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  1. @BrokenFattHardy input please.I respect your opinion
  2. Basically the devs in the forum right now.... Lol. I will never and I mean eeeevvvveeeeeerrrr purchase an illfukit or gun media game again. This was my favorite franchise. I grew up with it. It is essentially a good chunk of my childhood. This game was a dream come true for real Jason fans the sp challenges were fucking beautiful. Its just terrible when fans love your game more than you do. Save some face for the love of the sweet fat baby jesus and give us the end date. Like when are you gonna pull the plug. That way out of all the other things we have been bent over and gorilla pounded out of at least we could say some sort of goodbye to it. Gun didnt kill this game in the same way O.j. didnt murder nicole.
  3. Im done being nice about any of this...... So I will say nothing. I keep getting news about the game from sites that are not this forum. Apparently that cant even be done properly.
  4. Yes I imagine ash as a less ninja like batman. Shotgun and chainsaw. Battle baddies. It could run like f13th instead of counselors have deadites only one person a round gets to be Ash. 5 vs 1. Have deadites have a cooldown on abilities,with ash being the only one armed would be some good online matches. But a campaign or story mode is a must. Im not a true gamer though got old, got kids etc...... What do some of you think would be the most proficient game mode for a title like this(I lack on the creativity front because of a diagnosed lack of empathy Im not a serial killer Ive been tested) ?
  5. Not really Well maybe not in guns hands but with the popularity of the show hopefully someone kicks the idea around
  6. I would love to see a new evil dead game, with the graphics of current consoles the varied maps and baddies someone please make this happen.
  7. 1) Friday the 13th 2) Nightmare on elm street. 3) The exorcist But Im talking complete overhauls and reworks. M. S. G. A. (make stabbing great again)
  8. Yes! Fuq dead by daylight I would love a freddy exclusive game. He is my 3rd favorite movie murderer. Dont let negativity on the forums bring you down we are all dead inside.
  9. Sob story for me is I had faith in it. Thouroughly enjoyed it for a short time. Wanted and hoped it would be better got confirmation it would be, then it died.
  10. I agree with ralphie here, gamers attention span are that of fruit flies. Its a different generation."Gratification now !"should be the slogan of millenials. I fear without news, fixes, or dlc they are gonna wander off like a drunk white woman at IHOP at 4 am.Believe it or not their focus is the same......."jingles keys" hey young people you paying attention? "Jingles keys again" there you are they are shiny huh? ROFLMAO
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