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  1. I agree. I've said this from day one but let me ask this question and yes while I'm probably the unpopular opinion here and realize that this game has been a MP planned game from day one. Let me ask you guys this... what happens after the initial hype has worn off and say the MP wasn't all that and the game parties die out? What happens then? A wasted game? I'm not trying to hate here but bring up a very good point. I've brought games on con consoles that were MP based and it never cought on and the rooms were dead and the SP was a training game so basically wasted cash. Now I know for a fact that F13 will definitely be hot for at least a month or two but what then or what if it's not. JMHO an question.
  2. Waiting patiently for F13th game!

  3. They could just make 2 disc for the game. 1 for MP and 1 for the cabin diary, 3 disc if there's a SP. That's the standard in today's game that has SP & MP. JMHO and a thought.
  4. First to be fair, each actor that played Jason brought something to the character that the other actors built on. But in my opinion option the two Jason's that are the best are in this order. Kane and Myers. If ethier of these two were in the running I'd be happy. But all in all, Kane's my man.
  5. Crazy Ralph: Play F13 SP/MP for 16 hours straight. Good for a clan/ party event night on weekend
  6. They could make a F13 with the dad as the killer and bring us up to speed in the story as far he played a part in it. Most people hate on Rob for those movies. I happened to like the 1st remake. Yes, the 2nd one did suck.
  7. I would love any type of remake or a new one except a found footage film. After all, the 2009 remake kind of answered the fans who say he didn't drown and stayed alive and how does get every where so fast. I would be happy to see a movie where the part 5 should've been. Tommy took over Jason's persona.
  8. Hey guys. The gentlemen who is starting a group on pc got me thinking. I would like to start a F13 Group for the PS4. If this is even possible. If you are interested or have ideas in helping me get this started please feel free to pm with your idea and PS Tag or let me know here. What I want to do is have a friendly community where we can play the game, watch horror movies as a group on Netfix. If the group grew on caught on may be some of us, myself included would buy PS4 Store point cards, nothing crazy $10 cards once in a while and give it to the one with the most kills, craziest death etc. I plan on calling it Carl's survival cabin . Your thoughts?
  9. I know, I may be called crazy here but there has been games out there( COD MW2: had massive civilian murder scene in airport, COD MW3: Family with baby gets blown up and another WW2 spy game ( had nudity)that have a pop up when the game is put on for the first time with a warning regarding such scenes that some may find offensive and offer you a option to skip it and off a option to lower the blood in game. While it does seem silly to offer this on a F13 game it may be useful to some people who prefer not to play with nudity or so much blood. Just MHO
  10. I'm feeling silly today. My wife bought a mini Game of Thrones figure and put it with our other figures. So while she was in the bathroom I took a pix and posted it on FB. Here's the pix. Lol The caption read " I told my wife not to put her GoT Grey Worm fig next to Jason, but did she listen to me??? Noooooo!"
  11. When you see a dead body.. bad place to hide When Jason chases you or you escape..Suck this Jason When your going to get killed you can say..I sould stayed home. These are just a few lol
  12. I agree with what Mark K said. The battle field series does it so it can work.
  13. We just have to hope that the game allows party chat especially if each counselor starts the game at different starting point, which I think will happen or what's stopping everyone staying in ine place and ganging up on Jason. Just a thought.
  14. No I wasn't lol. I love that idea in fact I was thinking if you we able to have game chat/ party chat or even talk on cell or party phone lines with the people you were playing with EVEN Jason would be in room and basically live out a scene to the best of the games abilities and play out the movie. Just a dream hopefully we can make it a reality. That's what I plan on doing/ trying.
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