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  1. I've stolen the car many times. It's funny cause you see them running after you while you peep the horn. I stole a car on sat. Jason stopped me and i ran circles round the car. He eventually gave up and i escaped
  2. Like the title says, i'm struggling to find a game recently. I wait and wait trying to find a game. Is it a sony issue or is the playerbase going down due to the lack of new content? It's hitting them feels, all I wanna do is cause mayhem
  3. I agree but there's no need for your mic on, especially if you aren't communicating
  4. If someone's playing music, I tend to blast terrible music back at them. I've never understood why players switch their mics on with music but I guess it's a troll tactic
  5. Just a little dig at your previous comment. No need to mention masturbation once again
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