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  1. Question for the devs. Will there ever be a patch that enables you to keep your unlocked features like Jason skins, counselors, perks, swappable weapons, etc., while completely offline? The servers will go down eventually and I don't want to lose everything.
  2. No, he doesn't. He gets pretty much everything that makes Friday the 13th what it is -- Crystal Lake, Jason, Pamela.
  3. Let's not spread false hope. It depends who wins the lawsuit. If Victor Miller wins, this game is dead.
  4. The feature should have been baseline with each new weapon unlocked with each Jason that carried it.
  5. Holy shit, dude. This is a damn good idea! We better get some dev eyes on this pronto.
  6. To your first paragraph, that's not an accurate assessment in the least bit. To your second, inconvenience IS a problem. Saying it's not means that no it should NOT be changed, which is exactly what the devs want to hear. I'm not saying other fixes aren't important, but this "inconvenience" does negatively impact my ability to farm the XP I'll need to unlock weapon swapping.
  7. Video games are meant to be fun though. Inconveniences like this majorly hamper the fun.
  8. That IS a problem, actually, and it's the problem I'd like Gun Media to solve by not sending us back to the main menu screen when we finish a bots round.
  9. You're not wrong. Jason feels way weaker than he should. He's basically just a counselor with teleports and insta-kills now.
  10. So... you want to make Jason even less threatening than he already is? You may want to play a different game, OP.
  11. I think we should just disable key spamming for this altogether and simply rely on the counselor's own skills to get out of Jason's grip. It's annoying as hell as it is, if we make it any easier for counselors to get out Jason will lose even more of his threat than he has already.
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