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  1. I hope somebody make a page or website to have fundraise or donation for this game support?
  2. I just deleted it for now because xbox update and dedicated server is not out yet and if come out i will play again and i really like for friday the 13th game and jason voorhees won the lawsuit and all future dlc comeback and important stuff like the jason x, grendel map, and alternative game mode(paranoia)
  3. No offense but dbd team should create whole friday the 13th: game and made it perfect but i hope the fans, jason and sean cunningham helping the owner of this game and stop the lawsuit
  4. You still gonna remove the jason x or gonna stayed it for longer before his update?
  5. I stop quickly and i think i gonna wait when dedicated server comes out and let see what dedicated server help the game so much and if not i gonna just play other game but i will play the game sometimes and i hope in late august we get a road map
  6. Wow, don’t remove jason x anymore because we already he will be there and we know his stats and grab kill
  7. I like the flower, orange look like prisoner, pink look like janitor, blue yellow and other color look like a house pillow, yellow look like a winnie the poo and the military is good too but too boyish
  8. Like laggy run, glitchy hair, slowing down, and i quit during game after i see those again!
  9. I think the glitchy and buggy can fixed when they get dedicated server perfectly and update it or not because the game still under developed
  10. Yeah like higgin haven put the car on barn door like barrier and get inside the barn, boila y’all survive!
  11. Are we able to carry the dead body like to hide or surprise the victim?
  12. Keep playing offline bot for this week and next week because double xp and can help u level up
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