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  1. I was completely disappointed with the game production team and did not follow the Chinese promise. I had previously urged the production team to send out Chinese, and then I only sloppyly responded to the phrase “I went to ask about this matter,” and then I could not let it go. 我对游戏制作组彻底失望了,不遵守中文承诺,之前我曾发帖督促制作组出中文,然后却只是草草的回复了一句“我去问问这方面的事”,然后便又不了了之了。
  2. It's been more than ten days since the posting. The official hasn’t responded
  3. I had collected Pamela Tapes for 300 hours or so, but Tommy Tapes only collected 3, and I have not found Tommy Tapes for more than three months. I hope the production team will increase the probability that Tommy Tapes will appear.
  4. 丑小怪

    The Fate Of The Road Map

    I hope that this time can attract high-level attention.
  5. 丑小怪

    The Fate Of The Road Map

    The team did not follow the promise. The promised Chinese language has not been released yet.
  6. Hello, I'm a game player from China. I really like this game. When the game was not yet available, the production team had promised the Chinese players to speak Chinese. However, the production team seemed to have forgotten this commitment. Since the game has been on sale for nearly a year now, there is still no Chinese news. On behalf of all the players from China, I once again asked the production team to abide by their promises, launch Chinese as soon as possible, and give Chinese players a reasonable explanation. 你好,我是一名来自中国的游戏玩家,我非常喜欢这个游戏。这个游戏还未发售时,制作组曾向中国玩家承诺会出中文,然而制作组似乎将此承诺忘得一干二净,至今游戏已经发售近一年了,仍然没有中文的消息。我代表所有来自中国的玩家,再次恳请制作组遵守曾经的承诺,尽快推出中文,并给中国玩家一个合理的解释。