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  1. Just finished my grind with the bots jumped from level 70 to 113 starting Thursday was not fun but now I have weapon selection. The easiest map for me was Packanack Small on easy and eventually I mastered the pattern of the bots where they spawned when they activated and could clear a match in about 5-7 minutes unless they called Tommy. If you immediately morph to the lodge there's 3 there right off the bat one of which is waiting at the door by the radio and will usually walk straight to you.
  2. filmguykev91

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    That is way too high this should be a feature that is automatically ready to use, leveling up in this game takes forever unless it's double XP weekend and even then your lucky to get even a few levels in with the amount of people who quit. Would having a triple XP weekend or higher really be out of the question just so there's a chance to catch up?