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  1. The Wolf with that Toast

    Favorite Animals?

    Well , if you couldn´t guess already.....Wolves. The Majesty and coolness.
  2. The Wolf with that Toast

    Should "Twins" Be Removed From The Game

    I don´t really care to be honest. Let them Play who they want to and the ones who don´t care Play random. Just think of the Kids who won´t Play as Tiffany anymore! Oh noooooo.
  3. The Wolf with that Toast

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Yeah man! Some People are just a bit stupid. Aaaand welcome to the Forum! Don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/ We are happy to have you here!.....Atleast most of us. @TiffanyCakes You should maybe learn the difference of invisibility and invincibility. Just saying.
  4. I don´t really get it , that so many People are angry that it is a Level 113 lock. It´s not that different from bloody Skins. You just look different and your kills may look different. Except the spear and Trident but it´s pretty fun to Play with the spear in my opinion.
  5. The Wolf with that Toast

    cursed image 066

    I want to die now.
  6. It´s so much better if you compare it to today´s Music.
  7. The Wolf with that Toast

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Yeah , I am Level 130 and it never happened to me. And honestly , I think the counselor should die if he got caught. Like , why should there be no risk? I just hope , if you are set on random , that the bloody Skins and all that now work properly.....I hope that for @Truth....It still hurts. I think I should stop the reading the comments on what the devs post.....like what the actual fuck you can read here... Ok let´s start: Gun should hire me but I am too good for them!....... That is Chad in fucking real life. COUNSELORZ GET NERFZ , JASON TOO OP! Y´all crybabies! This Game got no Players , everybody switched Dbd!lololo Another Horror game is coming out , this game will die! Devs are full of shit and are pretty Little liars! Door combat gets removed because Jason Players are too stupid to break the doors down in an unintended way! This Game is shit! Jason deserved better! This Game is an embarassment for Horror! ..... Like holy fucking moly! Give them a break! Man , did your parents never taught you to say thanks? THIS JUST MAKES ME FUCKING ANGRY TO READ THAT SHIT! .....ok.... now to my opinion. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! I AM FREAKING EXCITEEEEEED! I wonder though , how These invincibility Frames are going to work out. Oh man , I love the devs. ooooh Baby this update makes me happy!
  8. The Wolf with that Toast

    More Jason Artwork between loading screens

    Click on your Name on the top of the site and click on account Settings.
  9. The Wolf with that Toast

    Vote Map Feature

    Yeah , this sounds good on paper but we would only be playing packanack small then. It is already the most played map.
  10. That would be really cool and it would probably encourage PC Players to buy the game.....but that will probably only work when dedicated Servers are out.
  11. I am really surprised , that it wasn´t ,,His Eyes´´......I am actually kinda sad.
  12. The Wolf with that Toast

    Single Player Challenge (and more) Release Date Trailer

    That is nice! Well , we are gonna get those 113 Levels pretty easy , since we now know how to Play the game.
  13. The Wolf with that Toast

    Single Player Challenge (and more) Release Date Trailer

    Well , I guess I am gonna join the PC Players , when it gets on sale.
  14. The Wolf with that Toast

    Single Player Challenge (and more) Release Date Trailer

    Freakin´ awesome! Oh Baby , that is freaking awesssssomeeee! HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAAAAAH!
  15. The Wolf with that Toast

    Jason quitting while being killed?

    Well , only once and that Jason got trolled pretty hard.....so I could understand him....and he was the host.