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  1. I was sent to the salt mines for the first time last night and I've never quit a match early... before or after the update. 😆 Hosts left a few times, and the last game I played before being sent to the mines I was the last survivor and out of nowhere I got booted and my screen simply said "you were kicked". Sure ragers are being punished, but so are people who never quit or leave. Why would a quitter stop quitting when he's going to be sent to the salt mines either way? It's clear some things need to be worked out.
  2. Got my first legendary perk, spent about 13,000 CP (on top of what I sold back) Slugger with 15% attack damage increased, 1% melee stun chance decreased, 3% melee attack increased. Guess I'm luckier than OP
  3. CrystalLake

    Update for 5-24-18

    I thought I saw a while back that thunderstorms would be re-introduced with the engine upgrade as well. Could be wrong tho.
  4. I found a fair amount on Xbox during the event, it left me need only 1 Tommy tape. I didn’t even SEE a Pamela OR Tommy tape for over 3 weeks (I play every day), but I finally found my final Tommy tape last week. They’re out there.