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  1. Quick question will your data from disc carry over to digital? I had physical before and plan to switch to digital now that it's on plus. I want to make sure all my save data carries over first before I delete the disc though. I think it should but not 100% sure.
  2. Sweater audio seems missing at least sometimes. Was playing a match I was Tommy and sticking right by sweater girl. She started the sweater stun without saying a word only reason I noticed is I happened to look at Jason to see him stunned. Got the kill but still no audio for it is should be fixed.
  3. I want it raised as it gives more incentive for people to keep playing while they can. There are some people that go for that kind of thing trying to collect everything they can. It's nice to have goals other than just try to escape.
  4. I think there is a window rubber band glitch now too. Last game I played Jason was after me I had climbed out the window and my feet were on the ground and he did a grab and I teleported back into the cabin in Jason's grab. Someone else said they saw same thing earlier too. I've seen it happen a few times now.
  5. A lot of people who have been playing this game for months already have most of their badges at 3 stars. Why not further increase badge achievements and add 4 or 5 star badges? It would be a simple thing to do to possibly maintain more interest in the game cause a lot of people myself included like collecting things.
  6. Just had a another really sad game which makes a good story at least. So I find the fuse and signal for Tommy to come help me and hopefully guard the box. He follows me and I start on the repairs and shortly after while I'm starting to make the call Jason morphs over and Tommy immediately flees even though he's still got his gun. End result is Jason smashes the box about 1 second before I can finish the call. Next up I decide to go get the sweater in his shack hoping the cowardly Tommy might be able to redeem himself. I get the sweater Jason is after me but the 4 seater with Tommy driving has drove up nearby and is honking. I barely run to it low on stamina..and get driven over. Thanks Tommy!
  7. @ShiftySamurai What about when jumping out of a 2nd story window and Jason hits you right as your going out and you start hovering in midair and can't move? Or going in a hiding spot then trying to leave and finding out it won't let you leave the hiding spot and Jason can't perform the hiding spot kill either so you both just sit there waiting for the timer to run out? Not sure of exact cause of this 1 when it happened to me I tried to exit hiding spot about the time Jason stepped in my trap. Not being frozen in place unable to move should be pretty critical..
  8. The match ending early thing always seemed to happen when either Jason killed Tommy or Tommy escaped. So if your Jason do not kill Tommy til last unless you want to risk the match ending early. Also a trick I've learned from getting stuck putting the prop on the boat. Spam crouch and try to move and it will let you after a few times. It's still annoying sometimes getting stuck to the car/boat after repair but at least spamming crouch can fix it.
  9. Survived the full 20 mins in a 1 on 1 match as Deb on Pac. Host was spamming ready up even though it was just him and me so I was like whatever and readied up. Thought I was dead for sure but he was either really new or not using his abilities cause I didn't see him shift, stalk, or even rage bust through any doors.
  10. I'm set on counselor preferred and always play Deb for stealth/repair. I fix things but I will always let the other people drive as I'm one of the worst drivers ever and will crash within seconds. I try to fight as little as possible especially if its 1 vs 1. I will try to save grabbed teammates at the car and stuff if I have a weapon but I often won't even have a weapon since its usually me finding the repair items and dragging them to the car or boat myself. For the few times I've played Jason in the past I played p2 and I'm a total goof off and do some things many probably find really strange and or crazy. An example I love to smash the car like if someone doesn't get out of the car and just keeps trying to start it up over and over I will sit there and just smash it every time. I've done that for 10+ minutes at times not even trying to kill anyone. It's pretty funny to see and hear other peoples reactions when you do really odd stuff like that.
  11. Depends on the type of game. Ps4 is very much in need more more multiplayer horror games. It's kind of silly we only have 2 real choices right now. It's either this or DBD and I grew to hate how boring repairing gens on DBD is. They have made a lot of mistakes on this game but I've still put in at least a good 350-400 hours is my guess. So more than got my money worth even though all the bugs, trolls and host quits are very annoying at times.
  12. Yes on both. First thing I did when I saw how dark it was was to crank the gamma way up. Just wish there way a way to fix how close the camera was to your char too.
  13. Yeah it seems any time Tommy either dies OR escapes the game decides to just end. I've seen it happen several times now. One of the games I played earlier another person and me were near the police exit. I was Tommy other person was near me but was just taunting Jason instead of leaving so I decided to just leave them. Right after I exited the game ended with the other person still alive.
  14. Managed to immediately catch myself in a trap after setting it up. It might have been cause I was crouch walking but still immediately catching yourself in a trap once you complete setup is something that really shouldn't happen.. I think I figured out what causes the match to randomly end now too. Often it ends soon as Tommy dies or escapes I've seen it end immediately after those 2 things even though people were left. It seems there is a bug that ends it soon as he dies or escapes..
  15. A lot of the quick play crowd doesn't use mics. Like often only maybe 1-2 people in a lobby will be using a mic and sometimes 0 at all. Not many use the emotes well either but I'll occasionally use them. I've led 2 people to Pamela tapes by flashing the flashlight on and off and spamming come here emote before. I have all her tapes so the times when I see another I try my hardest to get the nearest person's attention to come grab the tape. For the rare times someone has a mic and is actually asking me a question about the game like "do you have the keys" I will do the no emote if I don't have them.
  16. Seriously how did this patch pass quality control? Match randomly ending early even though people are alive and Jason is still around, getting stuck in a glitch unable to move when you repair stuff (boat for me I heard another got stuck to the car this way), drawers magically self closing themselves after you loot them? Who ever passed this patch really has some explaining to do. I'm getting more glitches than ever and its making me not even want to try to repair stuff as soon as you repair you might get stuck in a glitch as a sitting duck.
  17. Freezing next to the boat might happen every time someone puts the prop on. For the 2nd time in a row on ps4 I just got stuck to the boat and couldn't move. I guess boat isn't an escape option at all til this is fixed. I always use Deb dunno if its char specific or what. Another bug I loot a drawer and sometimes it closes itself even though I took the item from the drawer..
  18. On ps4 put the propeller on the boat suddenly I'm stuck to the boat and can only spin in a circle til someone else takes the boat. As if going on the boat isn't risky enough now fixing the boat sometimes gets you stuck to it..
  19. Saw the game just randomly end on ps4 with 6 minutes left on the clock right after Tommy died even though 2 people were left alive and the Jason was still there.
  20. 281k CP stockpiled right now and still 0 interest in using it. Would take hours to roll all that and in the end probably get nothing I'd actually use anyways..so not worth it.
  21. I tend to only every play QP cause nobody is ever on for PM's the random hours I play. I often see the average Jason wipe the lobby probably 75-80% of the time is my guess. Unfortunately if you play with randoms in QP though usually only 1-3 people at max will even bother trying to fix stuff its why I only play a repair char these days. I did see 3 back to back Jason kills during double exp by some very good players but before that it had been easily a few hundred matches between when I last saw a legit Jason kill vs 1 who was trying (not counting the Jason kill vs the Jason who was flat out afk the whole match obviously) Saw a group of 4 Chad's who was sticking together saving each other last 10-15 minutes vs Jason but he eventually slowly killed them all and killed the last 1 right as time was running out. Really though he would have done a lot better if he was slashing instead of solely grabbing in a group.
  22. I've used the sweater on Jason from within a cabin before but never that far away. I was the only 1 left alive with around 15 mins left to go so I just sweatered him as he broke a window. I think if he's near a window at least you should be able to use it on him. Probably not if he's really far away though.
  23. Thought I'd share the last game I just had since it ended up surprising me. So game starts and it ends up being 4 vs 1 on pinehurst which is also my least fav map. One guy dies very early so its now 3 vs 1 and I'm thinking the odds of any of us surviving are slim to none. A few minutes go by and I guess the Mitch fixed the phone and called the police (doubt it was the Tiffany) which surprised me and I was thinking "wow good work man". Tiffany and I meet up then spot the Mitch being chased by Jason and Jason decides to go after us instead. He chases us to a cabin then I can hear him trapping every window and think "wow he must really want us dead". Tiffany decides to hide under the bed leaving me as the decoy. Wait why am I the decoy when I'm Deb and your Tiffany? Oh well whatever. Jason breaks down the door and I juke him around the furniture and run out the door and get trapped wow he not only trapped the windows but the door too. He grabs me but luckily I had a knife and spray so I run off. As he's chasing me Tiffany starts running for the police. He ends up running me out of stamina since well I'm Deb but my good deed paid off as I get picked to be Tommy immediately after I die. Check the map and see Tiffany running out soon as I became Tommy and see Mitch is slowly moving towards the exit too. Meet up with Mitch and Jason is after us so I shoot him so Mitch can get away. Jog with Mitch up to near the police exit to see Jason is a few feet in front of it. We both stop for a few seconds as we consider our options since I'm now unarmed. I decided to do the first thing that came up to my mind and I just casually walked up to Jason and let him grab me. Jason actually took the bait got knifed again and Mitch hit him for good measure and we ran out. Surprising 3/4 of us ended up escaping on pinehurst. Was pretty surprised my plan of just casually walking up to Jason and letting him grab me to be knifed worked too.
  24. So this is a simple enough idea I think many might be able to get behind. Would anyone else love it if they just mapped using a health spray on others to another button? I know I would. Most people myself included have probably used a spray on themselves instead of a near dead teammate when you climb through 1 broken window and forget you were just barely injured. Sometimes its just hard to tell if your injured or not especially if your sticking close to someone else. I know you can just drop it for others but well if Jason is near dropping it just leads to them running the wrong way half the time instead of actually using the spray. So yeah a different button for using spray on others would be awesome.
  25. I just had a game freeze on the load screen. It sat on the loading screen for several minutes and nothing happened. Messaged the host asking if it froze for him too and he said it was frozen too. Was a good host for several rounds too but completely freezing on load screen for all? That's a major pain and there was probably salt added even though it was nobody fault.
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