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  1. The Wolf with that Toast

    Congrats to The Wolf with that Toast!!

    Yeah , I was nervous (and felt a lot of pressure) when I played as Jason , I don´t know what I did but the thread I made helped me a lot.
  2. The Wolf with that Toast

    Congrats to The Wolf with that Toast!!

    Yeah but I don´t like being nervous though.
  3. The Wolf with that Toast

    Any Friday the 13th predictions?

    And also the guy who gave you a thanks. Okay , I am kidding , I will brag….in a Special way….. I am gonna make a Party!
  4. The Wolf with that Toast

    Congrats to The Wolf with that Toast!!

    Woops , I forgot the evidence : Sorry for tripple Posting....
  5. The Wolf with that Toast

    We Need to Talk About Jason...

    Where do you come from? That is the wrong thread. And since you´re new here….. Welcome to the Forum and don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/ We are happy to welcome you!.......Well , atleast most of us!
  6. The Wolf with that Toast

    SpeedHacker in F13th

    The best Thing is , when they are then trying to troll Jason and try to save the other counselors but you end up killing all of them….well except the hacker. Still feels good.
  7. The Wolf with that Toast

    Tapes collected during event

    Well , I am finding them on a Pretty regular Basis , and I just got two more during the Events.
  8. The Wolf with that Toast

    It's been fun...

    And the Killers rarely kill and when they do , it Looks fucking horrible and ugly. Like seriously , you would imagine if Leatherface puts the chainsaw through your chest and holds it up , your Body would split Right? Well , not in DbD , just some fucking ugly blood bursting outta your chest. For comparison , look how Mortal Kombat does it :
  9. The Wolf with that Toast

    SpeedHacker in F13th

    Yeah , you have to pick Hack/Exploit. And also , if you Play on Steam you can also report him there if you go on his profile (I would prefer doing both). I don´t really know About PS4 and XBox though but there aren´t many (probably no one) who is hacking there.
  10. The Wolf with that Toast

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    Well , I think I forgot to add why I love Jason. I love him also because he was the real victim and you can kinda relate to him (especially if you got bullied). And I also love his brute Kind. And much more. I think he defines the word ''Slasher''.
  11. The Wolf with that Toast

    What Are You Playing? (Other than Friday the 13th of course!)

    Ok….erm….actually sounds a bit interesting , could you Maybe tell us more?
  12. The Wolf with that Toast

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

    Well , I kinda think the two People who gave you ''a thanks'' weren't.
  13. Definitely this. But besides that , People that Insult you. That can really ruin your day sometimes.
  14. The Wolf with that Toast

    Congrats to The Wolf with that Toast!!

    Okay guys , believe it or not but I actually played with Mad-Eye Yokai too. If you don´t know him , he did some good Videos and a very good tutorial on Stalk. I saw him in the Lobby and I thought : Hmmm….probably an imposter but I checked how many Mad-Eye Yokais there are on Steam and...ther is only one…… So I wrote in the Lobby Chat : Holy shit , I think think this is the real Mad-Eye Yokai! He then said (this was the Point where we knew it was the real one , due to his voice) Yup! I responded with : Awesome. And also thanks for the Stalk tutorial! It was sooo cool. But my heart beat really fast because I was so nervous. But damn , I am usually a really unlucky Person in every Situation but not in this game. I get legendary medic at Level 25 , Meet Slash 'N Cast and Mad-Eye Yokai…… He also played as Kenny and Part II Jason at Level 140 , if you wanted to know. And also , sorry for double Posting but I just wanted to share this.