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  1. Great question, and the short answer is it's complicated, but I can shed some insight just from only my experience. If they are trying to get console approval, they have to come up with a design doc and some playable content for concept approval. If that does not get the green light (Like the Daredevil game) then they can resubmit with some changes and go back and forth until it either gets the green light or rejection. So trying to get shit out on a console is a bitch, because you have to pass their standards, and get dev testing console equipment but on a PC game you can pretty much do anything you want. It's cheaper, way cheaper. Why do some publishers reject public beta testing? The short answer is too many people writing up the same bug. Hundreds of beta testers will find the same bug and will write it up and send it in, now some of the bugs are direct and to the point and easy to follow, and the next guy can write the same bug and make a fucking G.R.R. Martin novel out of it and you have to filter out that bullshit. And also maybe they have a massive QA department that is working 15 hour days from India for next to nothing and is turning in some decent bugs that is not overwhelming the dev department. Because ultimately, if you if you send too many bugs to the programmers, they just say fuck it. I'll fix the easy ones and get those out of the way because the hard ones take too much time and effort to iron out without causing problems somewhere else. For example, I worked on a space combat game and it crashed 100% if you warped into a particular zone at a particular time. This bug was found in late alpha and went nearly to the launch date, turned out it was a text/font issue on a message in game that took just enough ram that would cause the game to crash during that transition. So, the goal is to find as many bugs as possible before launch. Quality over quantity for sure, because the thousands of players out there will eventually find these issues and you don't want that obviously so you have your QA guys find them and the dev guys fix them and go back and forth until its as clean as possible. I just don't see any evidence that these guys did that, they may have outsourced their testing to India (which is stupid idea for many reasons) or just had their dev guys test it out themselves (another stupid idea).
  2. True. Unfortunately these guys make more problems than fixing existing ones.
  3. I appreciate it but I'm just done. I'm level 150, bought the additional content and sent them some bugs to check out. I was a test lead for 15 years and worked on hundreds of games and I have seen some seriously buggy shit, I even worked on a Daredevil game for the original Xbox and it was nowhere near as buggy as this and it didn't even get passed standards approval from Microsoft. And I also worked for a few startup dev companies that was just trying to make that one game that people would like enough to buy, so that we could have enough money to uy food for the next week, so I get it. I know they had a crowd funding thing that helped generate revenue and I think it's awesome, it helps out with the high costs of making a video game. But once it gets approval and launches and after all of the expenses for promotions and ads and licensing and everything else, you start making some really good money, maybe you should take that money and put it back into you game. If the gameplay is relatively sound, graphics are decent, that's great. But if the game is actually FUN to play, people will talk about it and others will get into it, and that's what this game is. People also talk about how buggy it is and it's by far the buggiest game I have spent money on. And I am shocked at the amount of bugs that are not only being ignored/not fixed, but that the vast amount of new bugs that have been introduced by this new patch. I am equally shocked of the lack of QA testing done on this patch, perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe they have a good QA department there, and the production department just decided to wave off the bugs as 'Features' or 'Acceptable'. In either case, this once buggy but fun game went right to completely unplayable and enjoyable for many of us who paid for this game. That being said, the fact that with the revenue generated has not been incentive enough for them to figure out dedicated servers is a major issue with most everyone who plays. Profile data syncing is another issue and I have found myself victim of that bug and am unable to play anymore. Their biggest hurdle after this patch is networking issues, if people cannot even connect to the game with their profile to play, they play something else and tell anyone who gives a shit how bad the game is and to not buy it. Look, I can live with counselors being able to attack me as Jason as I'm breaking down a door. I can live with players playing ring around the rosie with me going around and around and around the archery range deck when I am out of knives. I can also live with the players who do absolutely nothing but follow me around the entire fucking game with a flashlight on. I can live with those things, but if I cannot even connect with the game with my profile to even play.......I'll just go play something else. But it does go further than that. I am one of those guys that actually follows good developers/publishers and buy their games. I can list some of them but, you probably don't give 2 shits but may be able to relate. Rockstar, EA, those are just 2 big names that make me think of companies that made some game that I really enjoy. Gun. Illfonic and Speedtree will be forever branded in my mind of a group of people who made an amazingly buggy game that was fun as long as you could log in and play and without the host rage quitting. That's what they will be remembered for. I need another beer.
  4. REALLY wish they would test this shit out before putting out a new patch. FUCK THIS GAME.
  5. I downloaded the new patch and was able to play for a couple of hours and now when I press the "A" Button on the Title Screen, it crashes out and I am back to the home page on the xbox. However if I switch users and play as a guest, I am able to play but on my main profile I am 150 and have 50k in points to spend on perks. Anyone else getting the same problem?
  6. I can't believe they released this game as buggy as it is.
  7. I wish I could even play it on Xbox, it crashes as soon as I press the A Button and sends me right back to my home screen. Great job guys. Maybe with all the money you made you could invest in a decent QA department (NOT FROM INDIA) to test your patch before you make it public.
  8. It would be cool to have a rare perk called Designated Driver, where you start the game with car keys. What do you guys think?
  9. Yeah I hear ya on that. What I do now is I set traps by the windows. I also lock myself in a room or simply hide in a closet or under a bed and they literally stand there forever, waiting for me to come out. I honestly do not understand why players do this.
  10. I wish stealth worked on other players, nothing I hate more than someone following me around the entire game, not contributing to anything other than getting me killed.
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