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  1. @badassgixxer05 Exactly what i did, i posted a few replies and seeing how i don't play the game anymore didn't log in, then when i was bored i logged back in just to see if there was any news on future patches and i see a comment to me which was directed to the OP of this thread which was again being immature and further exposing how upset people get when their egos are hurt, if you're gonna start throwing out shade to people, throw out to the one's who still can't get over something that happened a month ago. @Ahab Yeah yeah yeah, keep exposing the damaged ego off yours pal, funny how people claim i'm still not letting go off all that childish bullshit, yet you went out of your way to reply too me when i didn't even mention you. As i said, keep the ice on the bruised ego superstar. @Slasher_Clone *Cough* Sorry dude, i'm allergic to bullshit and i would never tell someone who can't hold a mature conversation about how adults can put bullshit aside and agree to disagree, which is something you my little friend don't understand the concept off.
  2. @Ahab Wow, so i log back onto this account after weeks to find that you still messaged me complaining like a 5 year old. I made up with some people on here after that thread got closed down, but i still see that you can't let it go because you were proven wrong and took the bait, seems the ego is still bruised. Take a ice pack to that bruised ego of yours and have a chill pill son.
  3. @Slasher_Clone Explain to me why i would to continue to get into it with a troll who can't keep up with a mature conversation? As i said in the other thread, once you resorted to trolling, it only proved that you try to act smart, but when you're called out for being wrong, you resort to childish posts. I don't have to move on, this a public forum and unless i get banned, i'm not moving on, if you don't like these threads, then you move on. His views are open minded like mine, and when i say open minded i'm saying that it;s going to rub people the wrong way because people aren't used to that type of expression. Regardless of what you think, his been trying to hold an actual debate with people unlike you who resorted to trolling when a situation you couldn't handle arose. @J-Ray I'd refer to it as being passionate lol, but yes it is a lot of writing, early part of it was with actual people who were mature enough to respond with maturity and actual points about the topic of discussion, the other half was trolls who couldn't handle being proven wrong and then one's who resorted to threats and called people out on their experience but backed down when i challenged them to test my knowledge on the game. It's a....uh....very interesting thread.
  4. @OCT 31 1978 I can't speak for others experiences playing the game, but i noticed once the lawsuit happened, all this trolling just got worse. I guess in a way, that's why i liked the game before the patch, because obviously fighting Jason to defend yourself is part of the game, but i'm sure we've all had that great feeling when you get a bunch of teamers or someone who is Jason going after you and no one else and you can survive the night and keep knocking them out, Don't get me wrong, escaping normally is what i always try to do, but you have those really pathetic games with people who team up with Jason or he just tunnels you. Sometimes putting them in their place is rewarding. @Slasher_Clone I'm not going to get into a pathetic back and forth again, because honestly, you can't hold a mature conversation, and this thread will get locked, but i'll say this just to get it out there : The "fans" were trolls like you who resorted to childish posting. @Sir Jack might have a mixed reaction by his thread, but at least he is trying to have an actual debate about a part of the game, not resorting to trolling because he was proven wrong.
  5. @Sir Jack That's the issue with most games : When things get too hard or can't be countered, it gets a negative backlash. Look at Overwatch for example, how many times do they nerf and buff characters because people complain that they can't counter certain heroes or this hero is too weak or too OP. I stand by my own personal opinion that th reason why the game turned into a troll fest was because the lack of new content made the game stale. I remember early days that everyone tried to escape via objectives and killing Jason was something we all wanted to do because back then it was a rare thing because no one knew how to do it. Even when the emotes came out, people used them because obviously a new part of the game is going to be popular on release, but it was never used as bad as it got to. I think if the lawsuit didn't happen, then the game wouldn't of gotten so bad, yes, there would've still be trolls, but not as bad as it got to. Remember, we had paranoia mode coming, Jason X, Grendel map and they would've made new counselors, new maps, new clothing, new kills etc, so i think if they had happened then people would've had something to play for rather than just trolling and even if the increased the level cap, more people wouldn't of done what they ended up doing. A good Jason would never let himself be that exposed, if he knew that the counselors were Jason hunters, he would trap the shack, use his first morph to destroy the generator that's located near the Tommy house and trap it (which you stated) and would try to isolate and use his weapons and abilities to their full potential. You'd be surprised how many times i've isolated counselors who are in a group of 5-6 and used a quick shift grab/quick kill. If a Jason knows how to stalk and shift, it can isolate a lot of group hunters. Also, with how the new rage buff is, a Jason could just let you guys get him in rage quickly and have the generator and the shack trapped. I've never soley worried about Jason killers. Everytime i've played, i've always trapped objectives and disabled the generators (manly to find high stealth characters) and i've never been killed as Jason, i've come close twice, first time i used to stalk to shift grab the Tommy and use a quick kill on him, 2nd time i was in a 500ping lobby with all lvl 150 american players and they messed up the kill animation. I think the biggest issue here is that we all have different views and opinions on how the game should be played. As it stands, the main aim of the game given how it's set up is to find objectives and repair them and escape, weapons are used to protect others and yourself, Tommy is called in to help the counselors survive and he is the only one who can kill Jason. That's how it's meant to be played, but it's not illegal to play the game by juking Jason, trying to hide from Jason for 20 minutes, before the patch, fighting Jason until the end or in some's opinions "trolling Jason". The new buff is now telling players that if you want to try to bully Jason, you still can, but once rage hits, you can only juke him around instead of stunning him. I agree with others that the trolling aspect of teabagging, emoting and bullying Jason wasn't in the spirit of the game, but it was manly down to the complaints of people who didn't appreciate it. If no one complained, it wouldn't of been changed, people complained about Jason's grab and they changed it to make it more a skill based option. It was a win for the counselors because they could bait Jason out to try to swing and with how it is now, he is more open to being counter stunned which was what people complained about as well. You can't please everyone, all you can do is try to enjoy the game, and if it causes you more drama then happiness, it's a good idea to play a different game.
  6. True, but escaping via objectives is more consistent given that not every game you'll have players who you can work with to kill Jason.
  7. Have you tried running the swift attacker perk? Any increase in swing speed and can do a lot of difference. With the new update, fighting Jason is only advisable if it's a last option. The way the game is now, unless you can juke Jason for 20 minutes without stunning him when his in rage, escaping via objectives is your best bet.
  8. @Slasher_Clone I'm only stating the facts dude, it's not my fault you can't handle the truth. If anyone's to blame for this getting to where it was, it was you for resorting to trolling, and that was only in regards to you not being able to accept the fact that i listened to people's complaining about the double posting, that's when you acted like a troll. I get it, your ego is high and you're a proud individual, but sometimes it's better to admit you were wrong then resorting to childish name calling/trolling posts.
  9. I had a game where i was Tommy and my friend had just been killed and it was me and Vanessa and she grabbed the sweater and i thought "cool, we'll kill Jason". Little did i know that the Jason and The Vanessa were teaming up because they didn't like the fact that in the previous game, they were killed by me as the Jason, so they decided to team up, juked Jason around for the last 5 minutes while the Vanessa was just following me around. Had another incident where there was a whole lobby of friends trying to kill me and my friend. They even went as far as trying to block the doors with the cars. Ended up escaping, but you wouldn't believe how far people are willing to go to kill someone.
  10. I remember when the game came out and for a while after it's release the grab range was ridiculous. Jason could grab a counselor from across the other side of the road. We used to call it the magno grip. I actually watched a stream of a youtuber who played it around the release date the other night and he tried to swing at Jason, but Jason was still coming out of his animation of killing a counselor and he literally ran 4-5 steps and Jason grabbed him when the original motion of the grab was swipe down animation but it would grab people miles ahead of what it should've. Sometimes it glitches a bit now, but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
  11. @Slasher_Clone Well you and me were having a productive conversation until you started to troll, so by your logic, you should practice what you preach. Just some friendly advice ( - : I think the only failed attempt to troll was your attempt at it. Thinking it would wind me up when all it did was make you look weak for not being able to hold a mature conversation. Nevermind, i won't be the last person you resort to trying to troll, so if that makes you happy, then by all means, continue doing it.
  12. If you look back at the start, i was having a proper argument with other users, it was only when the trolling started, that this all became one big joke as in how pathetic it has become, the reason it's the same repeated quotes is because the people i have replied to have failed to re read what i have said and have asked or said things that were already answered/said. I wasn't the one who started the trolling and insulting, maybe you should say that to other members who clearly disagreed with what i said and kept on replying. I've given plenty of facts dude, weather those people choose to believe it not is up to the, i've even asked certain members to quiz me to see if i'm lying or actually telling the truth, i can't help it if they're too scared of being proven wrong. I can respond to who i want to, i'm not insulting you, so what's the big problem? @Kodiak Dude, i've been on heaps of forums, and i've never had an issue with "spamming". And it wasn't spam, it was replying to each person who replied to me, In fact, what you did was pretty harsh as well, you could've given me a warning, but you gave me a strike. I would've listened to what you said hence why i ended up changing the way i posted. It's funny because @Ahab has been saying the same things even going as far as insulting me personally and even resorting to threats, but i'm the bad person lol. Not that i care, just saying me getting a lecture, but others aren't is pretty pathetic. Hey, i came on here wanting to voice my opinion, and i had good users who respected that and others who resorted to insulting, i never wanted a pathetic thread of childish behaviour.
  13. It's more skill based than what is was beforehand, you used to be able to miss grabs and get away with it from time to time, when they changed it, if you missed, you were an easy stun, so to a lot, they saw it as a nerf but i never thought of it as a problem, just meant being smarter with your reaches, rather than being able to spam the grab animation. You were also able to spin around quickly and grab someone behind you, the new grab doesn't give you that luxury.
  14. @badassgixxer05 As you can see by my join date, i joined in may of last year, but never posted because i used to look at the the playbook thread, to get an insight into how other players played the game and it was good to see how many other people were passionate about the game that there was a detailed thread explaining every bit of the game in depth. Certain users can say what they want about me, it doesn't faze me, but i can respect people when they deserve respect, others, not so much. @Slasher_Clone Again resorting to trolling, that's the problem, most people see fault in others, but can't see fault in themselves, i think you need a lot of growing up to do before you understand that phrase. The fact that you said you can't be bothered to look it up just proves you can't hold a serious argument/debate, need i say more? Lol, ah yes the old mom joke, really struggling now aren't we? Yep, considering that you tried to be serious but when you realized you had dug yourself into a hole, resorted to trolling, if that's what the other forum users know you as, then you're correct : Someone who tries to be serious but can't when his been outplayed ah, just like the game, sorry, had to say it. That was generous from you, i'm sure controversy is always exciting to you, i'd picture you as one of those one's who sits back and watches because maturity is clearly not your strong point, just pointing it out there, don't get upset. I know you're not really mature, but even you know deep down inside you thought i would never change the double posting, i can tell it pissed you off when i did because you thought i wouldn't listen, and i've already said, if i got banned i wouldn't care, because look at how long it took me to reply, a week was it? I told you, i don't get on here that often, so getting banned wouldn't be a issue, maybe for you it would be, because you'd lose that excitiement of trolling, you need me, i don't need you. Actually i believe your cookie response was because i prove to you that i could change what was considered spamming, you resorted to the cookie reply, not because of a joke but because you wanted to be a smart ass because you were proven wrong, that was your choice buddy, not mine. We all have bad posts, you missed the entire point, when someone is new to a forum, normally unless they're literally abusing other members, they get some respect and help if they don't know the rules, people on here on the other hand, decided to be pretty insulting, yes i joined mid last year, but i never posted so i had no idea how the guidelines worked and the fact that i got a strike because i "spammed" when i had no idea shows how shallow and pathetic people on here are, if that's how you treat new members, then i'd say your a pretty shallow person but lets be real, how much of it had to do with the fact that my opinion was different to yours? Who were slapping around? Hey, i wouldn't want it any other way, if you got banned by the mods, i'd probably ask them to unban you lol because getting banned over this is pretty pathetic as it's only a ego battle on these forums, we might disagree on a lot, but i wouldn't want anyone banned as that would be a sign of weakness. See what i mean? You have no issue calling others a troll, but when you get called a troll, it's a big deal. Again, double standards. I'll probably be here 6 months later, if i don't get banned because i wouldn't be shocked if i did, because mods would probably ban me eventually with the amount of people crying to them about me, but i won't be posting as much as you because i have more important things to do in my life, i only get on here when i have free time. As someone who says i don't get jokes, you didn't get the joke lol, how does it feel to have your own phrase used against you? *Welcome. Proven fact by these posts Slash. I am sorry, and you'll have to deal with me being at camp, or you'll be asked to leave. You wish, but unlucky for you, you don't deserve any poetry. I'm reacting, but not in the way you want me to, you want me to get upset and start attacking you, if you've noticed, out of all the stuff that's happened in this thread, it's been me who has been the most calm, unlike you and Boris and others who have gotten quite emotional from what i have said. Took me about 2 seconds, pretty good eh? eh? Again, why would i want to ask the opinions of others who you get along with? i already said in a previous post, what if the roles were reversed and everyone was attacking you and agreeing with me and we said, "Slashers a troll"? Would that mean based on that logic, that you legit are a troll? I'm not interested in what others have to say, more so one's who like yourself don't agree with my opinion, so to answer your question, no, it shouldn't be judged on a biased forum members, i think anyone who has never seen this thread would be clearly able to see that you tried to be serious at the start, but when you were proven wrong, you resorted to trolling, i became silly as well ONLY because that is what you and others resorted to, you'll see other users who responded to me in a mature way, i kept the same level of maturity to them, you on the other hand not so much because that's how you reacted. Lol so much modesty, the way you talked then, you'd think your some higher power on here, i think that's cute, no really, that's pretty good. Oh no, i don't know what that means, sorry, because according to the "joke", i'm lesser than you right? and they say i'm insulting lol, but it's a joke right? i wonder if you're going to take that last part seriously, i guess we'll find out. @OCT 31 1978 If i'm a troll and i'm being fed, then why are you feeding me? Not saying i'm troll but what you just said, your actions are going against what you said, your the one who tried to hold a conversation, but when it got too hard for you, you backed off, funny how i wasn't a troll until you couldn't come up with anything mature anymore. Hmmmm, words of a upset, beaten person? That's a nice attempt of drawing me, almost looks like me, but i have more legs than that, so i find that a bit insulting. @Ahab That wasn't even directed at you, it was at slasher, and if you had paid attention, you'll see that i used to post what 7 posts in a row? Now it's down to one post, replying to multiple members, so yes, that comment was proven wrong to Slasher. Again, my opinion is different to yours, so of course you're going to say that. Haha, agreeing with the mods about how these conversations should be 1 on 1 PM is crying? Wow, and i actually thought you were probably the smartest one of the bunch, but now that credibility is out the window, and that comment to the mod is only further enhanced now, because it only proved you and the others can't do PM, because it needs to be public so your friends can see and like it, pity, i thought you were a worthy foe, but you slipped up. The whole reason why this thread started was because people got upset with my opinion that was different to theirs, that's when the PM should've happened, i voiced my opinion in a public thread, if others didn't agree, they could've PM me, why would i do that when i want the public to see it? Also, if you PM me, you wouldn't be able to do your wise cracks because only you and me would see it and the others couldn't so that's no fun to you right? Oh, i know they have been watching, but when one actually says it openly, it makes you think that maybe PM would be better, but like i said, that's not your style. As i stated above i'm such a worthless troll, but you take the time out of your day to reply to a worthless troll, so either you let trolls get to far to easily, or what i said actually effected you because you knew that what i was saying was true. Claims to be not annoyed but tries to insult other member, and you wonder why i say you are in denial, but whatever helps you sleep at night buddy. Just look at our reactions, i have showed no signs of being upset, you on the other hand have shown clear signs of being upset, insulting and trying to label someone stupid and a troll well "worthless", do i need to say more? Your claim that i was upset was agreeing with a mod about PM messaging lol, it only made you say that because you got exposed again as someone who can't do 1v1, i'll say on this thread right now, you want to PM? Or are you to scared to do that? "I", yes "I" is your opinion, but if the police got involved, that's not your opinion is it? How many other people do you think would deny they've done nothing wrong, but been arrested or fined? And did you really take that threat thing seriously? Oh gee, this is embarrassing, a troll not even knowing what's serious and what's not. Oops. Trying to save face again, of course you can say that because it's over the internet, my original posts about the new patch obviously spoke volume because look at how many people responded and i wasn't even trolling lol. I said early on, when you speak the truth and aren't afraid to say what others can't, it will spark backlash because you're saying what others know but don't want to admit. Remember, this all started because i said people couldn't adapt to how the game was played and that was the honest truth as admitted by a lot of members on here and they wanted a change. Yes and i have also given you props for what you have said and i have also admitted that you are more experienced than me and you have made good points, so just be a bit more careful before assuming things, because this whole thread is laughable to us all, what i've said, what you've said etc, but i can actually be pretty respectful but it's a two way street and why would i give out respect to a upset troll like you? That's a nice little story, but calling you Boris wasn't suppose to be an insult, you answered your own comment, it was because of your profile picture, i could've called you worse but what's the point of that? No, i am sure you will be back as you're on here way more than me, but i am sure we will chat again, i am a bit let down though, i was hoping you would quiz me because i said, if you know that i am lying about my experience with the game, you'd have no problem giving me a quiz and proving me wrong, guess you backing down gives the sign that you actually believe i know what i'm talking about? Oh and what happened to your little morale victory rant about me not playing for a year? That really hurt inside didn't it buddy lol. That hurt the ego a bit. I'm sure you'll recover it's been a week so i hope by now you aren't to upset but i hope we speak again, and like i said if you want to PM, then we can do that, if you don't, then it only proves my point that you can't do 1v1 and this whole time you've been posing as an "act".
  15. Even though i don't like how the game has changed since the new patch, if this would get new content out then i'd be up for it, it would revive the game and bring a lot of old players back and bring new one's in. Hopefully something happens in the future where new content can come out because the game is too good to be left for dead and needs to be kept alive.
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