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  1. Oh amazing. I was really getting frustrated because I met him more than once, but I thought somebody else would take the trash and report him but it never happend although. And since I don’t have a channel on YouTube it would be problematic for me to upload a video on YouTube :) I hope devs you would take a look and end the game for such people.
  2. I appreciate the warm welcome. since im new, i dont know about your cheating policy, but in my opinion you should be punished for doing such things. I was also wondering about, I would be able to upload bigger file sizes so I can show the prof I have. Best regards Oliver, the critical game player
  3. Hello Friday the 13th: the game devs, I just wanted to report an unfortunate situation, about a cheater. He had an unbelievable speed, high attack speed (attacked before even able to see). And an unlimited number of pocket knives. I wanted to provide a video. But the file size is too big. Please contact me, remember I do have steam ID and video. Best regards Oliver, an unsatisfied Friday the 13th: the game player.
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