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  1. What is embarrassing is illfonic or gun media or whoever fucked up an update that we waited several months for
  2. You're one of those guys that thinks he's the smartest in the room but in reality you lack intelligence
  3. The game is too dark. No gamma rays gonna help you goober
  4. The devs have had long enough to iron out this game. A year later theres still major issues
  5. Is it only the bugs that bother you? You mean the bugs that fuck up the game?
  6. This game is absolutely broken. I also believe if gun media didn't have the Friday the 13th license then no one would still be playing
  7. That was very inspiring. I still might not play this game anymore
  8. Jason is too weak now. But it doesn't matter cause the devs turned the lights out anyway
  9. Except for the single player challenges this update is hot garbage.
  10. The update is meeeeeehhhhhh. They almost made it too dark. Can't see shit
  11. Hes a patriots fan so I think that explains it lol
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