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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. I won't watch the video because it's about outside, and I don't want to spoil it. I also found a walkthrough here which I can't link for some reason, says it's out of date or something? Seem like I missed that I have to do stuff in virtual cabin v.1 😉 Thanks again mate.
  2. Wait, what? Did I miss something, I never seen a way out of the virtual cabin.
  3. I found my last Tommy right now. That feeling when I found it, pretty sweet. 😁 Finding the last tape felt like end game achievement, now I can start playing in different way and don't have to care about looting. I might even change my spawn pref from counselor to middle option. Total I found 4 Tommy and 2 Pam during this event.
  4. Hey guys, first post here. 😊 I have to share what happened just now. Ok, so I was playing as Jenny and got locked in open drawer animation. The room had 3 desks and I got locked when opening the first drawer, leaving 5 unopened drawers in that room. I coulden't move or do anything, I could move around but was locked, you know what I mean. When everyone was dead or escaped all I could do was wait for Jason to hit me, soon enough he showed up and grabbed me. I knifed him and jumped out of the window, running to the next cabin, he followed and I ran back to where I was before. The very first drawer I opened had a Tommy tape in it. 😁 Same room I've been locked in all match. lol Then I just waited for Jason to kill me, haha that was pretty crazy. Only 3 Tommy's to go now, can't wait to get them all so I can stop running around looting and actually start doing some useful things. Cheers!