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  1. I like rolling for perks in the lobbies, too, because perk roll are way faster than in the main menu (and I blew past a million CP a while ago, so the backlog can be real). However, 1) I make an effort not to hold lobbies up / only do it briefly while waiting for them to fill and 2) I think you can just start a private lobby to get the faster perk rolls (@Carlso).
  2. @mattshotcha The last patch was the best support patch, by far. It restored my faith and confidence in this game and your commitment to doing right by us. The issues you are targeting are spot on, and I am genuinely excited that you are working on them. If these next patches are as successful as the last one, you'll have knocked it out of the park. 🤞 Thank you for bringing this game closer to its amazing potential!
  3. I've been playing all day (on PC) and haven't seen/experienced this.
  4. So far, post-patch, I've played as Jason twice. I've tried several different environmental kills, and they've all worked. 👍
  5. Let us choose Tommy to be the counselors. I just want to play one Offline Bot match on Hard where I don't easily kill every single counselor...
  6. No problem here; I'm still 150. No one else in my lobby is Level 1. So, it doesn't seem widespread.
  7. Yeah, this keeps happening to me. I have to quit the game and restart it multiple times before it finally connects. Getting into a lobby is damned near impossible, as well. It can take 20-30 minutes before getting into a game (which will probably not have a full set of players).
  8. While we wait for the roof glitch to be fixed, to those who continue to exploit, let this be your warning! (tbh, I have no clue how this happened) Furthermore, upon hanging you from the roof, I will then make you my love slave. You will be dead Spiderman, and I will be Mary Jane -- and that's just the beginning of the sick, awful things I will do to your body!
  9. I have yet to see a patch where fixing one thing does not break (often re-break) another. The worst for me after this patch is having to kill counselors over and over again because environmental kills fail after triggering them. It used to be only once in a while that a counselor would be "dead but not dead." That said, I've gotten a few snickers out of Jason looking like Darth Vader using force choke. I call the image below, "You've disappointed me for the last time, Tiffany." 😉
  10. Maybe Savini could be released or sold just for use in Offline mode, just so curious people could take him for a spin against bots/get the desire out of their systems. I don't consider Offline part of the core game since it's laughably easy, so I'd consider this more of a "demo." If I had him, I wouldn't care if other people got to use him in Offline. Just a thought.
  11. It's too bad that costume packs would count as new content, which we can't have. Unless... Patch Notes Fixed an issue where clothing was unintentionally covering counselors' asses.
  12. ^ This is similar to what I came here to post. I don't think it should just be there for a minute, though -- leave the motionless counselor there the entire rest of the match until Jason kills it. If a player quits at any point -- during a grab or not -- or is kicked for being idle, then the game still maintains the motionless shell of a counselor, which Jason must kill. That way, Jason always has seven counselors (eight if Tommy comes) to take out every match (suicide or vehicular betrayal aside). In fact, quitters and idlers would give Jason a better chance at taking the remaining shell counselor to a nice environmental kill, which could be a nice consolation for Jason when people quit. Of course, ideally, the game would switch the counselor to an AI bot, but since that may prove harder to do, I'd happily accept a motionless counselor to kill instead. The "salt mines" system was supposed to address this, but it never seemed to be implemented (or actually work) anyway. I am a model player and never rage quit (my game play is streamed to/stored to on YouTube to show that), and yet I'm with rage quitters, idlers, suiciders, etc. regularly. I suppose the (PC) player base is too small to avoid them. In any event, we need another solution.
  13. It's do-able. I did it almost immediately after the patch came out yesterday. It's definitely not easy; we had one Tommy, a sweater-wearing Vanessa, an axe, a machete, and a shotgun vs. an already-de-masked Jason. That scared/slowed down Jason enough to stretch out the match and have at least one survivor. It was almost a kill, although Jason seemed immune to stunning when the sweater was activated (two hits from Tommy with the axe) -- has anyone noticed this? Anyway, other achievements will still be harder to get; over 850 hours with my spawn preference set to Jason, and I'm not even close to 1,000 matches as Jason. Who did the math on that one?!
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