. One could argue, well don't try to fight him, get stuff down and escape. it's a good point, but how many of those games have you had where Jason morphs onto you first time in the game and he tunnels you the whole game? I had one a few hours ago on crystal lake small where a Jason morphed on me at a random house because i was playing Tiffany and he saw the little blip on the map and kept tunneling me while the rest of the players got the phone repaired, got the 4 seater started, and he tunneled me for 10 minutes, and i stunned him so many times and had him walk into traps, that he got rage and the way i was able to survive was stunning him. I wasn't juking him because i had literally spawned into the game and he came straight after and let people get other stuff down. Now, if i played it with the new patch, i would've been dead and with the new patch, i'd have to try to avoid stunning him as much as i could so his rage doesn't fill up but sometimes you have to in order to stay alive. I will say though if you have rage, you can always break the door down as if you don't have rage, and wait for them to try to stun you once the door is broken, and then as the hit you, grab them because obviously in rage, you can't get stunned. kind of a nice way to outfox them.
  12. Yep, unless you have a full lobby of friends (which can be hard these days seeing how majority of fan base have moved on to other games) People rage quit when killed and now most will leave when Jason gets rage because they will not be able to defend themselves. Being tunneled by Jason was hard if he was in rage, now with him being unfazed by melee attacks in rage will be quite the challenge that i don't see majority of players wanting to stay and try to succeed.
  13. The game is made for you to adapt to different situations. I'm not trolling or trying to get you mad, but what you have described can be counted. 1: Vanessa is countered if you know how to do it correctly. She is designed to try to draw your attention away from stealthy, slow repair characters, you should save her to last. If it's a case of lobbies filled with a lot of Vanessa's, then you can easily kill them. if they jump through windows, hit them with a throwing knife, and smash windows so they will take damage if they climb through, regardless of their thick skinned, medic perks, they will eventually get hurt and if you're in rage, it will put more pressure on them, you just need to be smart about it. 2: Again as above, medic will help with the double spray but the more you use your weapons to their ability i.e throwing knifes, it will eventually wear them down, there's a ton of them around the map and a lot with Part 5 and Part 6 Jason's. I like to wear them down and keep pressure on them, eventually they will succumb to the pressure.. Heavy hitter is easy in that you don't get baited into being hit. I like to do the old 360 when they try to hit you or keep going after them until they lose stamina and try to get that stamina recharge bonus stun, it's all about being switched on and alert for when they try to stun you. 3: If you miss the grab then that is a skill error because you were baited or missed the grab. It's the same thing if a counselor tries to aimlessly swing at you and misses, Jason will grab you and kill you. A lot of players will bait you by pretending to run up to you as if they're trying to hit you, then back out to see if the Jason players try to reach which they miss and then get stunned. It's all about outplaying the counselors. It sounds like you were one of those Jason players who used to abuse the old grab animation of being able to reach non stop and do the old 360 quick grab that you can't do anymore. Stunning Jason is part of the game, that's why you have characters like Buggzy, Adam, Fox, Shelly, to protect the stealthy repair characters, with this new patch, Players like Buggzy will be useless because in rage, he won't be able to stun and trust me even with his athletic stats, his stamina depletes quickly and without being able to stun Jason, he serves no purpose and in rage, Jason can see everything so what happens if a really good Jason traps the phone, car, boat etc and people can't repair that because he morphs on them whenever the set a trap off? Those slow characters will be destroyed straight away and will make even more players rage quit. They made the stun time on Jason a lot quicker to snap out of it, i remember when sometimes it would take over 10 seconds to come out of a stun. It's obvious that you agree with this new patch because you're not able to kill Vanessa's and are juked around till the end of the game. Sounds like a lot of people who can't learn how to counter something, so they want the devs to patch things to make it easier, rather then adapt and learn how to counter something. While i agree that Vanessa's shouldn't be just trying to survive the 20 minutes (most lvl 150 players who think their op do it) the whole rage thing is way to OP for Jason and trust me, i prefer to play Jason and i mainly play Adam, Tiffany, Eric and then others if i'm with friends for a laugh. And you can also get into lobbies with people who are new and have no idea what they're doing or players who team up with Jason, so that will be fun when he gets rage and you can't do anything about it. I'd rather the door stun when you walk through as opposed to the stupid stun through windows stun through an locked door thing that used to be in the game (you can still stun Jason if his close enough to a window though).
  14. Lol, at least you can actually drive the car, majority of the lobbies i'm in, driving on a 400 ping is damn near suicide if you have a Jason who knows how to shift. And i've never had the rubberbanding bug happen to me, i've seen it a couple of times, but not to the point where i let it effect me that much. As i said, peoples many complaints were because they kept pushing the the update release. "This games dead" "Release the update aready" etc. I could go on a tirade to you about all the shit i deal with when i play i've played the game that long that i've learnt to enjoy it despite the problems it still has.
  15. It's more realistic. It just takes time to get used to, and i'm sure people will become better players after using it for a period of time. If you think the majority of people had low expectations, then you must not be in touch. People were low on the fact that it kept getting delayed and that turned people off the game because of broken promises. Dude, i play in lobbies that are 300-500 (because of im Australian) So a new grab is nothing compared to dealing with high ping lobbies. I've actually played a few games as Part 7 in 150 lobbies and did better than i did with the new grab.