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    The Playbook - Techniques and Strategies

    Sorry to burst your bubble…... But she simply mistimed it. She stunned you while you were stunned….. If you don't believe me , she started to talk before you even were shifting. @Sinisterslither This Video was awesome. I actually learned the technique once , after I saw a Jason use it against a Tommy. He fell for it twice. That Jason was great.
  2. The Wolf with that Toast

    Can't play as all the jasons in offline mode

    No Problem! Seems like I remember most of the Things the devs said.
  3. The Wolf with that Toast

    New F13th Soundtracks Available For Sale

    Ok , thanks! Yeah , really everyone loves the Part III Disco Soundtrack.
  4. I love that Cartoon. It is so awesome. I can recommend everyone buying this Cartoon for sure!
  5. The Wolf with that Toast

    Is the Crystal Lake Map Accurate?

    I am really interested now! Seems to have some similarities but not that many.
  6. The Wolf with that Toast

    "Only Dicks Slash!" - Having Fun Again

    There are multiple kills that lead to the Status asphyxiated , decapitaded and even murdered………. That one really made me laugh more than I should. Well , anyways we Always appreciate your Knowledge , @Tommy86.
  7. The Wolf with that Toast

    I just realized something...

    Well , most People on here got it Long ago. (I hope I don't Sound like an asshole but your post just Comes so randomly...and doesn't really help , sorry)
  8. The Wolf with that Toast

    What do you want to see from the next patch?

    Underlined and Bold means it is : Very important. Only Underlined means it is : Pretty important. Italic means it is : Minor but everyone would appreciate it. -Jason should be able hear the same score as the counselors (Part IX hears his own Part IX theme and not only the counselor , Part VI hears his own theme…..) -Make Jason's Slash less punishable (Make the counselors flinch longer after getting hit , they shouldn't be able to hit Jason after directly getting hit by him or atleast give Jason enough time to run away from the hit). -Fix the Party glitch. -Fix the spectator glitch. -Increase Jason's Health drastically. -Fix the invisible window barrier. -Being able to bring more kills with you (You can only bring 4 kills with you? You can't even choose all weapon kills if you have a DLC kill pack. Make it like , that you can map it on PC on 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 and on PS4 press R1 [and whatever it is on Xbox] while you grabbed someone like when you activate Jason's abilities.) -You should be able to block outside of Combat stance as Jason. -Fix the interaction lock. -You shouldn't spawn in as a random counselor or a random Jason. -Since so many People want it , The door should be broken if you rage through it. -If you rage through a door , you shouldn't be immediately punishable. -There should be more throwing knives on Crystal lake , Crystal Lake small and Packanack small. (I hope that those can be added , if not due to the lawsuit , Forget this Point) -Make Jason's recovery from a whiffed grab finally much Shorter. Or make it like you can trick a counselor into hitting you but you can turn away and grab again. -Give every Jason one more trap (instead of 3 Traps with -Traps , you have 4 , instead of 5 Traps , you have 6 and instead of 7 , you have 8 with +Traps) or just give -Traps Jason's one more trap , so that -Traps Jason's have 4 traps instead of 3. And for fucks sake , bring back MEAT-SHIELDING! PLEASE! -If you grab a counselor , this counselor now can be used as a Shield for Incoming Damage. I know , this sounds very Jason favoured (look at the other Posts and you can only see one guy who suggest something for the counselors) but I can't think of something bad for the counselors (except the Sprays but they are just at more random spots now but People can adapt easily) but it is because they have it so much easier now. The onliest Thing hindering them is the glitches. It is too counselor favoured now , please , this game is supposed to be Jason favoured. Jason is a joke now , my Friends (who just began playing the game) don't even want to Play as Jason because they know , they will be destroyed by the counselors. And please , don't break anything else. I don't want to lose more Players. And I know you guys don't want to lose them either.
  9. The Wolf with that Toast

    Nerf Medic and fix Jason's Blocking

    If they are the same perks , then no.
  10. The Wolf with that Toast

    What was Paranoia going to be

    I think they never said that. If I remeber correctly , then I think there already is a similar Topic on this.
  11. The Wolf with that Toast

    Offline bots and Jason kills (not MP or PH.D)

    Well , it's more safe to do Private Matches.
  12. The Wolf with that Toast

    New F13th Soundtracks Available For Sale

    And JGTH isn't? Part V is atleast normal and you can be for Roy. Well , they are the movie Soundtracks , Right? Not the game Soundtracks?
  13. The Wolf with that Toast

    Speed cheaters

    Yeah , you better don't Show their names on here. It's against the rules. Don't Forget to report them on Steam too. And because of the mic , unmute and mute again. That usually works.
  14. The Wolf with that Toast

    Offline bots and Jason kills (not MP or PH.D)

    Okay , I have it both on PC and PS4 and on PS4 I got the one 666 kills Trophy offline. That also was just after an online match. I now checked on PC and I had 433 kills. I went to offline bots and I killed 7 bots. And I got 439 kills…… I also slashed the last one dead. Weird , Right? Now I did another one with only one counselor , and killed her (I did not Slash her) but it still Shows 439 kills…….so I guess the last one just doesn't Count? …..I don't really know to be honest.....I guess….Maybe it works? I think we Need more evidence. Well , you also can't go wrong by Private Matches. Did you grind those Private Matches? Or where they just fun Matches , where you played normally?
  15. The Wolf with that Toast

    Offline bots and Jason kills (not MP or PH.D)

    Sorry but I just don't understand you. I don't get this Point. After a match in offline bots , it reverts Progression. Let's see, if you had 100 kills , and then kill 7 bots , after the match ends , it reverts back , so now you have 100 kills again. But you get the Trophy mid-match , so if you have 1306 kills , you could do the last 7 offline..... Wait , if this is mid-match…...what happens if you quit the game? I am going to check it. I'll be Right back.
  16. The Wolf with that Toast

    Still Undefeated

    You know , there are good Jason's out there. How About killing the less skilled Players first , so they become Tommy? I only got killed once and that was my first match ever. Only came once close to that but Tommy failed to press X/E. Now I am very experienced.
  17. The Wolf with that Toast

    Cop Exit Glitch & Hilarity

    Wasn't there somone who already posted a Video About this? But anyways , cool Story.
  18. The Wolf with that Toast

    Can't play as all the jasons in offline mode

    Yeah. I think like two years. It can't be over THAT fast. In the ''When the Servers go offline'' thread , Shifty said it.
  19. Well , that's good to know. I was preparing for a another rant. Probably won't take that Long. I already played with Alder and @Redcat345 (well , atleast I saw Redcat in the Lobby , I had to leave then). And also Slash 'N Cast and Mad-Eye Yokai. And yeah , only personality and behaviour Counts. But if you would hear my voice , you'd probably think I am a child though…..Didn't grow properly. Damn it , I wanted to say the exact same Thing. I recognize that Name....what were his other works? Because of the Immersion. What's even wrong with them? I'd looooooooooooooooove a first Person for this game. It would be soooooo awesome. And tense…..just imagine Jason directly behind that door (what a great jumpscare…..) and you run away with a bit of a shaking view…… You don't know , how much jumpscaring Jason's would appreciate the screams…..They are already awesome….but they would be like......an...….erm…...an orgasm? I didn't find a better word now…..
  20. The Wolf with that Toast

    Running into a lot of toxic players at level 150

    Well , they don't have to share it....I also listen to Music sometimes. But I don't let it Play loudly on my mic. Well , I know some guy once played Music and I was driving the car…..I thought why not? Well , he then went through the window and danced on the other side. Well...….I just crashed into the cabin….and he died. My Friends and I were laughing our asses off. But he became Tommy and ''juked'' Jason the rest of the match…...well , that was stupid.
  21. The Wolf with that Toast

    Can't play as all the jasons in offline mode

    They will. They already confirmed it. Who knows , Maybe that's why we are waiting so Long for the patch.
  22. Well , there is more behind it. Only I know the stories behind them. Well , I am not that old (and I also don't have a girlfriend…….not that easy as a gamer…...). I take that as a compliment , so , thanks! @badassgixxer05 I think , that you think I am a child. Just a reminder , I am from Germany. I don't think you can speak completely English below 17. Let's just say I am older than 20 years.
  23. The Wolf with that Toast

    "Only Dicks Slash!" - Having Fun Again

    Sometimes , I just feel like a plain old Slash kill. It feels good sometimes. Although rarely. Any Variety is good Variety.
  24. The Wolf with that Toast

    Bots have much pocket knifes

    I think there is a rare Chance that they can spawn with one. Happened to me once.