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  1. After I got all tapes I don't need to speed loot anymore, so I set my counselor to random. Playing as random is really fun, not knowing who you will be and have to adapt to the counselor you are given. Fooling around with different perk builds etc. Before I mained Tiffany because she looks nice, and she's good at running. So I vote Tiffany. *edit* Maybe you should add random to the poll.
  2. Ok, I'm a big fan of f13, been playing it since release day on ps4, not everyday of course but I played it quite a lot. Been lvl 150 for 4 months now, and have all tapes etc. I had my eye on dbd because it "seems" like a similar game, some of my friends are playing it a lot. I watched them play, and also watched some yt vids, and was not impressed so I stuck to f13. Now when it's free on ps4 I had to try it, free game is free game right. So after playing the tutorial for survivor and killer, and read through all the text tutorials I started my first match. Wow, that was boring asf. I kept on playing, match after match for 4-5 hours, and it didn't get more interesting. Sure, I'm a n00b at the game, and maybe it will be more fun when (if) I get more experience, but right now I doubt it. A good game pulls new players in so they want to continue playing, dbd did not. If I had payed money for it I would play so I could get something back for my cash, but now, no. Maybe I'll log in tomorrow and try another couple of matches, but seriously I'm not looking forward to it.
  3. I guess not a lot of people know about this since it's not exacly main stream music. The Death metal, Thrash, Grind crossover band Frightmare have 2 albums that's pretty much all about Friday the 13'th. Sure the albums are old: Midnight murder mania, is from 2003, and second Bringing back the bloodshed is from 2006. But the music is superior, I have been listenisng to this stuff since it came out, and I'm not bored yet. For fans like me it's very sad that Maniac Neil didn't continue with Frightmare. Anyway, they quote a lot of Friday 13'th stuff in their songs, and the music is catchy asf. So any one that like metal music should check it out, if they haven't already. This stuff is top notch metal, and i'm not just saying that. This music is better than most (if not all) other. Actually I dare you to find proper metal that is better than this.
  4. Those are duplicate Pam tapes. When you have all you can't pick them up, when you find a Tommy you will be able to take it.
  5. Thank you very much for your reply. I won't watch the video because it's about outside, and I don't want to spoil it. I also found a walkthrough here which I can't link for some reason, says it's out of date or something? Seem like I missed that I have to do stuff in virtual cabin v.1 ? Thanks again mate.
  6. I found my last Tommy right now. That feeling when I found it, pretty sweet. ? Finding the last tape felt like end game achievement, now I can start playing in different way and don't have to care about looting. I might even change my spawn pref from counselor to middle option. Total I found 4 Tommy and 2 Pam during this event.
  7. Hey guys, first post here. ? I have to share what happened just now. Ok, so I was playing as Jenny and got locked in open drawer animation. The room had 3 desks and I got locked when opening the first drawer, leaving 5 unopened drawers in that room. I coulden't move or do anything, I could move around but was locked, you know what I mean. When everyone was dead or escaped all I could do was wait for Jason to hit me, soon enough he showed up and grabbed me. I knifed him and jumped out of the window, running to the next cabin, he followed and I ran back to where I was before. The very first drawer I opened had a Tommy tape in it. ? Same room I've been locked in all match. lol Then I just waited for Jason to kill me, haha that was pretty crazy. Only 3 Tommy's to go now, can't wait to get them all so I can stop running around looting and actually start doing some useful things. Cheers!
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