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  1. No I will not make out with you! I’m here to talk about Jason everybody, not to make out with you. Get on with the update.
  2. Playable? He dies in the cut scene. You have a brain. Use it.
  3. No dedicated servers? Not the update we need. A bunch of random shit that doesn’t even improve the game. #NotMyUpdate
  4. What’s not gonna happen? The update being all that it’s cracked up to be? You’re probably right.
  5. Remove the dancing emotes. I don’t give a fuck who paid for it. Issue refunds - I don’t give a shit. It wasn’t my dumb idea. And release this update while you’re at it. Although this update isn’t probably all it’s cracked up to be.
  6. Jason would just stay at the RV. Jason would just stay at the front door. I just KILLED both of your dreams.
  7. Bear traps haven't appeared in any of the movies either. Does that keep you up at night too?
  8. Cool story bro. Next time contribute to the discussion or hit the bricks
  9. I’m totally with you. I already have a love/hate relationship with the emotes. I mean who’s really going to bust out a dance move when they’re being chased by a maniacal killer?
  10. Jason needs some emote love too. Maybe one like this https://tenor.com/view/fridaythe13th-jason-friday-gif-5452235
  11. You do realize they are auto-aim right? The trick is NOT aiming. The trick is releasing the trigger quickly before the counselor moves out of the way. The more you know! *rainbow*
  12. The kills you get towards the achievement online get reset after an offline match? I call bullshit.
  13. I hope Victoria Sterling comes with a legendary perk that enables dedicated servers. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  14. Bullshit. That’s their own fault. You know why people are such low levels when they play a lot? Host leaving. It all comes back to host leaving. If there were no problems with the connections or hosts leaving, everyone would be at LEAST 20 levels higher. I’ve been kicked out of thousands of matches due to that, not even exaggerating.
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