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  1. that sucks. I suppose its like how Dead by Daylight only has the rights to remake Freddy but not the original
  2. now do you guys think Lori from Freddy vs Jason is too out there for a new counselor? would you want her to come with that version of Jason and maybe a Springwood map? seeing as how Freddy, Springwood and Westin Hills get brought up in the tapes then there is precedent for it
  3. so basically anyone that tangled with Jason and is still alive? that leaves Ginny, Chris, Trish, Tommy, Pam, Reggie, Megan, Tina, Nick, Rennie, Sean, Jessica, Steven, Rowan, Tsunaron, Kay-Em 14 and Lori from Freddy vs Jason
  4. Ginny Field from part 2 would also make a nice change I was going to say Chris Higgins but we already have Jenny so...
  5. Dead by Daylight has a nice solution for this where if the host quits out then everyone else gets a “Quitter Bonus” of 500 points and I feel like thats a nice compensation for wasting your time and bandwidth on a whiny saltbaby
  6. so my bf and I were discussing the other day how it would be cool if you didn’t always spawn as Tommy when you use the radio and sometimes you spawn as Trish instead with some small differences idk I just feel like its a nice way to shake things up a little
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