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  1. The Wolf with that Toast

    hey there

    What an awesome Name.
  2. The Wolf with that Toast

    What do you consider a lose as Jason?

    Man , I would love to feel like you. But. I. Can´t. Stop. Putting. PRESSURE. ON. ME! Have you got any tips for me? I already am afraid when I see my Jason in the Intro. And @lasse_hei , welcome to the right side.
  3. The Wolf with that Toast

    Is Jason X content going the way of Paranoia?

    Yeah , all of us...... Forget it.
  4. The Wolf with that Toast

    Alt. Hock for Part 4 Jason

    I think , he is talking about the missing hair , and thanks for the comparison. They even did the Chevrons wrong.... there is definitely something mysterious behind this Jason...really stupid....
  5. Sounds good. Why not? Aaaand....Welcome to the Forum! Don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/ We are happy to see you!......atleast most of us.
  6. The Wolf with that Toast

    Designated Driver Perk

    Definitely not.
  7. I think , if you shoot a flare gun in the sky Jason can still be revealed. But I am not sure on that.
  8. The Wolf with that Toast

    Alt. Hock for Part 4 Jason

    Would be nice , if you could show a comparison. His whole appearance is fucked up in my (and many others) opinion.
  9. The Wolf with that Toast

    The Most Buggy Jasons

    Well , Part IX , because he is my main , duh.
  10. The Wolf with that Toast

    Daytime maps

    If it is a sunny map , then you could sweat and lose more Stamina or something like that. Funny though , the first match I ever played , I thought it was daylight.......probably because I was Jason and got killed , and then I saw the kill Animation , where everything gets so bright.......
  11. The Wolf with that Toast

    I Talked With Tom McLoughlin (Writer/Director) of Part 6

    Nice work , man! Really interesting too!
  12. The Wolf with that Toast

    Speargun idea for Jason

    Yeah , I know that. But would be freakin´ awesome though. In the movie , where he did the kill , you can see , that he had to use the lamp thingy to stabilize him though , if you look close enough
  13. The Wolf with that Toast

    What is your favorite vine?

    I thought you were talking about whine. They are good to get a quick laugh though.
  14. Jarvis House is actually my favorite map as it is now...... I can understand why most don´t like Pinehurst (somehow) but I thought Jarvis House and ...cough Pineworst (that is how some People actually call it) cough are received the same way. The main house in Pinehurst it´s very hard to know where all the drawers are , which is sad because it could give some cool chases. I like the big maps as Jason because I can Play more relaxed then. I can like a good challenge as Jason but not when I am stressed and they put all this pressure on me with all 3 objectives getting started. If they do that , I think they want to give me a Burnout!
  15. The Wolf with that Toast

    To all the guests I see here

    Well , I finally came here to ask those questions that were burning in my Soul.....In the end , i got accused of being new and having an/too many opinion/s. Yeah...