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  1. Fair. We did apologize, acknowledge our misinformation/mistake, on Twitter and in a video in June, and since then, we make sure we have all the information out there before making rash/harsh statements. I hope that people see all that now, and don't base their opinion of us based on one Tweet created out of anger, sadness, and passion.
  2. Of course, always lurking, seeing some of the dope discussions that have gone on, and hang out in the horror discussions.
  3. Uh, what exactly have we said to make us "the worst", if you don't mind me asking? We have always said that anything Victor says in an email doesn't mean they can move forward. We share the same thoughts here.
  4. Yeah, we made a human mistake when reading. We apologize, and made a clarification in our comment section of the video. Talking out of our asses? Not really, just a mistake. Going too far? Don't see how a statement is going too far.
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