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  1. Lol nah i'm a pretty high level, I just find it funny. It genuinely warms my heart when me and my boys have a funny gaming session. Some wholesome stuff.
  2. I legit have the thick skin perk, as in Your trash talk has no effect on me bruh
  3. Teaming can be pretty funny though. My buddy played it for the 1st time. Once he was Jason, I trapped a player in the room with a gun while he taunted the player then killed him. I've no issue with teaming. Another funny one was my buddy threw the councilor on the ground for a kill while I teabagged him lol.
  4. I've stolen the car many times. It's funny cause you see them running after you while you peep the horn. I stole a car on sat. Jason stopped me and i ran circles round the car. He eventually gave up and i escaped
  5. Like the title says, i'm struggling to find a game recently. I wait and wait trying to find a game. Is it a sony issue or is the playerbase going down due to the lack of new content? It's hitting them feels, all I wanna do is cause mayhem
  6. I agree but there's no need for your mic on, especially if you aren't communicating
  7. If someone's playing music, I tend to blast terrible music back at them. I've never understood why players switch their mics on with music but I guess it's a troll tactic
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