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  1. i have only had the game a short time but jason very rarely can catch the car and the times he did i was in a decent game of people playing as a team and communicating
  2. SuperMonte84

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    well damn looks like i wont get that for awhile im only level 13 just got the game
  3. SuperMonte84

    spawn preference

    sorry i meant roll for perks
  4. SuperMonte84

    spawn preference

    and be able to change perks sucks having to back out then have your spot get filled
  5. SuperMonte84

    Looking to Kill Jason

    plus no need to add to the toxic players in this game already
  6. SuperMonte84

    Looking to Kill Jason

    i wont unless they annoy me i just want the badge
  7. ok thanks trying to talk my friends into getting it but no bites i had low opinions of this game myself until i played it now im hooked rather play this anyday over cod or fortnite
  8. damn well then salt mine explains alot then lol and i hardly find pocket knives ever only time i get them is if i come back as tommy but im more aggressive with the bat and such now i dont always run from jason now i wanna get a group and kill him which btw does everyone get the badge if jason gets killed?
  9. SuperMonte84

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    sure thing add me up im down for sure
  10. SuperMonte84

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    im down to play had to find a game latley add me up XHanzoHasashiX
  11. wow the worst ive had is not finding a match and salty jason players i thought the salt mine was supposed to prevent that i havent left a match at all
  12. hey looking for a group of people that work together to kill jason i wanna get the badge for it and no one works together they all take off when you mention it please someone kill him with me this is on xbox btw
  13. honestly love the game though i only just got it im perfectly fine waiting for the update gives me time to level up and practice my game getting better at solo play as its not often you get a game of people that communicate or even have micsso please take your time and keep up the good work you guys have an awesome game and your true fans will always be here for support
  14. SuperMonte84

    Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers

    honestly think this would be a more interesting fight to see they are both pretty even but if they did it in a movie it would be a silent one lol