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  1. @mattshotchaI've been talking about this bug for a long time. please fix it as soon as possible. 这个bug我已经说了很久了,请尽快修复吧。
  2. But that's not the case. If you run out of stamina and interact with the window, the E key will jump over the window instead of crawling through it.
  3. If you run out of stamina and interact with the window, the E key will jump over the window instead of crawling through it.
  4. You should only interact with the bedkeeper when you hold down the shift key to make a window jump. This is reasonable. Even if you run out of physical strength, you should not skip the window without holding down the shift key to interact with the window. You should slowly turn over the window. 应该在只有按住shift键时,与床户交互,才能做出跳窗动作,这样才合理,就算体力耗尽了,但是在没有按住shift键与窗户交互时就不该跳过窗户,而应该慢慢的翻过窗户。
  5. When the instructor presses the shift key to exhaust the physical strength, release the shift key, and interact with the window will directly jump over the window instead of slowly turning over the window, and after the physical recovery, still lock the jump window, you need to press the X button In order to unlock the window skipping bug, this problem has been a long time, but it is still unresolved, I hope to fix this problem in the next patch. 当教官按住shift键把体力耗尽后,松开shift键后,与窗户互动会直接跳过窗户,而不是慢慢翻过窗户,并且体力恢复后,依然锁定跳窗户,需要按X键一下才能解除锁定跳窗bug,这个问题已经很久了,但依然未解决,希望能够在下个补丁中修复此问题。
  6. It is recommended to speed up the game to fix bugs. It is too slow to implement the monthly update of so many bugs. You should learn the production team of Soul at Stake, which is updated almost every two days. We are not asking how perfect the "Friday the 13th" is. I prefer to see the attitude of the producers. 建议加快游戏修复bug的速度,这么多的bug还实行每月更新一次的进度实在是太慢了,应该学习《Soul at Stake》的制作组,他们几乎两天更新一次。我们并不是要求《Friday the 13th》有多么的完美。而是更希望看到制作人员的态度。
  7. Still my clothes look good
  8. My Pamela tape and Tommy tape are all in one. The Pamela tapes were collected in more than three hundred hours, and the Tommy tapes were assembled in more than five hundred hours.
  9. The game stopped new content, but unfortunately Chinese has not yet released. If you can speak Chinese now, this game will still attract many Chinese players to buy. It has been more than two months, what is the progress of your consultation? 已经过去两个多月了,你咨询的进展怎样了呢?
  10. Is there a celebration of XP, CP & Tape generation increase of 130% on Friday, July 13? 7月13日星期五有没有XP,CP&磁带产生几率增加130%的庆祝活动?
  11. Please count the killing of Offline Bots into the progress of Badges, at least until the server is shut down. 请将离线Bots的杀戮计入Badges的进度,至少在服务器关闭前做这件事情。
  12. I was completely disappointed with the game production team and did not follow the Chinese promise. I had previously urged the production team to send out Chinese, and then I only sloppyly responded to the phrase “I went to ask about this matter,” and then I could not let it go. 我对游戏制作组彻底失望了,不遵守中文承诺,之前我曾发帖督促制作组出中文,然后却只是草草的回复了一句“我去问问这方面的事”,然后便又不了了之了。
  13. I had collected Pamela Tapes for 300 hours or so, but Tommy Tapes only collected 3, and I have not found Tommy Tapes for more than three months. I hope the production team will increase the probability that Tommy Tapes will appear.
  14. I hope that this time can attract high-level attention.
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