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  1. Gun can't even make a functional game. They're the worst
  2. Gun wasn't honest with their player base. I'd look past that if they could at least fix the game. But whatever
  3. Add this to the laundry list of problems in this game
  4. Phantasm is the tits. The original was one of the scariest movies I ever seen as a kid
  5. Haha fat hardy I just got back from my most recent suspension.
  6. Game is broken. Time to abandon ship just like the devs did
  7. Devs have shown that they are incompetent. The game is beyond broken and they don't seem to care
  8. Let's' face it the newest update is an absolute disaster. I'd rather play the NES Friday the 13th
  9. Hey may be new to this super cool forum but he makes all valid points
  10. Illfonic should step down. Each fix makes the game more broken. It's ridiculous
  11. Wutang clan. The crowd put their hands up and method man walked on them as he rapped.
  12. Its the absolute worst but unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about it
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